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WiZE Mobile, Independent Mobile Broadcasting Station

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MobileTv By WiZE

  1. 1. MobileTv by WiZE A New Viewing experience, A new revenue Opportunity Product Overview and Company Introduction to
  2. 2. Content • WiZE – Independent Mobile Border Cast Station @ Mobile and Web • The Technology • The Possibility • The Conclusion • Q&A
  3. 3. ABOUT US
  4. 4. About Us • WiZE Mobile is a fully Bumiputra owned organization which was incorporated on the 27 Oct 2009 and located in Seksyen 6 Shah Alam. “Independent Mobile Border Cast Station” • Providing a Platform for Content Providers and Service Provider both Free or Premium Channels and move more toward a Google type business model
  5. 5. 2009 WiZE Mobile Projects No Month / Year Description Remarks 1 August 2009 First Time Going to the Public Hits : 70k Hits - Pete Teo - Broadcast the Launch of 15 Malaysia Via Mobile and Web (Live) - Program in Live in inspire Series… 2 Oct 2009 In house Production and Live event coverage - Covered the Bagan Pinang by-Election for 13 Daily viewers 15k- 20k days giving viewers insights of the election live via Hits- Via Mobile and mobile Web 3 Oct 2009 Pas Seminar Politic Live ANNTV via Mobile, 1500 Hits-Via Mobile AntaraTV (Pas), Live & Inspire and Web 4 Dec 2009 GITC Exhibition 5 Dec 2009 Project Love (RED) -World Record Event 6 Dec 2009 RTM 1 gone WIZE Target 1.2 Million Viewers via MobyleTV
  6. 6. Undertaking Projects No Month / Year Description Remarks 1 Jan 31 Finalist Beauty Pageant LIVE stream via Mobile and Web 2 Feb -MuTV (Mobile University TV) Jaring Collaboration 3 Xtream Sports Cross Country Cycling (Nationwide) - WiZE to stream Live via mobile 4 1 May Live Stream from Abu Dhabi to Malaysia - WiZE Mobile Soft Launch -Target Audience 100,000 via Web - 300,000 via Mobile 5 29-31 March -OIC Conference LIVE stream via TPM Collaboration Mobile 6 15-18 June - CommunicAsia 2010 Exhibition 7 27-28 Feb -- Karnival Inovatif 2010 YIP – 2days Event -- WorldWide Stream via mobile and Web
  7. 7. Future Projects No Month / Year Description Purpose 1 2-4 April Formula One World-Championship LIVE Stream via Mobile 2 11 June World Cup 2010 LIVE Stream via Mobile
  8. 8. WiZE Gone International No Projects Description Purpose 1 IMG SNTV services and SNTV World Cup News Digital Media Content - Joanne Poon, VP, A/Pacific IMG 2 Sum2, LLC Distribute Numerous Channels Content Distribution - James McCallum, President Sum2,LLC 3 Viasat -Video on Demand Video on Demand - Niklas Hammarstrom, Project Manager VOD, Broadcasting Viasat Broadcasting Distribution
  9. 9. Free to Air Channels
  10. 10. Subscriptional Premium Content
  12. 12. The Technology What is Mobile TV • Many has claimed it….. • The term MobileTv has been tarnish by many providers in which today has confuse the users.. “Providing a downloadable video based WEB does not make it a TV”
  13. 13. Why become a WiZE Mobile Partner?
  14. 14. WiZE MobileTv Solution • WM provides LIVE streaming via mobile and Web • Although running fully on the internet infra we have manage to throw out all the web based elements to run our platform as a TV Channel. • No forwarding No Rewinding just view is Loops…..depending on the channel content • Our interactive system provides many advantages that no broadcasting station in the world could , for instance …………..
  15. 15. MobyleTV MARKETPLACE CSCs : Common short codes. Are being used effectively to create a dialog with mobile users. Voting, polling, requests for feedback, sweepstakes, and contests all require interactivity with the consumer and the brand. CPM: Cost per Thousand. The CPM model refers to advertising bought on the basis of impressions. Advertisers pay a predetermined price for a thousand impressions. CPC: Cost per Click. Advertisers pay for a click, irrespective of the impressions. Commonly found in search advertising. Also referred to as PPC (Pay per Click) advertising. CPL: Cost per Lead. Advertisers pay for customer leads, irrespective of clicks or impressions. Fastest growing segment in online advertising CRM - Calculate the value. Exactly how will CRM benefit your business? Strive to answer this question in terms of measurable ROI (return on investment) and how CRM helps your employees use customer data more effectively.
  16. 16. WiZE Mobile Solution WiZE Mobile TV solution currently runs totally via IP accessible via local WIFI or 3G (Data Charges Apply) System Requirement (Mobile) Streaming = 250 Kbps/ Device Requirement = Flash Lite 3 , Smart phone App Store = iphone, Android, Palm
  17. 17. WiZE Mobile Broadcasting Station
  18. 18. WiZE Mobile solution supported Device Nokia N78 Nokia 6110 HTC-Pro Motorola Q9h Nokia E65 Navigator S621(Same as T- (CDMA) Nokia N95 8GB Nokia 5320 Mobile Dash) Motorola Q9m Nokia N95 Nokia 5700 HTC S740 Motorola Q Nokia N73 Nokia E50 HTC Touch Cruise Norman (same as Nokia N81 Nokia E66 P3650 Moto Q 9h(GSM)) Nokia 6120 Classic BlackJack II HTC Touch Palm Treo 700w Nokia E51 Samsung SGH-i780 Diamond Palm Treo 750 Nokia N81 8GB T-Mobile Shadow HTC Touch P3452 Palm Treo Pro Nokia E71 T-Mobile Wing HTC TyTN II P4551 Samsung SGH-i607 Nokia N96 Motorola Q BlackJack I Nokia N82 Motorola Q9c Samsung SGH-i617
  19. 19. WiZE Mobile solution supported Country Kuwait Russia Argentina Finland Malaysia Saudi Arabia Australia France Mexico Singapore Austria Germany Netherlands South Africa Belgium Greece Norway South Korea Brazil Hong Kong Panama Spain Canada India Peru Sweden China Indonesia Philippines Switzerland Columbia Ireland Poland Taiwan Costa Rica Israel Portugal Turkey Czech Republic Italy Romania UK Denmark Japan United States of United Arab America Emirates
  20. 20. The Possibility
  21. 21. WM “LIVE” Stream SOP Worldwide Audience Checklist  Internet Connection  Laptop and Switcher  Production Equipment Internet Connection Setup Production Equipment Setup LiVE streaming Worldwide Q
  22. 22. The Possibility via Mobile.. • Mobile can penetrate targeted market segment especially teenagers. • An alternative solution - ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYTHING. • Broadband penetration is crucial, the technology is in place but not the take up. Mobile TV would drive the common interest that people loved – music, entertainment and information there and then. Widely access mobile TV would help the upgrading services by telcos.
  23. 23. Contact Questions? Next steps? Maha Business Development 012 6580089