Collabor Health Work 2.0


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The presentation shows how web 2.0 is leveraged for building next generation web based applications in health care

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Collabor Health Work 2.0

  1. 1. Collabor Health Work 2.0 Platform for Solutions in Healthcare 1 Wellness & Prevention 2 Patient Information & Clinical Management 3 Professional Collaboration & Research 4 Continuous Medical Education / e-Learning Disclaimer: Brands and Logos shown in this presentation are trademarks of respective owners
  2. 2. For Wellness & Prevention
  3. 3. Portals for Wellness & Prevention Government Institutions & Ministries Hospitals Independent Collabor Health Practitioners Portal for Users access using Desktops Receive alerts on Mobiles Wellness & Prevention Diagnostic Labs Insurance Companies
  4. 4. Custom User Interfaces Optional User Authentication Your Logo / Brand Regional languages Customized Menus Health Glossaries News Feeds with RSS User Centric Services With online Prevention Featured content Payments Tools & online with Mobile Health Records Alerts User Communities
  5. 5. For Patient Information & clinical Management
  6. 6. Multi Point Patient Information Access Multiple Health Record Services / Applications Hospitals Independent Practitioners One Point Patient Information Access Health Users / Patients Diagnostic Labs Third Party & Custom Health Record Apps Insurance Companies Single Sign On enables Multiple Application Access for users and providers
  7. 7. For Professional Collaboration & Research
  8. 8. Sub Portals for Collaboration & Research Illustration: Illustration: Governments, Workgroup of Hospitals and Cardiologists Physicians share share Videos, information on Text, Photos and epidemic Discussions Prevention and control Healthcare Collaboration Portal Illustration: Illustration: Workgroup of Insurance Physicians, Providers, Diagnostic Labs Hospitals and and Hospitals Physicians share information exchange ideas and learnings for and share better diagnostics information on Insurance Matters Multiple User Group Profiles facilitate creation of contextual workgroups
  9. 9. Custom Interfaces for sub portals Group Branding / Logo Seminar Videos
  10. 10. For Continuous Medical Education & e-Learning
  11. 11. e Learning with Instant evaluation
  12. 12. User History and Online Certification Dr. John Stantam
  13. 13. Core Features Of Collabor Work 2.0 Health Platform
  14. 14. Multiple User Profiles & Networking Basic Geospatial Information (Can be used for proximity recommendations) Presence & Detection Monitoring similar to IM – Who is online right now ? User Prompts for profile Customizable Additional completion and updating Information capture for enabling contextual networking User driven Status Update options to enable intelligent networking (Can be extended to automated display Application Login Status) Admin configured recommendations for user networking, apart from user triggered search
  15. 15. Well Defined Information Taxonomy Master Data Transaction Data User Group Context Tags (Web 2.0 Forms) Specialty User Generated Tags Sub - Specialty System Generated Tags User Profile Inputs Tags content during Input and facilitates Most Relevant Search / Retrieval
  16. 16. All popular Web 2.0 forms to capture context Context Context Tagging Form Supporting forms Ideas, Research, Sharing a thought Information, Statistics Qualified Inputs, Seeking An Answer Objective Information Seeking a discussion Subjective Inputs Updated knowledge Glossary, References, on Key Topics / Manuals Subjects Blogs Q&A Discussion Wiki Audio, Video Documents Photo The User Interface is inspired by how it presents the user with “contextual filters” during input or search
  17. 17. Multi Format Content Videos Audio Video with Slides PPT and Document Slide Shows Text with Image editors
  18. 18. User Personalization Information presented is personalized to User Profile Information
  19. 19. Dynamic Alert to avoid duplication Links are dynamically populated with similar content during data entry System also alerts users to similar content on pre defined websites
  20. 20. Security & Privacy Comprehensive User or Admin driven Application and Hosting privacy options for all Security Checklist that user profile and covers all known information content vulnerability points
  21. 21. Quick to Market Collabor Work 2.0 Health is regarded 40% is customized as a 60% ready solution Per user requirements Define Design Develop Deploy List Propose Custom Code Application Implementation user Interface Customization Hosting Scope System / Interface Beta Run / Identify User Hosting Design Implementation Warranty Groups Project Plan Customer Final Launch / Define Admin Acceptance Sign Off Functionality
  22. 22. Process - We believe in it
  23. 23. Rigorous Requirements Definition Requirements are documented in detail, using a formal and rigorous set of templates and formats. – Formal templates established for functional breakdown, requirements, design, test plans, tracking, and quality metrics – Requirements traceability connects the application from business requirements to QA – Change control management Business Functional Use Tech Design Code Test Cases Requirement Requirement Cases/UML Document Key differences and benefits: • Provides significantly higher test coverage • Ensure that everything intended was built and tested • Ensure that everything intended works as expected
  24. 24. Code Reusability Paradigm • Re-usability has multiple dimensions – Re-usability of Code – Re-usability of Processes – Re-usability over Time – Re-usability across organizations • Re-usability ensures – Every rupee is spent wisely and every spend is maximized for time and technology evolution • Re-usability allows our clients – To ensure and institutionalize forward thinking architecture for immediate and long term cost savings
  25. 25. Rigorous QA cycles Benefits to Clients Benefits to Clients – Quality Assurance/Testing is built into the entire lifecycle. – Dedicated QA engineers participate in all phases from inception to transition – Each development phase has a parallel Testing component – Testing becomes part of the development – not something that is added on at the end
  26. 26. About Us Promoters Product Schema Contact Us
  27. 27. An introduction to Collabor • Collabor is a software solutions company, founded in 2004. • Our focus is on enabling collaboration in enterprises using Web. • Work 2.0 is our Integrated Online Community platform and is a customizable product • Collabor is head quartered in Boston, USA with a 50 seat Product development centre in Hyderabad, India • Founders: Name Role Background Sandeep Chairman & CEO Kaujalgi Founders Mahendra President & COO Penumathsa
  28. 28. Work 2.0 Product Schematic Administrator User Access Core Modules Search • Inform •Personalization Presentation Layer RSS/Alerts •Workgroups •Admin Tagging/Bookmarking Add-On Modules Data Access Layer Integration • Media Pre-Integrated •E Learning •Wiki Custom Integration •Interact Polls Visual Integration Data Layer Rich Enterprise Features Security Customize Scalable Integrate
  29. 29. Apps within the Engine Authentication Workflow Engine Java based Follow a content Authentication approvals workflow engine Integration Engine Rules Engines Pull in external apps or feeds What happens with content & documents Rights Management Content Management Prevent Edits, Downloads, Track content Forwards, Print Activity Tracking creation, edits, approvals, views, etc Track user activity. Use for analysis, rewards & payoff
  30. 30. Mahendra Penumathsa President & COO Collabor Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd # 32, Street No.2, Sagar Society, Off Road No.2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034. Phones: +91-40-40115138 / 40205138 Follow us: