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Mahara on Holiday


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Presentation at Mahara Hui 2017 by Georgina Christodoulou (Catalyst) in Auckland, New Zealand, on 7 April 2017.

YouTube link can be found at:

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Mahara on Holiday

  1. 1. Mahara on Holiday Mahara Hui 2017 Georgina Christodoulou
  2. 2. Mahara stories
  3. 3. Observations and lessons learned ● Get the site up and running BEFORE you go on holiday! ● Read the documentation ● Create page templates to reuse throughout the site ● Make it super simple for children to use ● Internet access can be patchy – use the mobile app ● Make it easy for teachers to engage with – provide documentation/how to videos ● Realistic expectations – after all they are on holiday!
  4. 4. Thank you Mahara Hui 2017 Georgina Christodoulou