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Learning is social with Mahara


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Pascale Hyboud-Peron at Mahara Hui in Wellington on 20 March 2014

Published in: Education
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Learning is social with Mahara

  1. 1. Learning is social with Mahara SOCIAL NETWORKING ENVIRONMENT oollxtion arninxflfijlalfl y
  2. 2. What are the social networking features of Mahara? List all you can think of. .. Which do you use yourself and why? Describe how other users in your institution use them. .. 6 coll tion Maharattui — March 2014 - Wellington, NZ 9 Agency
  3. 3. What are the benefits of using the Mahara social features? For you, in your role? For users in your institution? For learning? ooll fion MaharaHui — March 2014 —We| |ington, NZ 9 Agency
  4. 4. How will you know if the Mahara social features support individual learning? What needs to be put in place to achieve these benefits? What is the goal? Are the users’ roles clearly defined? What data are you going to use to measure impact? ooll tion MaharaHui — March 2014 —We| |ington, NZ 9 Agency
  5. 5. Keep in touch: Pascale Hyboud-Peron Knowledge Sharing Facilitator pascale@thinkagency. co. nz www. thingagency. co. nz coll: "tion » ' Think