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  1. 1. Mahendran.K Permanent mailing Address: 19 – 1/1, Vasantham Nagar, 2nd Cross, Salaiputhur, Sukkaliyur (PO), E-Mail: Karur District, Mobile: +91-76769 67287 Tamilnadu-639003 +91-99940 55148 Professional Summary • Having two years of overseas experience in GIS projects (Saudi Arabia). • Excellent skills in Visual and Photogrammetry interpretation of Aerial Photographs, Satellite Imageries & SOI TopoSheets. • Good experience different kind’s planimetric maps. • Having experience in Arc GIS model building(Arc Tools) • Working experience in cartography map production especially in Saudi topographic maps • Good working experience in photogrammetric vector data to GDB conversion. • Working experience in Photogrammetric off line QC. • Experience in Creating Geodatabase, Shape File, Attribution, Geo-Reference, Topological error fixing in ArcMap-Arc Info. • Having good experience in Navigation projects (Road Networks). • Good experience in digitization, topological error rectification and data attachment in AutoCAD and Arc GIS. • Having good knowledge of Cadastral Parcel Mapping like COGO, Heads of digitization & Best fit method. • Making a Landuse land cover (LULC) map using satellite imagery with help of ERDAS IMAGINE. • Having good experience in Geo-Reference, Unsupervised Classification, and Recoding, Resample, Layer stack & Mosaic in ERADAS IMAGINE. • Excellent exposure to various GIS and Image Processing software. • Having good exposure to various Microsoft and ESRI products. • Excellent working experience in various AutoDesk products. • Good experience in Feature Extraction and Image Processing. • Working experience in Networking Analysis. 1
  2. 2. • Having good management skills, fast learner, easy adapt to new environment, target achievements. Objectives • To obtain a challenging position in the field of GIS or Remote Sensing or Image Processing through which I should be able to contribute to the organization's success and self- development. • To work in an organization where professionalism and enthusiasm is recognized • To work continuously towards increasing my technical skills and professional expertise. Professional Qualification • 2009 M.Tech. Geo-Hydro informatics Using GIS (7.83 CGPA) Dept of Geology, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, TamilNadu. • 2007 M.Sc., App. Geography (62.44%) Govt. Arts College, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore, TamilNadu. • 2004 B.Sc., Geography (58.13%) Govt. Arts College (Karur), Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, TamilNadu. Skills Summary Operating System : Windows, Digital Image Processing : ERDAS 8.7, GIS packages : ArcGIS/ ArcMap 10.1, Global mapper V11 Drafting Packages : Autodesk Map 2013, MicroStation V8 i, Professional Experience Now working as an “QA Executive” in Genesys International Corporation Ltd, Bangalore. I worked as a “GIS Analyst” in General Commission for survey( Genesys – Alfa Digital mapping), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During March 2013 to February 2015. I worked as a “GIS Engineer” in Groupe SCE India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore. During November 2011 to July 2012. I worked as a “GIS Engineer” in Magnasoft Consulting India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore. During April 2009 to November 2011. 2
  3. 3. Projects engaged at General Commission for Survey, Saudi Arabia. 1. Production of Topographic maps like Civil, Military and Ortho maps. Client GCS Project Topographic Map production (Cartography) Data Used Aerial photographs. Package DATEM, Micro Station, Arc Map 10.1 Team size 60 Role QC & GIS Project Scope: The main scope of project is producing cartographic maps (Topographic maps) for entire Saudi Arabia. This is use for the base maps for all purpose such as education, research, planning and development, utility and Defense. 3D Aerial photograph are the basic inputs for photogrammetric Data compilation. Following task are Data Compilation, online QC, offline QC, Flag Correction, Field verification and updating, GDB conversion, cartographic map production in this projects. Responsibilities:  Trainer for Offline line QC, flag Correction, field verification data updating.  Finalization of photogrammetric data and handling delivery to GCS through manager.  Trainer and production incharge of GDB conversion, topology error fixing, Attribute, Domain and subtype adding.  QC and Finalization process of GDB conversion data.  Arc GIS Model Building for the project(Basic levels)  Preprocess for Cartographic map production.  QC for civil cartographic maps.  Production of military cartographic maps.  Finalization of civil cartographic maps. Projects engaged at Magnasoft Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. 1. AND (Automotive Navigation Data) Client Other Nation Project AND (Automotive Navigation Data) Data Used Topo Sheets, ADAC, FALK Package AutoCAD, ArcMap 9.2 Team size 30 Role QC 3
  4. 4. Project Scope. This project deals with the road network of Sweden, which is useful for navigation purpose. By this navigation system anyone can carry out their journey between two destinations in a very shortest route. Topo sheets are the basic inputs for the digitization of geometry (road). Our main intention is to capture more geometry (road) inside built-up area. ADAC and FALK are the two latest sources provided by the client to capture more geometry. These are the some of the tasks: digitization, accurization, and symbology, street name attribution, noding and leveling. For the provinces of Sweden, geometry provided by client itself known as vector data. For digitization, we are using AutoCAD & Arc map software. Responsibilities:  Quality control for digitized data created in production.  Single merged streamline map with road network is created.(.shp & .dwg format)  Quality Checks doing for connection in the T junctions and road crossings, Road classifications, attribution of roads with reference to ADAC and Sources.  Quality Checks doing for overlapping of roads with the other Geo features on ground and the isolated road network or dangles on both sides.  Quality Checks doing for smoothness of the roads profile in curve portions and extra & wrongly captured roads. 2. DC 505, 545,167. Client Other Nation Project Planimetric Maps Image Used Orhthophotos Package Autodesk Map 2004 Team size 22 Role Team member Responsibilities:  To digitize the buildings, roads, vegetation, water bodies from orthophotos as given by client data, care taken for individual polygons.  To Frame is to be developed from the input data and the captured vectors are moved to the buildings base.  To digitize roads as logical connectivity between water and roads.  To digitize vegetation care taken for closed polygons. 4
