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Food Industry Based Domain


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NicheTech is web development company in India. We have developed many food industry based website . Develop the best food industry based website . Develop Food Industry based website and expand your business .

A right food industry based website can give you good leads for your business .

Take a step forward and develop your best food industry based website

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Food Industry Based Domain

  1. 1. Technical Solutions for Food Industry
  2. 2. About “NicheTech”  NicheTech Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Means “Niche In Technology”  We firmly believe in “Excellence is not a skill, its an attitude”  We have received an Award as The Best Innovative IT Company, Gujarat 2013 By GESIA, m-Billionth, Vodafone & CSI-YITP  Our business is spread over 18 different countries.  Our Technology expertise include ASP.NET, Open Source, Android & iOS Development. Our Philosophy is “You build your business and NicheTech will build Technologies for you”
  3. 3. Business Challenge  One of the largest Indian Fast Food-chains in Australia was facing a problem of connecting through their customers online.  They had no internet presence for their chain.  There was no mobile application for customers.  There was no pick up service or no online menu to order for home delivery.
  4. 4. Business Solution  We have created a website, Android application, iOS application.  The whole menu is now available online.  Administrator can see all the feedbacks that are sent by the customers.  Administrator can send mails to the customers about updates in the menu.  Customers can order food from web & mobile. Tools & Technology :  PHP & MySql
  5. 5. Food Project Details The home screen consists of the link of the iOS & Android application in the header It displays a slider image, catering order information and ‘about us’ details. In the footer part it has the links to Join their fan club, Like their Facebook page & link of their privacy content policy.
  6. 6. The entire menu that is available in the restaurant is now available on the web and on the mobile application. The admin section allows the customer to insert/edit/delete any content.
  7. 7. The customers can give their feedbacks about the food chain here for the whole world to see.
  8. 8. Finally the Pick-Up page and the Check-Out Cart page. It shows details like ‘what you are ordering’ and ‘how much will it cost you’.
  9. 9. Contact Us  Website :  E-mail :  Phone :  India : 079-26730091  USA : +19735519275  Facebook Page :  Twitter Page :