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Wd & im session b2_marketing through internet_april 26,2010


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Wd & im session b2_marketing through internet_april 26,2010

  1. 1. Web Designing & Internet MarketingSession 2: MARKETING THROUGH INTERNET What we are gone cover in this session ? Internet to Enhance Existing Products / Services Internet to Promote & Recruit New Customers
  2. 2. Brand as a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of Branding these, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors. Philip Kotler – Author book “Marketing Management Millennium Edition” When it requires? … to whom How to make it? • Main categories What required to create brand: – Online Entity (From scratch, or redesign/ rebrand) – Established brand want to come online • Logo design • Broachers, online Banners, flyers – New Business • Presentation – Redesign /Rebrand • Multimedia Services (Corporate Videos, Screencast, Podcast)• Web presence • Include the services required for creating• Preserve valuable electronic web presence content • Corporate email• To provide background information • Creative Services: Tag line, contents about a business, organization, or service. • Online Marketing• Discuss with people on various • Feedback management (Discuss with the topics people, people can post reviews, talk about• dedicated to dispensing news and the product /services) commentary • Quality Services (Build trust in customers)• To provide a platform on which • Reports & Analysis people can praise or disparage what is featured Three Steps to Building an Online Brand• To provide platform on which 1. Look good, people can post reviews for 2. Get noticed, products or services 3. Build trust. Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  3. 3. Sales & MarketingWhen it requires? … to whom How to make it? • Online sales Services required: • Web presence • Online transactions • Branding • Product review • Sales functionalities • Offering goods and services for online sale and enabling online transactions for such sales. • Discuss with people on various topics • To provide a platform on which people can praise or disparage what is featured • To provide platform on which people can post reviews for products or services Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  4. 4. Internet to Enhance Existing Products / Services• Visibility• Global presence• Two way, multi way communication• Dynamic Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  5. 5. Internet to Promote & Recruit New Customers• International & Domestic Audience• Marketing Strategy• How to promote… Google Ad sense Web Designing & Internet Marketing
  6. 6. What is AdWords? A Google Service of Sponsored AdsCreate Simple, Effective Ads and Display them Pay only if people click your ads.
  7. 7. Adwords are displayed when user makes a search
  8. 8. Google Ads can be Textual Image Animations Videos Local Business Mobile
  9. 9. Building Blocks to Paid Search Title (25 Characters) Ad Description (35 characters per line with 70 characters total) Display URL (35 characters) A textual ad looks like this Google AdWords Title Maximize your ROI. Attract new customers. Sign up DescriptionDisplay URL today.
  10. 10. Reach of Google AdWordsGoogle AdWords covers as much as 80% of Internetusers in the United States.
  11. 11. Position Matters for PPC In Pay Per Click (PPC) Position Matters Most Adwords campaigning requires research due to growing competitionIf ads are not appropriately worded, or if all look alikesearchers would prefer natural results insteadTake some time and look how your ads differ from yourcompetition.
  12. 12. contd..Position Matters for PPCAd position is determined by “bids” plus relevancy factors. Keyword Bid Keyword and Ad Copy Relevancy Landing Page Relevancy Other Relevancy Factors
  13. 13. Target Audience Ads can be specifically targeted to relevant people. Ads will not be shown to users with low probability of making a purchase Maximum return on advertising investment is gained
  14. 14. Reasonable Cost Choice of the rate for each click of ad No minimum spending limit imposed though an upper limit per day can be set You can edit your budget settings at any time
  15. 15. Flexibility and ControlGoogle AdWords offers high degree of flexibility and control, its aneffective marketing tool to help advertisers Editing facility is available for ads. Account settings can be edited any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ads start running for the first time almost immediately after you activate your account
  16. 16. AdWords VersatilityDetermine customers metrics to ensure success Success Objective Measurements Build Brand Targeted Impressions Awareness Qualified visits to your site Event Registration Generate leads News letters registrations Sales conversions Generate sales Site registrations or conversions catalog request
  17. 17. Language and Location Targeting You can target your ads to any location or any language around the globe. This localization increases the appeal of your ads over a wide variety of audiences.
  18. 18. AdWords Tracking AdWords Tracking can be done with Google Analytics Google Analytics provides the following useful reports :-Performance data for all ad campaigns How visitors use your website
  19. 19. AdWords TrackingWith Google analytics we can: - Measure return on investment on all the efforts Identify areas of improvement by evaluating visitors navigation Track revenue & conversion rates Track any browser – based events like flash Define user segments and analyze the behavior of each segments Analyze the AdWords account
  20. 20. AdWords TrackingGoogle Analytics can provide answer to your every question Where are site visitors coming from? Which marketing efforts are most effective? Is my website design is user friendly? What keywords people use to find my website? Where & why are visitors back out my shopping cart?
  21. 21. Thank you !!!