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NicheTech has vast experience in developing Mobile Apps for android an iOS devices. Our team of developers have developed some really great mobile apps for our international clients.

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  • Mobile Apps Development by NicheTech India

    1. 1. Mobile Technologies Portfolio
    2. 2. About NichTech About Mobile Applications. Financial iPad Application. Decision Making iPhone Application. Market Place iPad Application. Survey Management Android Application. Social Grouping Android Application. Beauty and care iPad application. A Health and Fitness Application.
    3. 3.  NicheTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Means “Niche in Technology”  We Firmly believe in “Excellence is not a skill, it is an Attitude”…  We recently received Award as Best Innovative IT Company, Gujarat 2013 By GESIA (Gujarat Electronics & Software Industries Association).  Our Senior Management have experienced across the globe to serve variety of clients which located in 18 different countries.  Our Technology expertise includes DOTNET, PHP, Wordpress JAVA, Android and ios development. “You Build Your Business And Nichetech Will Build Technologies For You”
    4. 4. From Past Few Years, as the use of Mobile, Tablets and PDA increasing, the growth of mobile Applications also increasing rapidly. Nowadays, Thousands of Smart phone applications are available which simplify various tasks for the users. Another reason for popularity of Mobile and tablets are portability and easiness to use. NicheTech, also adapt that change and develop excellent Mobile and iPad applications which becomes much popular in short span of time.
    5. 5.  LPA Lite is Financial and Strategic iPad Application.  User can check calculation of rent result which is based on various mathematical formulas.  It provide annual cash flow details for required years using EC Graph.  User can also easily find data about Gross Free Rent , Net Cash Flow, PV of Net Cash Flow and NER.
    6. 6. Developed in objective c++. Using Xcode IDE version 4.4 and IOS 5.1. It also use various mathematical method and Formula for calculating of rent. Application visualize current scenario of year wise rent flow using EC Graph.
    7. 7.
    8. 8.
    9. 9.  iChannel Tracker is Decision Making Application Developed for iphone User for Managing TRP(Television Rating point) System.  iChannel Tracker Application Calculate number of Viewers for specific channel and from that statistics it provide ratings of channel.  It also Calculate ratings of competitor channel which enables users to develop their business strategies more effectively.
    10. 10. Developed in objective c++. Using Xcode IDE version 4.4 and IOS 5.1. iChannel Tracker application use Web service for displaying the output. Application utilize GPS Service to access users current location and use Device UUID to manage the data.
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Home Screen Help Screen Setting Screen Terms Screen
    13. 13.  Spire collection is a Market Place application which Developed for iPad Users.  It is Developed for the products and business related to winery. The application contain a rich content, Video, PDF, Maps and photos of Winery process and products.  Spire Collection provide list of popular wine makers, their process to develop wine and materials used for making wines. Spire Collection A Market Place Mobile Application
    14. 14. Application Developed with objective c++ . Using Xcode IDE version 4.4 and IOS 5.1. The application specifically developed for an iPad as it provides huge contain(Videos, PDF, Photos)
    15. 15.
    16. 16.
    17. 17.
    18. 18.  It is an android application about Survey System for Newspapers, Magazines and Radio.  It is an android application. User needs to fill up the survey for newspaper, Magazines or radio on the basis of their preference.  Once Survey is fill up then it send application manager.  On the basis of user data application manage and calculate the survey data for all users who has fill the survey and submit it to application manager. Survey Application A Survey Management Application
    19. 19. Developed in Android using JAVA Eclipse IDE. It use Web service to manage data of survey. Survey application Use GPS to access the current location of user. Application also Use device UID to manage survey of each distinct user.
    20. 20.
    21. 21. Splash Screen Question Screen Next Question Screen Submit & Edit Survey Screen
    22. 22.  It is a social and cultural grouping application. It helps users to manage their social events and other social activities.  It has different types of user such as Admin, Sub-admin, Member and Guest roles and different user have specific rights.  It allows user to send message, Create groups, Manage events etc. Yuva Sangh A Social grouping Application
    23. 23. Developed in Android using JAVA Eclipse IDE. It use Web service to manage Application data. The application specifically developed for an android device which simplifies social and cultural activity of users.
    24. 24.
    25. 25.
    26. 26.  Blackk is an Modern spa and saloon application which offers bouquet of world class service of hair, Skin, beauty and spa.  User can make inquiry about service they required and provide their feedback very easily by using this application.  The application also provide all the information about spalon such as its Services, Products, about Spalon, photos, News etc. Blackk SPALON A Hair & Care and Spa application
    27. 27. Application Developed with objective c++. Using Xcode IDE version 4.4 and IOS 5.1. The application specifically developed for an iPad users as it provides huge contain of Videos, PDF and Photos.
    28. 28.
    29. 29.
    30. 30.
    31. 31.  The Application Provides complete information about various types of Olive oil and its health benefits.  It is developed for one of the major Edible oil brand N K Proteins India.  User can easily make an order for required product from application.  It also provide various Olive oil recipes and Social networking feeds. VIVA OLIVE OIL A Health and fitness application
    32. 32. Viva Olive Oil Application developed for both android and iPhone users. It developed Using Helios version of Eclipse in android and C++ in iOS. Application use social networking feeds to display Information about olive oil products and features.
    33. 33.
    34. 34.
    35. 35. Strategic Group is very pleased with your work & we hope to work in future with other Ipad projects. Yossi Fixler – Director, Asset Management, Canada NicheTech ensures that the client is satisfied with the work, and are open to suggestions. Senior  team stays constantly in touch  for a regular feedback. They are serious and committed to their work, & go extra mile if required. Norica Gohel – Head, Technology, Decision Craft, India We had a very good experience working with Nichetech. They are very fast and they are always ready to help… Flavio Maia – Director, Scale Systems Ltd, Brazil. This Ipad app is looking fantastic! Thank you all very much for your hard work….. Gina Lebbert, Product Manager,, USA THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR TIME …………