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  1. 1. Survey Results Link to my survey:
  2. 2. The people I surveyed primarily read Kerrang or NME. However, the 'other' option was also popular. Billboard received no responses therefore it is the least read. This tells me that people within my target audience (people aged 16-24) prefer to read magazines with a fairly serious attitude and value towards music.
  3. 3. This shows that a large majority of the people I surveyed listen to rock or indie music. Musical theatre, hip hop and country were also fairly popular. These results are reflected in the previous question as the most popular magazines focus on these types of music. This tells me that my magazine needs to focus on these genres and have a fairly serious attitude towards music.
  4. 4. From this I can see that the majority of people are willing to spend £5 or less on music magazines each month. A quarter of the people that responded were willing to spend £6-£10 each month. This tells me that people in my target audience value a reasonably priced magazine – this could be because they are students and don’t have a high income to spend on magazines.
  5. 5. A large majority of people who responded to my survey attend gigs or festivals. Only three people said that they didn’t attend either of these. Therefore my target audience is interested in these types of events and I should include information/advertisements about them on my magazine cover, contents page or double page spread.
  6. 6. Just under half of the people I surveyed attend gigs or festivals every three months. Some attend every year and others either attend either every six months or less than once a year. I found these results surprising as I had assumed from the response on a previous question that my target audience didn’t have much money to spend on music magazines or music related events.
  7. 7. The most popular responses were none or £5 each month. An equal number of people spent either £10 or £15 each month.
  8. 8. An equal number of people watch music videos online and on television. This tells me that both mediums are equally accessible and popular with my target audience. Therefore I should include information about both in my music magazine.
  9. 9. According to my results the thing that most people look for on the front cover is a picture of their favourite band. Exclusive interviews and quotes from interviews or articles are also popular. Freebies received the least amount of votes suggesting that whilst they’re nice to receive with a magazine they are not essential and don’t play a big part in influencing which magazines my target audience buy.
  10. 10. It is easily visible on this chart that the majority of people who responded to my survey download music illegally. Only two out of the seventeen people that were asked said that they did not download illegal music. My magazine could include information about places where music can be downloaded legally.
  11. 11. The sites that people primarily use to follow new musicians are YouTube and MySpace. The ‘other’ option was also popular. However, facebook is not used by many to follow musicians. This tells me that my magazine should include details for artists online spaces.