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My personal learning journey with Mahara


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Keynote presentation by Sigi Jakob-Kühn at Mahara Hui UK in Southampton, UK, on 10 November 2015.


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My personal learning journey with Mahara

  1. 1. Mahara  Granny  goes…
  2. 2. My  PLS  
 =  Personal  LEARNING  Story
  3. 3. Salzburg  research  conference  2008
  4. 4. A  drop  in  the  water  in  2008  … …  is  drawing  circles  …  
  5. 5. 
                                                …and  creating  a  stream…
                 ….of  learning
 Katia  Aiko  Murato  Arend
 Linda  Pospisilova   
 Christine  Duelfer
  6. 6. • Nigel  McNie   • Penny  Leach   • Kristina  Hoeppner   • Don  Presant   • Sam  Taylor   • all  dear  colleagues  who  helped  overcome   obstacles!   • The  MAHARA  community!!!!
  7. 7. No  learning  without  inspiration Sir  Ken  Robinson      Dr.Helen  Barrett          Steve  Wheeler
  8. 8. No  learning  without  imagination …  of  the   learner
  9. 9. No  lonesome  journey  …
  10. 10. Learning  with  peers,  friends,  networks @Networking_lady    on  twitter
  11. 11. 
 Be  the  change    …
              …  you  would  like  to  see
  12. 12. Changing  
 your  perspective
  13. 13. Ownership  of  learning                        from  the  institution                                  …  to  the  learner
  14. 14. Building    a  hut  ….                                                                        …  to  survive
  15. 15. Building  a  castle  for  life.. Building  a  Castle  …                               …  for  Life
  16. 16. The  Builder  matters
  17. 17. 

