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RTM 1 via Mobyletv

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WiZE Investor - RTM

  1. 1. Investor’s Guide to WiZE Mobile Platform National TV via Mobile
  2. 2. How is WiZE Mobile Defined? • Independent Mobile Broadcasting Station. Our Service - Mobile Streaming Solution via IP. - Mobile Platform Solution.
  3. 3. Evaluating Mobile Opportunities Investor’s Guide to WiZE Mobile Platform
  4. 4. Investor’s Guide to WiZE Mobile Who is the customer? WiZE Mobile Valuation Geography(s) IP Accessible via 3G , WiMAX & Wifi Profitability Multi-Channel Platform Live event streaming Existing Relationships M-Download (Product / Services) M-Learning M-Coupons Access to mobile Data Charges Apply via 3G or WiMAX Broadband Stream 200 Kbps/
  5. 5. Investor’s Guide to WiZE Mobile What is the consumer value WiZE Mobile Valuation proposition? Why is it so urgent that the consumer - Accessibility cannot wait until they get home or office Availability access to their computer? Affordability Speed 200Kbps/ Convenience Everyone, Anywhere, Anytime. Cost 6 free to view channels Loyalty Brand Alignment to trends Proximity Marketing
  6. 6. Investor’s Guide to WiZE Mobile • How is WiZE Mobile Defined? • Why should I listen and participate? • How is Social Media Marketing being used for entrepreneurs, executives and career professionals via Mobile? • How can WiZE Mobile benefit my business?
  7. 7. Investor’s Guide to WiZE Mobile • What action am I going to take NOW to better market my business? • Why do I care?
  8. 8. National TV Everyone, Anytime, Anywhere
  9. 9. WiZE Mobile Platform WiZE Mobile TV solution currently runs totally via IP accessible via local WIFI or 3G (Data Charges Apply) System Requirement Streaming = 200 Kbps/ Device Requirement = Flash Lite 3
  10. 10. WiZE Mobile Broadcasting Station
  11. 11. WiZE Mobile solution supported Device Flash Lite 3 (phones) Nokia N78 Nokia 6110 HTC-Pro Motorola Q9h Nokia E65 Navigator S621(Same as T- (CDMA) Nokia N95 8GB Nokia 5320 Mobile Dash) Motorola Q9m Nokia N95 Nokia 5700 HTC S740 Motorola Q Nokia N73 Nokia E50 HTC Touch Cruise Norman (same as Nokia N81 Nokia E66 P3650 Moto Q 9h(GSM)) Nokia 6120 Classic BlackJack II HTC Touch Palm Treo 700w Nokia E51 Samsung SGH-i780 Diamond Palm Treo 750 Nokia N81 8GB T-Mobile Shadow HTC Touch P3452 Palm Treo Pro Nokia E71 T-Mobile Wing HTC TyTN II P4551 Samsung SGH-i607 Nokia N96 Motorola Q BlackJack I Nokia N82 Motorola Q9c Samsung SGH-i617
  12. 12. WiZE Mobile solution supported Country Kuwait Russia Argentina Finland Malaysia Saudi Arabia Australia France Mexico Singapore Austria Germany Netherlands South Africa Belgium Greece Norway South Korea Brazil Hong Kong Panama Spain Canada India Peru Sweden China Indonesia Philippines Switzerland Columbia Ireland Poland Taiwan Costa Rica Israel Portugal Turkey Czech Republic Italy Romania UK Denmark Japan United States of United Arab America Emirates
  13. 13. Why become a WiZE Mobile Partner? Why use mobyletv.my Proximity Marketing?.... - Because only by using Proximity Marketing a brand may: Deliver content of value to consumers 1- At the precise moment 2- At the right venue 3- With no cost to the consumer 4- and place it on consumers’ preferred platform of communication: Their handsets.
  14. 14. Evaluating Mobile Opportunities
  15. 15. mobyleTv.my MARKETPLACE 1. Traditional -These are the 30 second (or less) spots typically seen on television today. 2. Long-Form -These may vary from 60 seconds to 2 minutes and can take the form of traditional advertising, infomercials or advertainment. 3. Preview Spots -A 30 second (or shorter) spot to preview. The content of long form advertising. viewers to click-through. 4. Direct Response and Per Inquiry -The viewer is encouraged to respond to the add to purchase merchandise/services or to get additional information. 5. Banner Ads - As described above, the viewer encounters several menus when choosing a mini-channel and then choosing a program. These menus will include banner ads that the viewer can .click-through. with his/her mobile to get additional information. 6. Companion web sites - Ads will offer the viewer the ability to spontaneously access the sponsor's web. 7. Classifieds - The mini-channels can offer its viewers the opportunity to advertise in an interactive classified section.
  16. 16. RTM RADIO TELEVISION MALAYSIA Business Nature - National Broadcasting Station Streaming method** - 1) mobyletv.my Advantages on mobileTv platform - live streaming via mobile Revenue * (win-win) - 1) mobyletv.my (Main Channel) - 2) rtm.mobyletv.my (RTM channel –mobile) - 3) Live Broadcast (upon request) Future Activity - 1 Malaysia Sitcom (Mobile Base Content) RTM Team Building/Company Dinner/Conference Brand awareness - Loyal customer Interactive Channel - Interactive on main channel (client main webpage) RTM Additional Revenue - International Streaming (upon request) News alert M-Download M-Learning M-Coupon
  17. 17. Why become a WiZE Mobile Partner? • RTM’s established content should go beyond FTA TV, and the agency can monetize it through a multi broadcasting platform. • RTM’s News arm is the Best, with latest equipment and State Rep’s all over the country, the News flow should be reach beyond TV box, but also to the people on the move. • RTM Mobile entertainment is the right choice to kill time. Leveraging the Muzik Aktif to be broadcast over mobile can penetrate targeted market segment especially teenagers. • Broadband penetration is crucial, the technology is in place but not the take up. MobyleTV would drive the common interest that people loved – music, entertainment and information there and then
  18. 18. Why become a WiZE Mobile Partner? • Contact • Questions? Next steps? Maha Business Development maha@mobiletv.my http://mobiletv.my 012 6580089