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A proposal for technique to use common terms among multiple systems


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Presentation by Makoto Miyazaki (Kio University) and Naoshi Hiraoka and Sugury Niwa (Kumamoto University) at Mahara Hui UK in Southampton, UK, on 10 November 2015.

Published in: Education
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A proposal for technique to use common terms among multiple systems

  1. 1. A  proposal  for  technique  to  use   common  terms  among  multiple   systems Common  translation  memory  by  Mahara,  Moodle  and   Sakai  CLE   Mahara Hui UK 2015 Southampton, UK 10 November 2015   Makoto Miyazaki, Kio University Naoshi Hiraoka, Kumamoto University Suguru Niwa , Kumamoto University  
  2. 2. Our goal: Common Translation Memory eXchange (TMX)   .prop. Common TMX .php .php .prop. .php .php Transifex Framework; Unify different translations for same segment  
  3. 3. Why  TMX?   ・ To eliminate the differences in the translation:   TMX can translation aligned between different systems and translator themselves ・  Reduction of translation work:   You can translate at once the sentence that has been registered in the TMX   ・  Joint translation:   You can joint translate by using cloud base tool like Transfix, Launchpad  
  4. 4. Translated  word:  ja  Source  word:  en   TMX  precision  
  5. 5. How  to  do  it   Standards  of  internationalization  that  gettext   PO  files   TMX  is  made  from  PO  files   Mahara  and  Moodle  is  not  PO  files                                      ↓   SO,  we  make  a    tool  that  cross-‐‑‒converts  the   language  files  and  PO  of  Mahara  and  Moodle   Issue  of  making  TMX  from  Mahara  and   Moodle  
  6. 6. TMX for Higher Education   po files   po files   po files   tmx tmx tmx Sakai   Moodle   Mahara   tmx po files   Comm on tmx 0th Edition   Unify different translations for same segment Localized Sources   (PHP language files) Localized production environment Deploy   Users Merge   Applied to translate other software   Sources in English (PHP language files) Sources in English (PHP language files) This research project is aiming to develop a common translation memory exchange (TMX) and deploy the translation methodology to unify the translation process for higher education software.   new tool   new tool   new tool   po files  
  7. 7. This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 25280127.   Makoto Miyazaki, Assistant Professor Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology, Kio University e-mail: