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Giving away things for free and make a living out of WordPress


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Presented on WordCamp meetup #8 in Kathmandu.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Giving away things for free and make a living out of WordPress

  1. 1. WordCamp Meetup #8 March 4, 2012 WordPress Nepal
  2. 2. Giving away things forFREE to make a LIVING out of WordPress Chandra Maharzan tweet @maharzan
  3. 3. The best things in life are FREE.
  4. 4. What we will look at:• What do you need• Ways to giving things away for free• How people are doing it• Success stories
  5. 5. What you need• Extremely good at what you do• Passion• Patience• Continuity
  6. 6. What next ?• Create something and give it away for free• Create regularly• Create credibility
  7. 7. Success Stories
  8. 8. Orman Clark• Designer, UK,• gives away graphics, 28000 followers• over 19000 theme sales• over $665,000• $150 / hr
  9. 9. Otto, Viper007Bond• programmers• giving tutorials, ideas and plugins for free• landed jobs with Automattic• / VIP Hosting
  10. 10. Christopher Ross• active forums• Collaborate with other developers• Get projects
  11. 11. Smashing Magazine• Runs WordPress• Writes tutorials• quality articles / good authors• 100,000 subscribers• Ads & books - $190,000 a month• Others: earning-blogs
  12. 12. My experience• Nepal• started with free theme simpleX• 140,000 downloads• partnership with Graph Paper Press• customization work• top 100 free themes, Mozilla blog•
  13. 13. Conclusion• Be very good• Have passion & patience• Be regular and active - share• Sky is the limit
  14. 14. Dont run aftersuccess, let it cometo you.
  15. 15. Thank you