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Clinical placement ePortfolio


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Tammy Page and Yvette Salamon at Mahara Hui in Auckland on 10 April 2015

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Clinical placement ePortfolio

  1. 1. Mahara - Clinical Placement e-Portfolio Presented by Tamara Page and Yvette Salamon
  2. 2. Adelaide University of Adelaide 2
  3. 3. University of Adelaide University of Adelaide 3
  4. 4. Pre –registration programs • Bachelor of Nursing – 3 year pre registration undergraduate program • First years – 3 days in class and 2 days in clinical • Second/Third years – 2 days in classroom and 3 days in clinical • Master of Clinical Nursing – 2 years pre registration post graduate program • Block classes • Block placement University of Adelaide 4
  5. 5. University of Adelaide 5
  6. 6. Background • Faculty of Health Sciences e-Assessment grants available – Suggested that the School of Nursing could pilot Mahara Project – Successful Stage One • Project team consisted of: – Tamara Page (Course Coordinator) – Yvette Salamon (Lecturer ) – Trisha Franceschilli (e-Learning Adviser) – Karina Judson (Business Analyst) University of Adelaide 6
  7. 7. Motivation to Pilot Mahara • Nursing has moved strongly toward using Portfolios and e-portfolio’s as evidence to prove a continuous lifelong learning approach to their knowledge development and completion of their annual CPD of 20 points • It is now mandated that every nurse will complete and keep evidence of their ongoing annual education to comply with regulations for Re-registration with the Nurses Board • Every year a number of nurses are randomly selected by the Board and audited, risk reprimand or failure to Register if they lack proof of CPD Points University of Adelaide 7
  8. 8. Advantages of Mahara • ePortfolio’s such as Mahara provide a scaffold for lifelong learning • They can assist the learner to provide evidence of their current competence • Serve as a continuous repository for evidence of progressive development of professional and personal knowledge base and skill acquisition • Pertinent throughout the learners career as it can effective map their evolution as senior, competent and experienced Registered Nurses University of Adelaide 8
  9. 9. Situation Pre Mahara Trial • Currently MyUni (Blackboard) is used to host students documents that are required for them to complete the compulsory aspect of their assessment each clinical placement venue • These documents are: – NCAS Summative assessments – NCAS Employer competencies – Venue Attendance record – Agreed Objectives University of Adelaide 9
  10. 10. Currently…… University of Adelaide 10
  11. 11. The Issues Briefly • Each of these records are required to be accessed individually through the students name in current electronic system • Locating and tracking these documents after the semester has been difficult for both students and lecturers • Poor compliance which is hard to police in current system thus: – Some students hand up hard copies – Many submit poor quality scans or photos in their upload – Most submit multiple pages for single assessments not on document University of Adelaide 11
  12. 12. Mahara e-Portfolio • Provides: – Ease of eAssessment of Clinical Placement documents (which was the primary focus of the proposal to trial the tool) – Provide timely productive feedback from placement lecturers – Assist students to develop a professional portfolio for eAssessment but also to gather data for future employment opportunities and to prepare for student centred lifelong learning – Effective communication between Clinical Lecturers and students during clinical placement to ensure the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills were fully utilised University of Adelaide 12
  13. 13. Stage One Trial • Scope – The Master of Clinical Nursing program which is a post graduate, pre-registration program • Cohort – 11 students were used to pilot the project in their 2014 Nov/Dec placements • Time Frame – Preparation - four weeks – Trial period - five weeks University of Adelaide 13
  14. 14. Stage One Trial Process • Project team met weekly • IT established the platform • Functionality of the system was tested amongst team members • Any issues were highlighted and sent to the IT team members for troubleshooting • Two template pages developed • All previously submitted portfolio documents for the student cohort were uploaded into the respective template pages • A user guide was developed for the students • An articulate storyline guide was developed • Student education session was completed University of Adelaide 14
  15. 15. Mahara Articulate Help Guide University of Adelaide 15
  16. 16. What Mahara looked like in our Trial University of Adelaide 16
  17. 17. eAssessment Page University of Adelaide 17
  18. 18. 18
  19. 19. Set-Up Groups and Forums • groups University of Adelaide 19
