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Struts online training by real time faculties


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Struts online training by real time faculties

  1. 1. Struts Online Training by Real time faculties Difference between Servlets and Struts MVC introduction MVC2 introduction Struts Architecture Simple application Internationalization and Messages support in Struts Struts Controller components (ActionServlet, RequestDispatcher, ModuleConfig, ActionMapping, ActionForward) Struts user defined components(ActionForm, Action class) User defined extension classes o DynaActionForm o DynaValidatorForm  validator-rules.xml  validation.xml DispatchAction o EventDispatchAction o LookupDispatchAction o MappingDispatchAction ForwardAction IncludeAction SwitchAction DownloadAction Tiles (Layout management) o SimpleLayout o Tiles definations  tiles-defs.xml o Tiles Inheritance Contact Us For Demo Tags: Struts Online Training , Struts Online Training Course , Struts Online Training Classes , Struts 1.x Online Training by Real Time Scenarios , Struts Real Time Training , Struts Online Training Real time Faculties.