  18. 18. closed  building open  space
  19. 19. Teaching knowledge
  20. 20.                              Meaningful                                                      Learning
  21. 21. Studying            Learning
  22. 22. Competences Competences   cannot  be  taught,   they  need  to  be   aquired  by   learners.   Fahse,  Christian:  Wie  unterrichtet  man   Kompetenzen?  MNU  57/8  (12/2004)
  23. 23. ‘’  …  students  gain  a  personal  space  on  the  web  which  they   can  control,  and  which  is  the  antithesis  of  the  institutional   VLE/LMS.  This,  said  Groom,  is  the  essence  of  digital  literacy.     Students  were  given  an  innovation  tool  kit  within  their  own   domain,  so  that  when  they  leave  the  university,  they  take  it   with  them  to  use  as  they  will.”   Steve  Wheeler  on  EDUPUNK  Jim  Groom’s  “Good  morning  Barcelona!!  „  talk
  24. 24. Power  to   the   Learner
  25. 25. How  can  Mahara  help  with  learning http://cdn-­‐media-­‐­‐content/files/2013/12/20-­‐Excellent-­‐Websites-­‐That-­‐Make-­‐Your-­‐Children-­‐Smarter.jpg ?
  26. 26.                                                
 and  the  learning  journey • Connecting  with  other  learners   • Collecting  artefacts   • Collaborating  in  groups   • Reflecting  in  blogs   • Communicating  in  forums   • Sharing  results     • Presenting  to  others   • Getting  feedback Colla-­‐ borate Connect Commu-­‐   nicate Feed-­‐ back Share Present Reflect Collect
  27. 27. Connecting  with  other  learners • Finding  friends   • Creating  groups   • Sending  direct  messages   • Sharing  pages   • Getting  /giving  feedback   • ….. Connect
  28. 28. Collecting  artefacts • Creating  a  repository  of  own  artefacts   • Using  artifacts  stored  in  other  cloud   services  flickr,  dropbox  etc..)   • Using  mobile  upload  from  smartphone   • Embedding  objects  from  the  cloud Collect
  29. 29. Collaborating  in  groups • Setting  up  own  group  for  teamwork   • Sharing  stuff  within  group   • Creating  group  pages,  working   from  different  places  at  different   times   • Sharing  group  pages  with  peers,   tutors,  public… Colla-­‐ borate
  30. 30. Reflecting  in  blogs • Writing  blog  entries  on  learning  progress   • Integrating  videos  or  podcasts     • Visualizing  processes  with  pictures   • ….. Reflect
  31. 31. Communicating  in  forums • Using  forums  for  scaffolding  learning   • Using  the  forum  for  quick  opinion   forming   • Setting  up  forums  for  learning  groups   • Setting  up  forums  for  various  purposes   to  avoid  chaos   • Setting  up  various  topics  for  different   questions   • …   • … Commu-­‐   nicate
  32. 32. Sharing  achievements   • Sharing  pages  with  friends,  peers,  tutors,   specific  groups,  public   • Presenting  a  page  to  an  audience  to  give   evidence  of  learning   • Handing  in  a  page/  collection  for  assessment   • …… Share
  33. 33. Presenting  to  others • Present  a  project  to  an  audience  with   the  help  of  a  page     • Give  evidence  of  learning  by  presenting   to  a  tutor   • Do  an  online  presentation  via  skype  or   conference  tools   • Do  a  group  presentation  of  a  project   with  peers   • … Present
  34. 34. Getting  QUALIFIED  feedback • Give  permission  to  get  feedback   • Getting  feedback  on  single  artefacts     • Getting  feedback  for  page/ collection   • Getting  feedback  from  peers/ tutors/public   • Learning  from  qualified  feedback Feed-­‐ back
  35. 35. Learning  
  …  anytime  
  …  anywhere
  …  anyhow
  36. 36. Light  at  the  end  
 of  the  learning  tunnel
  37. 37. Power  to   the   Learner
  38. 38. BONUS   SLIDES  ;-­‐)
  39. 39. Robert  John  Meehan "As  teachers  we  spend  little  time   focusing  on  what  has  been   accomplished;  we  focus  mainly  on  what   remains  to  be  done."-­‐ "As  a  teacher  you  have  to  be  committed   to  learning  for  a  lifetime  first  before  you   can  lead  your  students  down  that  path
 "Learning  becomes  relevant  when  we   connect  it  with  reality." "A  great  teacher  is  someone  who  can  learn   from  his  students,  who  can  learn  with  them,   and  learns  for  them "I  seldom  needed  to  encourage  my  students   to  follow  their  dreams,  I  simply  gave  my   students  the  tools  and  as  much  freedom  as   they  needed  to  chase  after  them "If  we  are  truly  effective  teachers,  then  we  are   creating  autonomous,  independent,  and  self   directed  learners."-­‐ "If  real  learning  is  to  take  place,  our  classrooms   must  be  dependent  on  the  collaboration  of  its   learners,  not  solely  on  the  knowledge  of  its   teachers."  Robert  John  Meehan  
  40. 40. Learning  -­‐  school  -­‐  knowledge  -­‐imagination "Those  that  make  test  scores  and   grades  the  heart  of  education  hit  their   targets  while  entirely  missing  the   point."  -­‐  Joe  Bower
 "Imagination  is  more  important   than  knowledge.  Knowledge  is   limited.  Imagination  encircles  the   world."-­‐  Albert  Einstein   "Standardized  Testing  tells  us  about  learning  as  much  as   Reality  TV  tells  us  about  reality."-­‐  Joe  Bower "The  greatest  sign  of  a  success  for   a  teacher,  is  to  be  able  to  say,   "The  children  are  now  working  as   if  I  did  not  exist."-­‐  Maria   Montessori "The  teachers  who  get  "burned  out"  are  not   the  ones  who  are  constantly  learning,  which   can  be  exhilarating,  but  those  who  feel  they   must  stay  in  control  and  ahead  of  the   students  at  all  times."-­‐  Frank  Smith
  41. 41. Sigi  Jakob-­‐Kühn,  OStR‘in   sigi@jakob-­‐   Twitter:  Networking_Lady   Skype:  sigijakob