  20. 20. Challenges - General • Familiarity – Team newly trained in system so much trial and error and answering Q’s from students could be difficult • Language was not the same between different parties • Compounded because the trial occurred at the end of the year and the end of their course and learning a new system was not a priority for some • Students non-compliance University of Adelaide 20
  21. 21. Challenges – Uploading Documents • Students finished most of the tasks with minimal problems • Weekly meetings identified an issue of difficulty or delays in uploading files • This issue was investigated and it was found other students, four in total, had also experienced this issue • Due to the use of incompatible browsers and systems between the students devices and the Mahara system • Was resolved mid-trial • Student comments in the evaluation indicated that they were happy overall with Mahara and its ease of use, with seven of the nine statements receiving positive feedback University of Adelaide 21
  22. 22. Challenges – Communication • Forums within the group were created it was assumed students who were part of the group would receive messages as they were posted however this was not the case • Students needed to subscribe to each forum and this was not in the Cheat Sheets or instruction videos provided at the commencement of the trial • Highlighted and disseminated to students which greatly improved communication • No repository in Mahara for sent messages which will be rectified by our current upgrade to the next version • Student comments and the responses in the evaluation suggested that they were overall happy with the basic functionality of the communication tools within Mahara University of Adelaide 22
  23. 23. Challenges – Time Constraints • Student responses within the evaluation suggested that students were overall positive regarding Mahara ability to develop and improve their learning experience • Some comments received reflected the lack of time for the students to properly evaluate the tool and explore to advantages of Mahara • This was reflected by the Lecturers and further trials with larger numbers was requested University of Adelaide 23
  24. 24. Challenges – Support • Student evaluation responses suggest that students were positive regarding the training given prior to the Mahara trial commencing and the support provided during the trial with all statements indicated positive feedback • The students indicated they primarily used the Lecturers for support followed by other students • Support meetings conducted while students were on placements were only attended by those who had encountered issues or who had feedback regarding their experiences • Need to develop a Help repository which is currently being developed University of Adelaide 24
  25. 25. Overall • Benefits in ease of timely assessment outweighs the challenges encountered thus far • Mahara made assessment and tracking of assessment much easier for our nursing students out on clinical placement • Allows time friendly communication • Challenges encountered should not continue as obstacles • ePortfolio aspect needs to be explored • Ability to export portfolio documents at completion of program University of Adelaide 25
  26. 26. The University of Adelaide Graduate Attributes 1. Deep discipline knowledge • informed and infused by cutting edge research, scaffolded throughout their program of studies 2. Critical thinking and problem solving • demonstrated through appropriate and relevant assessment 3. Teamwork and communication skills • honed through assessment and practice throughout the program of studies • encouraged and valued in all aspects of learning 4. Career and leadership readiness • technology savvy 6. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence • A capacity for self-reflection and a willingness to engage in self-appraisal • Open to objective and constructive feedback from supervisors and peers University of Adelaide 26
  27. 27. Stage Two Trial • The trial has been expanded across all nursing pre- registration students (approx 450 students) • Approved for full year – with potential for 3 years • 9 Clinical lecturers that facilitate students on placement require education and ongoing support • Approval for use in other schools from the Faculty of Health Sciences • Psychology and Vet Science completing Stage One • Trial will give insight into the potentials of utilising Mahara on a broader scale University of Adelaide 27
  28. 28. Priorities for Stage Two • Return with what we have learnt • Make the system work for the benefit of the students • Engage staff to utilise the tool for their own professional purposes such as: – Showcasing their work – Organising their projects – Mapping higher degree by research such as PhD • Enable electronic signoff • Model professional development to students via development of ePortfolio’s within the school • Develop Help Tools • Individualise Theme/Language/Help for UofA • Explore and develop template “Collections” for better assessment of competence • Explore Use within course delivery University of Adelaide 28
  29. 29. University of Adelaide 29 Collections Badges Reflection Matrix Rubrics Copyright Life long learning Scaffolding One stop shop CV AssessmentCPD pointsCompetencies
  30. 30. +610408812307 +610439343700 University of Adelaide 30