interiors                                          Soak it up                                    From family residences to...
Style quotient                                                      For families living in urban areas, it             liv...
Above: The dining area forms a part of the formal     house. It is exclusively for parties, get-to-      The bar on one en...
Top: Golden hue in the master bedroom makes the     Architect: Mahesh Punjabi, Mahesh Punjabi                Kitchen: Bath...
Trend ideas by Mahesh Punjabi - Interior Designer, Architect
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Trend ideas by Mahesh Punjabi - Interior Designer, Architect


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Architects, Interiors, Interior Designs, Interior Decorators & Interior Design Ideas by Mahesh Punjabi Associates, Interior Designer, Architect: Mumbai, India, UK, Gulf, Dubai, UAE. Interior Architects & Interior Designing Ideas for homes & offices. View our Interior Design Pictures, Interior Projects, Interior Designs & Interior Design Ideas to renovate your Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Living Rooms, Halls, Offices, Terraces, Kids rooms, Hotels, Cafes by our Architects, Architectural Interiors, Interior Designers

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Trend ideas by Mahesh Punjabi - Interior Designer, Architect

  1. 1. interiors Soak it up From family residences to loft apartments, these spaces stand out for their glamorous decor2 more homes at more homes at 3
  2. 2. Style quotient For families living in urban areas, it living room, dining area, an entertainment sofa seating and a few dramatic accesso- Preceding pages: An indoor pool is the highlight is difficult to escape the trappings of an room, kitchen and four bedrooms with at- ries, is kept clear for a formal look. The liv- of this apartment designed by architect Mahesh apartment. But as apartment spaces get tached balconies and bathrooms. ing and the dining areas have been done Punjabi of Mahesh Punjabi Associates. The Deja more innovative, residents can enjoy luxu- “The homeowners wanted a modern up in white. Self-textured fabrics cover the Vouex pool didn’t require any civil work. ries, such as home theatre zones, indoor space with an indoor pool, an entertain- sofas to add a design element to the white Facing page, top: Granite and mirrors have pools without having to set foot outside. ment area, mood controlled lights, etc,” decor. been used in the lobby to enliven the area. TheAssorted elements in this luxurious apartment have All it requires is effective use of space and says Punjabi. A passage connects the entertainment materials set the tone for the apartment. planning. Executing the project, says the archi- lounge to the living room, which is keptbeen brought together to suit the needs of an urban Mahesh Punjabi, architect and interior tect, involved going across the globe to isolated from the rest of the house by use Facing page and above: A blue rug and accessories designer of Mahesh Punjabi Associates, source various constituents of the house. of sliding doors. Lights have been incorpo-family designed just such an apartment in Mum- On entry, a nook that serves as the rated in the sliding doors to keep the pas- stand out in the all-white living room. A 16-foot sculpture on the wall has been custom-made in bai to suit the needs of a joint family of five. prayer area leads to the living and dining sage well-lit. gold and silver. Ebony shells have been fused to Spread over 3700 sq ft, the apartment has a room. The living area, with asymmetrical “This is the most interesting area of the form spheres and mounted on wooden stands.4 more homes at more homes at 5
  3. 3. Above: The dining area forms a part of the formal house. It is exclusively for parties, get-to- The bar on one end of the room faces the playing in the room, ” says Punjabi. throughout. The predominant colours in Following pages: The son’s bedroom is a clutter-living room. A cabinet at the rear end of the room gethers and lounging,” says Punjabi. screen on the opposite end. To add a twist to the kitchen space, or- the master bedroom are golden and ma- free area with few furniture pieces spread overacts as a storage area for dinnerware. An orange- Accessorised with a pool, a wall-size Mirrors on the ceiling reflect the entire ange tiles have been used in a space other- roon. pristine marble flooring. A glass wall frames thehued, glass chandelier reflects light in different TV screen and a bar, it is the most dramatic space overhead, adding another dimen- wise dominated by white. The bathrooms are complete with fit- view of the bathroom, which can be made opaquepatterns on to the walls. by pulling down blinds. An exposed stone wall space in the apartment. Four feet deep, sion to the room. “The bedrooms are distinctly designed tings for rain showers, jet sprays and wa- breaks away from the smooth surfaces in the rest the irregular-shaped Deja Vouex pool has Special lights add to the appeal of this to suit the needs of the occupants,” says terfall cascades. Materials, such as lapisFacing page: The kitchen is separated from the of the apartment. The wooden ceiling adds a rusticrest of the apartment by a glass partition. Ample been sourced from France. space, as well as to the house. Mood con- Punjabi. “The owner wanted to break the lazuli, pearls and malachite have also been touch. A chest of drawers and a walk-in closetstorage has been provided in the white space with “The pool has been particularly se- trolled yellow and white lights function monotony of smooth surfaces and thus to used in the bathrooms for an opulent look. have been provided for storage.a tinge of grey and orange. A single water purifier lected for the small size of its filter. This is through verbal commands. add an element of roughness, a stone wall All bathrooms have glass walls, which canensures potable water flows from all the taps in the smallest we could find for a pool to be “If one desires a warm and cosy space, was added in the son’s bedroom instead of be covered with blinds.the apartment. installed indoors,” says Punjabi. one simply has to say the word ‘relax’. a cushioned headboard.” “Small LCD televisions in the bath- Beanbags and sofas have been placed This will make the lights dim, draw the To make the rooms appear bigger, Pun- rooms ensure the owners don’t miss out asymmetrically for seating in the room. curtains close and soft music will start jabi has effectively used glass and mirrors on stock market news,” says Punjabi.6 more homes at more homes at 7
  4. 4. Top: Golden hue in the master bedroom makes the Architect: Mahesh Punjabi, Mahesh Punjabi Kitchen: Bath shopspace look opulent. Associates Splashback: La Neesh Cladding: Rishabh Marble Stove/hob: AristonAbove: Reflective materials in the bedroom make Pool: Deja Vouex (France)it look spacious. Mirror on the headboard in the Window/door: Doors N Doors Story by Kamna Maliksecond bedroom adds depth to the view. The Furniture: Matteo Grassi Photography by Mrigank Sharma - India Sutraapartment’s four bedrooms have balconies that Tiling: Vareseserve as sit-out areas. Wallcoverings: Shreeji Innova Paints: ICA (Italy)Facing page: White-coloured fittings and cabinets Lighting: Firefly Lighting Pvt. Ltd.extend the theme to the bathrooms. An artist from Heating: Cosmic, pool boilersRajasthan was commissioned to carve the tiles of Furniture: Swan (Italy), Natuzzi (Dubai), Roche Boboisthis bathroom. A niche has been created to make (Paris) Share this story online atspace for the figurine from Morocco. Automation: Berker (Germany)