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Mahara gives theology a WOW factor!


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David Bell at Mahara Hui in Wellington on 19 March 2014

Published in: Education
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Mahara gives theology a WOW factor!

  1. 1. mahara hui March 2014, Wellington Putting the WOW! Factor into Theological Education
  2. 2. contents Open Badges Display in Mozilla Backpack, Linked-in and in your mahara e-portfolio. Trinity College open badges are verified certificates. New LiMS courses in online ministry resourcing using open badges. NZQA and LiMS credits are in your transcripts. Tcolnow Virtual learning connexion, for lay educational resourcing, with a sharp focus on real-time video classrooms around NZ. Field trips, empowering full-time students with new perspectives on Te Taha Maori. Coursera participation encouraged. Mahara Alumni, e-portfolio, forums, HUB, individual learning plans, journals, pages, personal profile, career professional development, qualifications, resumè, secure social networking, study groups, Touchstone news-feeds.
  3. 3. contents We need to unrelentingly focus on raising achievement of Māori and Pasifika students. By 2030 thirty per cent of New Zealanders will be Māori or Pasifika, and as such it is essential that tertiary education improves its delivery to these groups. Steven Joyce, 5 March, 2014, Speech to the Higher Education Summit Mangungu, site of the Wesleyan Mission Station. Here the Treaty of Waitangi was signed by some 70 chiefs a week after 40 signed at Waitangi
  4. 4. contents O NE of the most significant lessons I have learnt in the last six years, is that commitment to the bicultural principles of the church can result in bursts of unexpected creativity which develop strong community insights in College. Equally, when those principles are ignored decay can creep in. One of the dangers in working in a Methodist Connexional role is that the sheer volume of work in many different spheres of church life can result in a loss of vision, blotted out by the myriad of details. It happens to most of us, and needs to be guarded against. What I have often done is take the time to listen and reflect upon the vision of Te Taha Maori. In point of fact, I know that Trinity College’s most creative learning projects owe their origin to the educational aspirations for Maori and Pasifika articulated by their leaders. Retreat from that? No. Here is an example. The latest government strategy for tertiary education in New Zealand requires institutions like Trinity to demonstrate, among other things, skills based training appropriate to employment outcomes, and increasing Maori and Pasifika participation rates, with quality learning outcomes. This government directive is of prime importance. The cost of not meeting these strategic aims would inevitably mean loss of government funding to the College via Studylink, which would severely disadvantage some students. Since its inception, Trinity College has always accepted accountability beyond the church. And, with good reason: the wider vision of the church requires it - stay relevant, or fade away. Through its bicultural commitment, Te Taha Maori has ensured that the College can creatively deliver high quality programmes for all. The result? An unexpected but very welcome renewal for the College. I wonder whether other Connexional leaders could share similar insights for students. Meantime, future-proofing the College has been top priority since 2009. The College exists for the sake of its students and their future ministries. The church, as never before, needs future-proofed leaders, in the emergence of a new faith for today. Rev Dr David Bell notes that lay empowerment, a cornerstone of Te Taha Maori policy, helps future-proof the College. Response
  5. 5. contents
  6. 6. contents Coursera and tcol-mahara Studying online with students from all round the world in MOOC has been an amazing and very worthwhile adventure into another way of studying…Overall I found Coursea e-learning very easy to manage. It was very basic compared to Trinity College: tcol provides the student with many more tools to save, produce, present and share their work. Dorothy Willis
  7. 7. contents Mahara enables 2014…learning without limits Hope and belonging is integral to the survival of humankind. Metaphorically-speaking, churches must bear the marks and scars, as well as the faith, hopes and vision of the people it is intended to serve. A sanctuary of belonging will bear testimony to the people who have passed through from one generation to the next, and this will serve to encourage and inspire the enhancement of the local church. Shadrack David