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Building a Personal Learning Environment with Mahara


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Pascale Hyboud-Peron at Mahara Hui in Wellington on 19 March 2014.

Published in: Education
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Building a Personal Learning Environment with Mahara

  1. 1. Building your PLE with Mahara PERSONAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT wllxfion arniniéllrijallfjy
  2. 2. What does your PLE look like? A personal, flexible space I manage & have control over. A space where I have freedom of choice: - to access & collect information - to create in my personal space — to collaborate and share 6 coll tion MaharaHui — March 2014 — Wellington, NZ 0. Agency
  3. 3. Where does Nlahara fit in your PLE? I Personal Space: Résumé, Plans, PLD, Journals 1, Creative Space: Pages integrating other tools Social Space: Groups, Friends, Sharing -2 ooll fion MaharaHui — March 2014 —We| |ington, NZ ‘'2. Agency
  4. 4. What do we learn from our practice to help learners stucture & scaffold their own PLE? We have preferences We make appropriate technology choices We blend formal & informal learning coll fion MaharaHui — March 2014 —Wellington, NZ 9. Agency
  5. 5. Reflect 8! connect Collect & curate a; e.loqe| |o3 coll fion MaharaHui — March 2014 - wellington, NZ ‘El Agency
  6. 6. Keep in "touch: Pascale Hyboud-Peron Knowledge Sharing Facilitator pasca| e@thinkagency. co. nz www. thingagency. co. nz col : »:i'rion l I T. ,,, ,,,