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Online IT Assets Management and Discovery Solution


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Today, IT is an integral part of every business organization. To keep track of each and every asset is necessary but quite a difficult task. Here ITAM can take the charge. It helps you to collect detailed specifications of your Desktops, Laptops and servers automatically and track the assets online.

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Online IT Assets Management and Discovery Solution

  1. 1. Online IT Assets Management HRIDAYAM SOFT SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.
  2. 2. What is IT Assets Management (ITAM)?  Modern IT is becoming increasingly complex to manage  If business operates in a wide geographic scale, IT assets are purchased, implemented and maintained by different departments in remote locations. Hence it is difficult to track the assets and their current status  ITAM helps the organization to  Keep track on hardware inventory  Keep records of software installed  Deploy IT Assets effectively and efficiently  Manage upgrades and warranties  Keep track of financial perspective of IT Assets (Cost of Ownership, etc.)  Keep track of disposals, replacement and transfers
  3. 3. How to define scope of ITAM? What do you have? How well is it supporting? Where is it? ITAM How much is it costing? How well is it working?
  4. 4. Benefits of ITAM to the organization  Improved procurement process    Organization can benefit by having the current IT stock on real-time basis which will help them to procure more efficiently Manage Third-party IT Vendors more effectively by tracking warranties and service contracts Better Infrastructure performance    Organization can plan the assets configuration as per requirement of the departments Asset tracking capability allows you to plan, manage, dispose and replace equipment effectively Increased Cost Efficiency  Boost productivity of IT Staff  Streamline system maintenance  Improve management of IT budgets  Maximize Assets Utilization
  5. 5. Features of Auxilium ITAM  Asset Discovery tool    Seamlessly discover all the assets configured to the network Auto- updating and scheduling of audit of assets Categorization   Seamlessly categorize assets as per your company policy Software Inventory   Keep a tab on the license distribution   Take inventory of software installed Avoid illegal and pirated software installation Track Purchases and Distribution of IT Assets  Track purchase dates and distributions of IT Assets  Make smart buying decisions by grouping the requirements across all the locations  Control Remote location purchases by avoiding ad-hoc purchases by the local IT resources
  6. 6. Implementation Process Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 We will share Domain Audit exe file to run on server We receive your details We will configure your online account We will share System Audit exe file to run on every system Step 4 Specifications of all systems will be collected automatically and updated on hosted server Specifications of all systems will be collected automatically and updated on hosted server one by one Step 5 Add additional assets manually Step 6 Enjoy managing IT Assets
  12. 12. Contact Hridayam Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. UG 144, Dreams The Mall, LBS Marg Bhandup West, Mumbai 400078 Landline – 022-64567650 ( 16 Lines ) Website – Email – Link for Demo -