  5. 5. 3. DC 101 Client Other Nation Project AcuuTerra Tile Creation Data Used Road, DEM, Hill shade, Contour Package ArcMap 9.3.1, Global Mapper Team size 14 Role Finalization. Project Scope. The image (tile) creation for Iphone navigation technology (Tour Maps) entire U.S. According to the client requirements we need to create png images in the 1024x1024. All images will have digital elevation of terrain and Hillshade as well all the planimetric features like States, Cities, Counties, Roads, rivers, Streets, Landuse, other water bodies and contours layers and their respective Annotations with specified properties and proper scale factor. Responsibilities:  To check the created annotation.  To check the overlap between two adjacent images.  To check the scale and Hillshade, DEM. 4. DC 101 Conflation Client Other Nation Project DC 101 Conflation Data Used Entire U.S Roads (Shape file) Package ArcMap 9.3.1 Team size 40 Role QC & QA. Project Scope. The objective is to create a Network of the roads from the source to establish the connectivity which helps in finding the ideal and alternative route. Responsibilities:  To check connectivity between source roads to establish roads.  To check the overlap between source roads and establish roads.  To create topology for profile missing between source roads and establish roads.  To fix topology errors.  To check the missing roads. 5
  6. 6. 5. DC 505 Cadaster plotting Client Other Nation Project DC 505 Cadaster plotting Data Used Topo Map Package MicroStation V8 Team size 15 Role Team Member Project Scope. The objective is to capture of vector elements from the cadastral section images according with the element table attributes. Responsibilities:  Capture all features as per priority, levels & graphic attributes.  Check all the vectors should be break at the intersection snapping should be end point to end point.  All the property ID number should be capture as per image.  All the parcel ID number should be capture as per image. 6. DC 148 Client Other Nation Project Stereo Image Processing Image Used Aerial photograph Package MapInfo Professional 10 Team size 30 Role Vendor management, Trainer, QC. Responsibilities:  To digitized the buildings from Aerial Photograph data, care taken for individual polygons.  To check the captured polygons are as per the building roof top.  To check the captured polygons are not overlap with adjacent polygons.  To check the perpendicular and paralelality of the captured polygons. 7. DC 269 Client Other Nation Project planimetric Mapping (sewer planning). Image Used Quick Bird image Package ArcMap ArcINFO, AutoCAD. Team size 15 Role QC & QA. 6
  7. 7. Project Scope. The scope of the project is needed to prepare the mapping for sewer planning with the help of satellite image. Where ever the water is not penetrate into the earth surface those place need to be capture(mapped), such as Buildings, Roads, Drive on, Walk on, artificial playgrounds and Cemented surface. Responsibilities:  Building and maintain the database which is help to the production and QC.  To ensure and maintain the quality of the production files.  To given the technical support to the production team.  Working on the pre –delivery quality checking. Projects engaged at Groupe SCE India Pvt. Ltd. 1. Cadastral Mapping. Client Other Nation Project Cadastral Mapping. Image Used Scanned Tax maps Package AutoCAD. Team size 8 Role Production Project Scope: The main scope of the project is to prepare digital cadastral mapping with the help of scanned tax maps. In that need to capture parcel, water bodies, buildings, roads and parcel Id’s with less number of vertexes. Responsibilities:  To digitize the parcels and parcel numbers as per the image.  To meet production level of target.  Continue to reach the quality and support to the production team. 7
  8. 8. 2. MFMCGM01. Client Domestic. Project Urban ELU Classification. Inputs Property layer(parcel), TPS, Layout parcel. Quick Bird image, Scanned survey sheets. Package ArcMap 9.3.1. Team size 6 Role Production & pre quality check. Project Scope: The main scope is urban Existing Landuse Classification (ELU) and Interior classification of Mumbai urban area. This is project will help to urban facility, development and expansion of the year 2034. The survey team doing the field work and make the survey sheet of the Building interior classification such as Residential, Social, Commercial, educational Amenities and recreation, water classification Mumbai. Creating the accurate ELU classification with help of existing TPS, Layout, and property layer and Quick Bird Image. Responsibilities:  Survey sheet integration for ELU classification and Georeference of survey sheet.  Creating and updating ELU classification with the help of survey sheet.  Matching to the ELU with Property, TPS, Layout property and image as per the priority.  Updating the urban interior classification Residential, Social, Commercial, educational Amenities and recreation classification. Extra Responsibilities: I well have known different kinds of Spatial Data Extraction (KML) from “Google Earth”. 8
  9. 9. Personal Details Name : Mahendran.K. Father’s Name : Mr. V.Kaliappan. Date of Birth : 7th -May, 1984. Sex : Male Nationality : Indian. Religion : Hindu. Marital Status : Married Blood Group : B +ve. Languages known : Tamil, English, Kannada. Passport Number : K1957078 Place: by Date: (Mahendran.K) 9
  10. 10. Personal Details Name : Mahendran.K. Father’s Name : Mr. V.Kaliappan. Date of Birth : 7th -May, 1984. Sex : Male Nationality : Indian. Religion : Hindu. Marital Status : Married Blood Group : B +ve. Languages known : Tamil, English, Kannada. Passport Number : K1957078 Place: by Date: (Mahendran.K) 9