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Visualising students' ePortfolios


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Presentation by Jawyei Wong and Shen Zhang (AUT University, NZ) at Mahara Hui in Auckland, New Zealand, on 10 April 2015.

Licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0

Published in: Education
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Visualising students' ePortfolios

  1. 1. Visualising  Students'  ePor2olios   h"p://&  
  2. 2. Design   •  If  shared  page  has  no  images,  display   placeholder  image   •  Thumbnails  adjusted  to  show  the  whole  image   rather  than  a  por@on  of  it   •  Order  by  crea@on  date  as  date  shared  field   was  not  available  at  the  @me   •  Use  Mahara  API  
  3. 3. Improvements   •  Have  an  op@on  to  sort  by  a  condi@on  currently  it  is   sor@ng  by  date  the  page  was  created   •  Have  an  op@on  to  group  by  user   •  Have  an  op@on  on  the  block  to  state  how  many  pages   to  show  per  page   •  Have  an  op@on  to  specify  the  size  of  the  thumbnails   •  Have  a  slightly  different  mouse  over  effect,  currently   on  mouse  over  an  overlay  covers  the  image  with  the   user  informa@on,  would  be  beKer  to  have  show  both   the  image  and  the  user  informa@on