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Embedding ePortfolios in Course Delivery


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Presentation by Jaye Ryan (Birmingham City University) at Mahara Hui UK in Southampton, UK, on 9 November 2015.


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Embedding ePortfolios in Course Delivery

  1. 1. By Jaye Ryan ePortfolio Lead for BSc (Hons) Nursing at Birmingham City University Follow and Tweet @MaharaNursing
  2. 2. About me …   Lecturer in Child Health (nursing)   Personal interest in ePortfolio, Social Media and Interactive Teaching   Self taught … Made mistakes … Learned from them   Mahara UK14 conference
  3. 3. Overview All fields of nursing (approximate figures)   Adult: 2 intakes per year = 700   Child: 2 intakes per year = 110   Mental Health: 2 intakes per year = 120   Learning Disabilities: 1 intake per year = 35 Total number of students = 965 per year Total number of students on the course = 2,895
  4. 4. History of Early Days   Steep learning curve for personal tutors   Training issues for personal tutors and students   Change in attitudes and ways of working   ‘Big Bang’ introduction of ePortfolio in October 2011 (currently using v1.5)
  5. 5. Current Position   Formative assessment   Personal Tutor role   Personal Development Planning
  6. 6. Professionalism (Year 1)   Professional Values and Academic Skills   Relevant learning outcome - Explore strategies to facilitate personal, professional and academic development Claire’s Profile
  7. 7. Community Scoping (Year 2)   Nursing in Society   Relevant learning outcome - Examine strategies to facilitate personal and professional development. Kimberley’s Community Scoping Page
  8. 8. Employability (Year 3)   Transition to Qualified Practitioner   Relevant learning outcome - Evaluate employability skills and recognise the need for on-going personal and professional development as a qualified practitioner Hannah’s Employability Page
  9. 9. Developments   Continued use of Student Academic Mentors   Change the assessment to summative - credit where credit is due
  10. 10. Question time and feedback