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Using Mahara to demonstrate skills acquired in a hospitality workplace practicum


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Presentation at Mahara Hui 2017 by Parijata Moeava and Mojito Jione (The University of the South Pacific) in Auckland, New Zealand, on 6 April 2017.

YouTube presentation link can be found here:

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Using Mahara to demonstrate skills acquired in a hospitality workplace practicum

  1. 1. Using Mahara to demonstrate skills acquired in a hospitality workplace practicum PARIJATA MOEAVA AND MOJITO JIONE MAHARA HUI 2017 @PJMOEAVA @JIONEM
  2. 2. Pacific TAFE Pacific TAFE College of Business, Tourism & Hospitality College of Arts & Humanities College of Science, Technology & Environment College of Foundation Studies Workforce Development Training Unit RTO status with Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)
  3. 3. College of Business, Tourism and Hospitality 14 Skills Based Business Qualifications 10 specialised qualifications
  4. 4. Certificate IV in Hospitality Operations Food and Beverage 1 Food and Beverage 2 Front Office 1 Front Office 2 Events 1 Events 2 Sales and Marketing Hospitality Workplace practicum Accredited by the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality (THE - ICE)
  5. 5. CETH 48 Hospitality Workplace Practicum Areas Front Office Events Food Service Bar Service Guest Services Practicum Minimum 6 months Assessment Assessment 1 Assessment 2 Reflections Logbook Industry Holiday Inn Novotel South Sea Cruises ….
  6. 6. Flowchart
  7. 7. Standards, Outcomes & Rubrics ICE Standards Graduate Attributes Programme Outcomes Assessment Rubrics
  8. 8. Issue  Print/Paper based workbook filled in weekly by the student and signed off by the supervisor.  Organised by weeks rather than areas or outcomes for the programme.  Regional access  Currently only offered in the Laucala Campus
  9. 9. Challenges Digital literacy skills Student Staff Access Internet Devices  Technology users (Student)  Beginner user 38%  Average user 58%  Advanced user 4%  Access to Internet  1 – 3 days in a week : 38%  4 – 7 days in a week: 62%  Access to devices  A variety of devices
  10. 10. Solution ePortoflios Programme ePortfolio A toolkit to assist students in creating the ePortfolio
  11. 11. The toolkit Pacific ePortfolio Toolkit Tools Video Audio Photography Other Web Storage URL Shorteners Office Suites Browsers ePortfolio Media players Blogs Resources How to Guides
  12. 12. Tools Criteria Platforms •Web – accessible on any browser •Mobile – Android, iOS, Windows •OS – Windows, Mac OS, Linux Offline •tools that can be installed to run without the internet Usability •Easy for a beginner user •Advanced tools for the expert user Usage (license) •Freeware •FOSS
  13. 13. Solution in detail
  14. 14. Sample Portfolio Hospitality Operations (Collection) Introduction and Assessments Front Office Bar Service Food Service Events Guests Services
  15. 15. Implementation
  16. 16. Timeline Aug 2016 Scoping Prototype Staff Workshops Student Workshops Final Version Pilot – 2nd Semester Research papers
  17. 17. Impact  Enables us to reach out to the region.  Other programmes in PTAFE may use this study to implement their own ePortfolio.  Students and Staff gain digital literacy skills.  Research outputs.  Employability
  18. 18. The team Dr. Irene Yee Chief •Instructional Designer •Centre for Flexible Learning Rajneel Totaram •Learning Systems Developer •Centre for Flexible Learning Mojito Jione •Education Technologist •Centre for Flexible Learning Hasmukh Lal •Director •Pacific TAFE Pasirio Kitione •Coordinator •Pacific TAFE Parijata Moeava •Facilitator – Hospitality Operations •Pacific TAFE
  19. 19. Conclusion  This project is a WIP  We would appreciate others to share experiences in this area.
  20. 20. Follow us on twitter @PJMOEAVA @JioneM #PacFolio