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"Employee Motivation: Term paper slide presentation


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"Employee Motivation: Term paper slide presentation

  1. 1. EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION Md. Mahamudul Alam PGDHRM Evening – III ID: 14DH237 Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)
  2. 2. Introduction Employees are the assets of the company. This statement seems to be very attractive for the employees working for different organization. However, practical implementation of this statement is not as simple as the statement itself. Considering the employees an important factor and treating them like an asset is not very easy, but, it is the most necessary factors for the growth and success of any organization. But, unfortunately, earning profit is still the primary focus of the organizations.
  3. 3. Introduction Motivating the employees is closely related to their Performance. If the employee is not motivated and is not satisfied with the job he/she is performing then he will not be able to serve the organization with full devotion and honesty. But, in the current economic conditions, organizations are forced to drill down their operating costs and the employees are the first who usually have to face this negative impact in most organizations. But the organizations also understand the fact the high employee turnover will not let them to sustain their competitive advantage and they will not be able to serve their customers affectively. Generally it has been observed that if the managers are allowed to handle the grievances issues of the staff members it can reduce the employee turnover rate, but at the mean time organizations also have to assure that no discretion is done at the workplace on the part of managers.
  4. 4. Objective of the study The objective of the study is as follows: General Objective:  To fulfill the requirement for completion of the Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management.  To study the Motivation Level of the employees in an organization. Specific Objective:  To assess the satisfaction level of employees in Garment Industries Employees’  To identify the factors which influence the job satisfaction of employees  To identify the factor which improves the satisfaction level of employees  To Study the effectiveness of the techniques adopted by the company in employee motivation.  To make recommendation to the organization if needed.  To relate theoretical knowledge and the practical knowledge.
  5. 5. Scope of the study This study emphasis in the following scope: 1. To identify the employees level of satisfaction upon that job. 2. This study is helpful to that organization for conducting further research. 3. It is helpful to identify the employer’s level of satisfaction towards welfare measure. 4. This study is helpful to the organization for identifying the area of dissatisfaction of job of the employees. 5. This study helps to make a managerial decision to the company
  6. 6. Limitations of the study a) The survey is subjected to the bias and prejudices of the respondents. Hence 100% accuracy can’t be assured. b) The researcher was carried out in a short span of time, where in the researcher could not widen the study. c) The study could not be generalized due to the fact that researcher adapted personal interview method. d) Unavailability of relevant records and information in the organization is a major constrains e) Some of the respondents were afraid of in providing confidential information and some of them showed less interest on such assignment and few of the target people willingly avoid to provide information.
  7. 7. Data Collection For the task, I’ve selected Parkscene Bangladesh Limited, a renowned garments industry in RMG sector. In preparing report, a reliable source of collecting data is vital measures. In this report, both primary and secondary sources of information have been used. Primary data are observed and recorded as part of an original study. When the data required for a particular study can be found neither n the internal records of the company, nor in published sources, it may become necessary to collect original data, i.e., to conduct first hand investigation. In the report the researcher has used the following source to collect primary data: Direct conversation with the HR employees Communicating with some staff. A set of Questionnaire which was filled-up by the employees of the organization confidentially
  8. 8. Data Collection (contd.) Secondary Data are collected through the following sources  Office Record  Through Internet  Different books
  9. 9. Organization Information PARKSCENE BANGLADESH LTD. A knit & Woven Garments Ltd. Company Status: Private Limited Number of Employee :4235 Persons Nature of Business : Knit – T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Tank Top, Fleece t-shirt , Fleece jacket, Bottom, Woven– Denim Long & Short pant, three Quarter , Bermuda, Wind Breaker, Girls Dress, Swim Wear. Cargo Shorts. Sister concerns: 1. PARKSCENE BD LTD. : KNIT GARMENT FACTORY. No of Emp: 7502. 2. SEAVIEW KNIT COMPOSITE LTD : KNIT GARMENT FACTORY. No of Emp: 3503. 3. PARKSTAR APPARELS LTD : WOVEN BOTTOMS FACTORY. No of Emp: 7504. 4. PARKVIEW DRESSES LTD : WOVEN BOTTOMS FACTORY. No of Emp: 8255. 5. ESPIRIT APPAREL LTD. : WOVEN BOTTOMS FACTORY. No of Emp: 6006. 6. PQS PRINTING & EMBROIDERY LTD. : PRINT & EMB FACTORY. No of Emp: 2107. 7. SCARLET KNITWEAR LTD : KNIT GARMENT FACTORY. No of Emp: 7508. 8. PARK ZONE LTD : BUYING KNIT & WOVEN No of Emp: 50
  10. 10. Major Buyers of Parkscene Bd Clients:
  11. 11. Growth of Garments Industry in Bangladesh 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 1984-85 1988-89 1992-93 1996-97 2000-01 2004-05 2008-09 2012-13 Number of Factory
  12. 12. Motivation factors that Parkscene Provide Financial Methods Non Financial Methods  Healthy Salary Job Enlargement  Yearly Increment Job Enrichment  Transport Team Working  Festival Bonus Job Rotation  Lunch with token price Annual Leave  Performance Related Pay
  13. 13. Summary of Survey in Employee Motivation 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 SalaryIncrement FinancialInentives Performance Appraisal JobSecurity RelationwithCo- workers Freedomin DecissionMaking` Mean (%)
  14. 14. Results of the survey  Employee motivation can improve the service quality and increase employee productivity. In this circumstance, policy makers and managers have to turn their attention to provide different kinds of facilities to their employees in order to motivate them. The results suggest that, the factors had Strongly Agree or Agree comments – policy makers and managers should focus on that factors to motivate their employees. Based on the results for the standardizes values, we are able to see that, a) salary increment, financial incentives, performance appraisal for promotion, freedom in decision making are key factors for motivation. b) Money is a good motivator. Actually, all employees work for money, employees need money. A good salary & a good compensation are key factor in motivating employees. c) We can increase the employee’s salary to motivate him by proper using of performance appraisal of an individual’s. d) A good payback can be one of the key factors for motivation, also by this one can increase the service quality & organizational performance. e) A good work environment and good work conditions can increase employees work performance. So it is also a good motivating factor. f) In private companies, job security is more important for an employee. If management assures his job security, he must be motivated to perform his job with sincerity.
  15. 15. Recommendation 1) It is suggested that, for future research, a proportionate stratified random sample be used to compare several RMG industry by using a larger sample. 2) The research is needed to future investigate. 3) Qualitative investigators must conduct research regarding employee motivation. Based on the study and analysis of the answers of questionnaire & physically finding some problem, this paper makes the following recommendations to the policy makers and managers of the organization:  Create a favorable work condition in the organization  Create Leadership roles among the employees.  Buildup a good team in the organization.  Arrange proper training for improving performance  Reduce workload of employees by using stress management.
  16. 16. Conclusion  Employees are asset for the company. A strong team needs individuals who are dedicated to giving their best work. Highly self-motivated, committed, ambitious employees give the most to their company and get the most from their work. But, if there is lacking of employee motivation in the workplace the effects can be dramatic. Low team moral, lack of initiative, lack of energy, mistakes and high staff turnover are just some of the causes that motivation is an issue. People are the key source in any organization. Everyone in every organization – no matter what the product, service or their position – has to achieve results with and through the efforts of other people. Our main premise is that, in order to work effectively need to develop insight into what motivates individuals and teams to maximize their performance. Armed with this fresh perspective, we can then manage interaction with others to ensure that they work with a sense of commitment rather than merely complying with the minimum need to get by.