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Techbee RFID based students tracking


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TECHBEE rTrakS is an integrated solution to Monitor and keep track of the exact Movement of the Child from boarding the bus, alighting at school, entering the school, entering the library and similar common facilities, exiting the school using Active RFID technology.

Published in: Education
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Techbee RFID based students tracking

  1. 1.  Student Tracking &Monitoring  Forschools, colleges anduniversity campus
  2. 2. How safe is your child? Where is your child now?
  3. 3. A typical scenario  Child has fallen asleep and is sleeping in the last seat of the bus and did not get down at the regular stop.  While parking in the garage, Driver did not notice the child and locked the bus.  When child awakes nobody knows what will be the condition alone in bus! The child cannot contact anybody. No one knows where the child is.  There is also the danger of the child being threatened by suffocation and hunger
  4. 4. Worrisome scenarios  Child boards the bus but gets down at wrong stop.  Child boards the wrong bus. Gets down but without an idea where he/she is  Child falls asleep and gets locked up without getting noticed.  Child enters the school but leaves school early.  Child enters the library but gets locked behind by mistake or negligence.  Child is left behind in some part of the school and the building is locked up.
  5. 5. Challenges The ability to locate and track children is a vital issue to both parents and school staff. Lack of ways to know where your child is results in:  Mishaps and missing children  Parents losing sleep due to continuous concern for their children's safety  School authorities penalized heavily in case of a mishap  Children missing school and classes
  6. 6. The Solution TECHBEErTrakS is an integrated solution to Monitor and keep track of the exact Movement of the Child from boarding the bus, alighting at school, entering the school, entering the library and similar common facilities, exiting the school using Active RFID technology. IP Video Surveillance enables you to stay focused on your core business – education. It also gives you a future-proof and cost-efficient tool to Increase the security for students and staff, Prevent violence and theft, Minimize the costs for vandalism, Investigate incidents and identify suspects.
  7. 7. A technology for uniquely identifying, tracking, locate and audit a wide range of assets, people, objects, inventory Etc., Active RFID tags can be read at distances of one hundred feet or more, greatly improving the utility of the device. Active RFID  The technology basically consists of a Reader , Antenna and Active Tags.  Active RFID tags will be placed with the people’s Identity cards.  The RFID reader picks up the Active antenna embedded in the RFID tag.  The reader decodes, transmits to our database, and matches the ID and barcode to verify your people are in the correct location.  A quick runtime location will be recorded every time.
  8. 8. Techbee RFID for Academics is a comprehensive automated Student Engagement and Monitoring system for school campus, college campus, university campus and any educational campus. TECHBEE RFID for Academics The entire solution is hosted on a cloud SAS - Software as a Service model. And it will come as zero cost to the company. We only charge on a monthly / yearly user based subscription charges varying from 3$ - 6$ per month and 36$ - 64$ annually depending on scale and volume
  9. 9. Student Tracking & Monitoring in School Bus Student boards the Bus RFID reader captures the students’ RFID card number RFID reader beeps to confirm authentication of student SMS sent through GSM to Parents & School Staff
  10. 10. RFID Reader IP Camera
  11. 11. Student Identification Single multi Functional active RFID card to every Student and Employee of the Educational Institute to automize its processes. This RFID card is used for the following applications: 1. Student ID Card from Admissions to Alumni 2. Employee ID 3. Library Card 4. Attendance Card 5. Hostel Access Card 6. Information Kiosk 7. Integrate with SAP/CMS 8. Integrate with SIS
  12. 12. Student Attendance Once attendance becomes an issue, disengagement is heightened and once a student is disengaged from their learning then the student struggles with the purpose of their education. Attendance is one of the main indicator for drop outs. If a student is not attending school he/she is at risk of not being successful or engaged in their academics
  13. 13. Student Engagement Engagement in learning is critical to academic achievement and providing students with the understandings, knowledge, skills and confidence to move on into training, employment and higher education a Student’s feelings of belonging - Affective engagement may promote greater effort and participation on the student’s part - Behavioural engagement teaching practices that promote strategy use or self-regulation - Cognitive engagement may also facilitate greater time on task or homework completion with high success rates - academic engagement. For a student to be truly engaged in their learning they must participate socially, academically and intellectually in their classrooms .
  14. 14. Student Participation “Going to class is something I find value in. I feel confident and successful at academics. It will be important for my future” “Being in a Group is something I enjoy. I have friends there. I enjoy the activities” Classroom participation is a feature of many course designs. It can result in insightful comments and interesting connections being made by students, and can foster a high level of energy and enthusiasm in the classroom learning environment. Participation adds interest and engages students. Participation provides the teacher and student feedback.
  15. 15. Secured Campus  The use of RFID helps reduce the concerns by automating the detection of students at the campus.  Management can be informed, by sending message that these students are absent in Campus and Hostels.  Real time Attendance can be captured during disasters and Fire Mishaps and send a preventive warning to Students
  16. 16. Student Retention  Integrated with RFID and Biometric Devices  100 percent accuracy in attendance  Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly absentee/attendance report  Better staff attendance management, facilitating smart allocation of resources  Zero irregularities in the attendance process  Send automatic SMS/Email alerts to parents/guardians of students  Accounting of student whereabouts during class hours  Reduce use of paper – a green initiative  Less administration work, fewer workforce  Improves student attendance ratios  Better communication with parents/guardians about their wards  Improved relationship of institution with parents/guardians
  17. 17. Faculty work Performance Increase the efficiency of faculty by embedding RFID tags into faculty identification cards and onto various pieces of campus equipment. You could record exactly how much time faculty has spent in classroom, computer labs and library. Each active tag is powered by internal battery is capable to transmit information related to the tag holder every seconds depending on the configuration. Each transmission will inform host application the locality of the tag as well as its direction of movement includes temperatures and other digital signals. Computers can monitor the exact locations of these tags and inform the user on the location of the tag holder.
  18. 18. Campus Assets Tracking The RFID tags could be used to track where specific faculty are located throughout campus, as well as hunt down missing laptops, projectors and other campus property. Easily control your asset moves, adds, and changes and confirm inventory using mobile devices with 100’s of professional compliancy reports included. A familiar Microsoft Windows Interface, Web or Mobile Devices can be used to easily manage the assets through their lifecycle. It can be used with integration tools for importing/exporting to other systems Our RFID Tracking solution is a complete package that does not break the budget and offers a reliable and tested solution for maintaining accurate asset details.
  19. 19. Hostel Security  Major concerns for students security arises in hostel facilities  Real Time Tracking System to effectively monitor the attendance levels of students  Data pertaining to the staff and students, their attendance, as well as day-to-day activities at the hostels will remain available instantly  focus to provide flexible and powerful Hostel and Mess Management System  In case of Multiple Locations of mess consolidated utilization is required which is very tedious or almost impossible in case of a manual process.
  20. 20. Library Management System (LMS)  A unique advantage of RFID systems is their ability to scan books on the shelves without tipping them out or removing them.  A hand-held inventory reader can be moved rapidly across a shelf of books to read all of the unique identification information.  Using wireless technology, it is possible not only to update the inventory, but also to identify items which are out of proper order. RFID plays vital role in redefining the library process to make everyone’s job easier right from patron to library staff.
  21. 21. TECHBEE LMS - Working  Smart label or tags will be fixed/ pasted on to the books and other stock of library . Each book/ journal is identified using the unique id.  Students RFID ID card is used for book issue and return.  RFID readers are fixed at staff circulation desk, Self check in Kiosk, Drop box and for anti theft system.  Whenever the reader reads the tag, the chip communicates with the circulation database of a library and the data regarding each item can be determined.  The books can be issued at staff circulation desk or at Kiosk, by reading students’s ID card and the book tag.  Books can be returned through the Kiosk or through the drop box.  Unauthorized movement of books can be detected using the anti theft system.  With a hand-held reader staff members take inventory stock and also they can scan the shelves to find out the misplaced objects.
  22. 22. IPNVS Internet Protocol Network Video Surveillance IPNVS is a digitized and networked version of CCTV, the resulting content is distributed over an IP network. Video analytics is provided as an option with this solution. NVR IP Cameras Router Internet Remote NVR client or viewer Switch Server
  23. 23. Securing indoor and outdoor facilities You benefit from the market’s broadest range of network cameras, with models suitable for all educational environments, including:  Entrances and exits  Hallways and corridors  Class rooms, computer rooms, etc.  Canteens, libraries and sports facilities  Parking lots and campus areas With IPNVS, you get a surveillance system that enables remote access to video from any number of branch offices from a single location. The complete system is easily connected to your existing network infrastructure and computers, thus keeping installation and maintenance costs low.
  24. 24. Library Computer Lab RFID Surveillance Enabled School
  25. 25. TECHBEErTrakS Solution features  Student real time Tracking  Automated Attendance  IP Network Video Surveillance  Video Recording and streaming  Alerts/Notifications to Parents  Vehicle Tracking  Route Management  Web Portal  RFID is integrated with ERP for Time & Attendance.
  26. 26. Benefits for all  PARENTS – Immediate information increases security, safety and peace-of-mind.  STUDENTS – Easy to use and provides a sense of responsibility.  SCHOOL PRINCIPALS – Meet obligations to parents to ensure student safety.  TRANSPORTATION OFFICERS – Provide visibility to the efficiency of the transportation operation.  DRIVERS – Provide valuable and accurate information without having to do anything different.  ADMINISTRATION – Field fewer parent phone calls due to parent self-service capability.  IT MANAGERS – Save valuable resources, with no demands on existing IT infrastructure or personnel.
  27. 27. School Surveillance benefits Safety – Not only do school security cameras help you maintain safety around your campus, they also discourage misbehaviour. Strategically placed school surveillance cameras have been shown to reduce threats of violence and vandalism drastically. Visitor monitoring – One problem many schools continually struggle with is proper access control for visitors. By implementing school security cameras at entrance doors, you can help your administrative staff monitor visitors and make sure they are properly signed in, while still allowing your students to move freely around the campus. Privacy – Protect the privacy of your students and staff by implementing school surveillance cameras in public areas like cafeterias, administrative offices, gymnasiums and outdoor areas like playgrounds and sports fields. Protect bus – Because of their precious cargo, a special set of traffic rules exists for both school bus drivers and other. Consequences of violating these rules can be dire, and therefore fines are hefty. Surveillance cameras mounted outside buses can help identify motorists who illegally pass buses, or identify driver erratic and dangerous driver behaviour. Surveillance cameras can give bus driver the proverbial “eyes in the back of the head,” and allow them to keep children in check while navigating the route to or from school.
  28. 28. RFID in Library  TECHBEE LMS replace both the bar code and traditional security systems and creating a “Smart Library”.  Book issue & return stations can be automated.  Fast and convenient on-the-shelf inventory.  Reduce material handling time.  Frequent and accurate inventory to better manage the collections.  Improve ergonomics of the repetitive tasks of librarians.  Improve customer service.  Multiple items can be read at a time, resulting speedy circulation.  RFID labels or smart labels can be attached to divergent media, such as CDs, DVDs and other print and non- print media.  Tags are read/write, providing flexibility in encoding and decoding.
  29. 29. ROI A SAFE CHILD
  30. 30. TECHBEE USP & Advantage  End to End, Turnkey solutions provider.  High level of demonstrated Technology Expertise and Implementation Experience across different domains.  Business partnership with leading OEMs of hardware.  Offering includes Design Engineering, System Planning, Application design and development, Hardware Supply & Implementation, System Integration, Testing, Training and Maintenance.
  31. 31. Mahesh Kumar V S Project Manager ABLogics Private Limited Mobile: +91 9845754243 E-Mail: