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I life '09 [old version]


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I life '09 [old version]

  1. 1. iLife 09 [OLD VERSION] Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 4.1 out of 5 Product Feature q iLife 09 lets you get the most out of your photos, movies, and music on your Mac with new versions of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb and iDVD q Organize and search your photos by faces and places with iPhoto 09; Create a movie in minutes or edit your masterpiece with iMovie 09 q Learn to play, start a jam session, or record and mix your own song with GarageBand 09 q Design, publish, and update your own websites just the way you want them with iWeb 09 q Turn your home movies and photos into gorgeous Hollywood-style DVDs with iDVD q Read moreProduct DescriptioniLife 09 makes it easier than ever to get the most out of the photos, movies, and music on your Mac. In iPhoto09, you can organize and find your photos in two new ways: Faces, based on who is in your photos, and Places,based on where they were taken. iMovie 09 lets you make the movie you want in the time you have. With newthemes, you can give your movie a professional look in seconds. Or use the new Precision Editor to fine-tuneyour masterpiece. With Basic Lessons in GarageBand 09, you can learn to play piano and guitar. And you cancompose and record your own songs with new guitar amps and stompbox effects. Read moreProduct DescriptioniLife 09 makes it easier than ever to get the most out of the photos, movies, and music on your Mac. Organizeand search your photos by faces and places in iPhoto. Make a great-looking movie in minutes and edit withprecision in iMovie. Learn to play piano and guitar, or compose and record your own songs with the new guitaramps and stompboxes in GarageBand.
  2. 2. iLife 09 makes it easier than ever to get the most out of the photos, movies, and music on your Mac. Click to enlarge.iPhoto 09. Major photo opportunity.iPhoto makes managing your photos as easy as taking them. It helps you organize your photos so you can findthem fast. Edit them so they look their best. And share them with your friends and family.Organize by who, where, and when.Its so easy to take digital photos that before you know it, you have thousands. iPhoto gives you more ways tokeep track of your photos by organizing them according to whos in your pictures, where you took them, andwhen you took them.Faces to see.iPhoto 09 introduces Faces: a new feature that automatically detects and even recognizes faces in your photos.iPhoto uses face detection to identify faces of people in your photos and face recognition to match faces thatlook like the same person. That makes it easy for you to add names to your photos. And it helps you find thepeople youre looking for. Clicking the Faces view shows you a corkboard featuring a snapshot for each personyouve named. iPhoto suggests a set of possible matches you can confirm with a click. Organize your photos based on whos in them using Faces. Click to enlarge.
  3. 3. Organize and explore your photos by location using Places. Click to enlarge. Use the new and improved editing tools to perfect your photos. Click to enlarge. Illustrate your journey with photo books including new travel maps. Click to enlarge.Places to go.Places allows you to search and sort photos by location, using data from any GPS-enabled camera or iPhone.Dont have a GPS-enabled camera or iPhone? You can still use Places by adding your own location information:Just start typing and iPhoto instantly gives you a list of locations to choose from. Want to add places to lots ofphotos? Select an Event, an album, or a group of photos shot in the same place, and iPhoto can add yourlocation information to all of them at once.When you feel like exploring, click Places to navigate your photos by location. Find photos on a map, or use thecolumn browser to click through location names from country to state to city--right down to points of interestlike the Empire State Building or the Grand Canyon--to see all the photos taken there.Events to remember.iPhoto helps eliminate clutter in your photo library by automatically organizing your photos by Event. When youimport photos taken on a single day, iPhoto groups them together as an Event. You can label each Event with ameaningful name like "Karens wedding" or "Nathans graduation," so you can find everything easily.The search field in iPhoto lets you search your entire photo library fast. Type a word or part of a word to search
  4. 4. by person, location, title, album, event, or keyword, and see your results in an instant.Make some improvements.Turn so-so snapshots into great photos.iPhoto gives you everything you need to fix your photos. Remove red-eye with a click. Adjust exposure,brightness, and contrast. Crop to frame your subject. If you dont know where to begin, click the Enhance tooland watch iPhoto automatically fix bright or dull photos. Then try a few new tricks.If you want to make the colors in your photos pop without affecting skin tones, use the Saturation slider andclick "Avoid saturating skin tones." To improve clarity and enhance detail, experiment with the Definition slider.Or retouch over solid edges with the Retouch brush. Its new Detect Edges setting prevents blurring of detail asyou paint out spots and blemishes.Experiment with effects.iPhoto also features fun, one-click photo effects. Open the Effects pane and click a thumbnail image to convertcolor photos to black and white, give them a classic sepia tone, add a vignette border, and more. Experimentwithout fear: A click of the center thumbnail removes effects and returns your photo to its original state. In fact,any edit you make in iPhoto is reversible, so you dont have to worry about losing your originals.Enjoy a few choice memories.Looking for a fun way to share and enjoy your photos? Try creating a slideshow using new slideshow themes.Each theme includes professionally designed layouts, titles, and transitions that make a perfect backdrop foryour photos. Click a theme to play a full-screen slideshow--accompanied by any song from your iTunes library.Fast-forward or rewind your slideshow using the new filmstrip. If you like, customize your slideshow evenfurther by saving it as a project. Then you can reorder photos, set the length of time individual photos remainonscreen, or, with some themes, choose different transitions. And when youre happy with your slideshow, sendit to iTunes and sync it to your iPhone or iPod to enjoy anywhere.Click to share.The easiest way to share your photos is to share them online. And the easiest way to share online is with iPhoto.Have a MobileMe Gallery showing.MobileMe--the Apple subscription service that keeps all your devices up to date, wherever you are--lets youcreate an online Gallery to share photos from your iPhoto library.* Simply select the photos you want to shareand click the MobileMe button. Thats all it takes to publish to your MobileMe Gallery. Keep your Gallery private,make it public, or share it with select people. Visitors can download and print photos, subscribe to your Galleryvia RSS, even contribute their own photos.Send and share.Prefer to share your photos via email? Click the Mail button and choose a size to send: small, medium, large, oractual size. iPhoto also shares seamlessly with iMovie, iWeb, iDVD, the applications in iWork, and other Mac OSX applications.Take some photos to go.Want to keep your photos with you? Use iTunes to sync them to your iPod or iPhone to enjoy and share on thego. Or view your photos in your living room: Sync them to Apple TV and they appear on your widescreen TV infull HD quality.Get face time on Facebook.To publish photos to your Facebook account, just select the photos you want to share and click the Facebookbutton. iPhoto even converts names you added using Faces to Facebook name tags. Flickr icon.Flickr with a click.Sharing on Flickr is just as easy: Click the Flickr button. When you share your photos on Flickr, the locations youadded using Places appear on Flickr photo maps.Make it, print it, share it, give it.Its one thing to see your photos online. Its entirely different to see them on your wall or in a beautiful book.
  5. 5. iPhoto makes it drag-and-drop easy to design your own softcover book, wire-bound book, or hardcoverbook--complete with a photo-wrapped cover and matching dust jacket. Make your travel books even morespecial with custom maps that use location data from your photos to illustrate your journey. Create apersonalized photo calendar to hang on your wall. Send photo greeting cards and postcards featuring yourfriends and family. Or order professional prints in a variety of sizes and have them shipped directly to your door. Create a movie in minutes or edit your masterpiece. Click to enlarge.iMovie 09. Movies that arent a production.Organize video like photos.To organize, just import.Plug in virtually any digital camcorder and iMovie starts importing your video. Then iMovie helps you organizeyour video just as you organize photos: by putting everything in one central location and grouping video clipsaccording the date they were taken. So its easy to find the clips youre looking for--whether to watch or to edit.Dont have a camcorder? You can still use iMovie: It displays video you captured on your still camera andimported into iPhoto.Rate it. Tag it. Filter it.As your video library grows, youll need a fast way to find your favorite clips (and hide the ones youre notthrilled with). With iMovie, you can label clips--or parts of clips--as "favorite" or "rejected," tag video with presetor custom keywords, then filter your entire library by rating and/or keyword.Edit fast. Edit precisely.Drag, drop, and thank the academy.Know how to drag files to your desktop? Then you know how to edit a movie in iMovie. Drag your favorite clipsinto the project area and arrange them as you wish. Drag in titles and transitions. Drag in photos. Drag in asong from iTunes to create your soundtrack. Thats drag-and-drop moviemaking, and iMovie makes it fast andeasy.
  6. 6. Fine-tune your movies with the new Precision Editor. Click to enlarge. Enhance your movie in minutes with new dynamic themes. Click to enlarge. Enhance video travelogues with eye-catching, animated travel maps. Click to enlarge. Smooth shaky clips with automatic video stabilization.iMovie gives you more ways to add clips to your project: Now you can replace or insert clips using a singlepop-up menu. Or edit just your audio. As you work, you can drag and drop markers to help you rememberspecific points in your project or to have your clips snap to the beats of a song.Fine-tune every edit.When you have all your clips where you want them, fine-tune even the trickiest cuts and transitions with thePrecision Editor. A magnified filmstrip view shows you exactly where one clip ends and the next begins, so youcan skim each clip up close and identify precisely how much to keep and where to cut. Adjust the duration of
  7. 7. transitions. Edit audio and video independently, so you can use the sound from one clip with the video fromanother. Reposition titles and effects.Edit audio, too.In addition to its video editing features, iMovie gives you audio editing tools. Easily adjust audio levels for eachclip to give your movie a consistent, comfortable volume. Use multiple audio tracks for music, soundeffects--even a voiceover track you can record right in iMovie. Built-in noise reduction cuts down backgroundnoise and voice enhancement simulates a studio microphone to make your voice sound like professionalannouncers.Enjoy a flick. (Or all of them.)Easy to use and fun to explore.You dont have to edit a movie to enjoy your video. iMovie puts all your video in one place and gives you aquick, fun way to watch it. Thats handy whether youre looking for a particular scene to edit or just want toperuse your favorite clips.Go full screen.Sometimes you want to enjoy your video without any onscreen distractions. With full-screen browsing, you canflip through your entire video library using Cover Flow--the same way you flip through albums in iTunes. Togglebetween Events and projects or browse individual clips from your library and play them full screen. Even theclip-skimming feature works in full-screen mode. When you roll over a filmstrip, you see the related clip fullscreen.Add titles, transitions, oohs, and ahhs.Add and edit real-time titles.iMovie makes it easy to add all the elements of a great movie, starting with the opening credits. Preview 20new titles (for a total of 32) in the Title Browser. Find one you like and drag it onto any video clip. Or, for a neattrick, drag a title where there isnt any video. That opens a Preview Palette with animated backgrounds. Chooseone and your title appears over it. Type over the placeholder text and youre done. If you change your mindabout a title style, drag in another. iMovie applies the new style instantly.Choose cinema-quality transitions.To keep your cuts interesting, choose from 20 transitions by skimming over them in the Preview Palette. Oneclick picks the perfect transition and applies it instantly.Apply some effects.Maybe you want a particular clip to feel like a dream sequence. Or perhaps youd prefer to give your movie avintage look. Whatever your inspiration, iMovie has you covered with 19 video effects. Take a look at all theeffects in the Preview Palette, then apply them to a single clip, multiple clips, or an entire project.In addition to video effects displayed in the Preview Palette, iMovie includes picture-in-picture and green-screeneffects you can apply using the Advanced Tools pop-up menu.Enhance your movie Hollywood-style.Steady shaky clips.Dont leave those perfect--if slightly wobbly--moments on the cutting-room floor. New video stabilization iniMovie analyzes how much your camera was moving, then automatically reduces shake. Stabilize on aclip-by-clip basis or analyze all your video (the latter may take a while, but its worth it). iMovie even identifiesmoments when the camera was excessively shaky and marks that footage with a squiggly red line, so you canhide it.Pick a theme, any theme.To make your movies look even more professional, add a dynamic theme. Choose a theme such as BulletinBoard, Filmstrip, or Comic Book and apply it to your project instantly. iMovie does the rest, adding animatedtitles and sophisticated transitions automatically. Your themed project plays right away. You dont have to waitto see the results.
  8. 8. Animate your travels.Enhance your video travelogues with eye-catching, animated travel maps. Choose from four different 3D globeor flat map styles, select your location (or locations), and iMovie builds an animated map. If you want to changeits look, drag another map on top of your current one to change the style without affecting your locations.When its time to make final adjustments, iMovie puts color and audio controls in floating windows you canplace anywhere on your screen. Use sliders to adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, and white point.Adjust audio levels for each clip to give your movie a consistent, comfortable volume. All your changes occur inreal time, so you can be sure youve got everything just right.Share your movie with a click.Premiere your movie on MobileMe.Once youve finished your masterpiece, its time to share it. MobileMe--the Apple subscription service thatkeeps all your devices up to date, wherever you are--features an online Gallery.* With a few clicks, you canpublish your movie to a MobileMe Gallery page where friends and family can view it, make comments, anddownload it. Its easy to publish your movie in a variety of sizes. Even better than DVD quality, the big960-by-540 format looks great online.Be a YouTube sensation.If you have a YouTube following, you can share your movies there. Just select YouTube from the Share menu.Share your movie anywhere.To watch your movie on the go, send it to iTunes and sync it with your iPod or iPhone. Or send your movie toApple TV, then sit back and watch it on your widescreen TV.Burning to share?Of course, you can also burn your movie to a DVD. Choose iDVD from the Share menu and create a fullyfeatured DVD--complete with customized menus and buttons--in iDVD. If youve added chapter markers to yourmovie in iMovie, they show up in iDVD, too. Learn to play. Start a jam session. Record and mix your own song. Click to enlarge.GarageBand 09. Musicians wanted: No experience necessary.Welcome to the school of rock. A Mac-sized practice space. Your own recording studio. If you want to learn toplay an instrument, write music, or record a song, GarageBand can help--whether youre a rookie or a rock star.Learn to Play: Basic Lessons.Now the application that helped millions make music can help you learn to play an instrument. Basic Lessons inGarageBand teach you piano and guitar right on your Mac. Follow along with nine interactive video lessons thatteach you the fundamentals and get you ready to play a whole song. See finger placement and basic chords onanimated onscreen instruments. Basic Lessons give you complete control over how you learn. And when youre
  9. 9. more comfortable, you can practice your new skills with a complete backing band.Learn to Play: Artist Lessons.*It doesnt get any more authentic than learning to play a song from the artist who made it famous.Have Sting teach you how to play "Roxanne," Colbie Caillat teach you how to play "Bubbly," Fall Out Boy teachyou how to play "I Dont Care," and many more. Browse, preview, and purchase Artist Lessons from the LessonStore inside GarageBand. Then get step-by-step instructions for chords, finger positions, and techniques fromthe people who know your favorite songs best. Even play along with their bands.When youve finally mastered that hit tune (or before you start learning it), listen to the story of how it waswritten and the inspiration behind it--straight from the artist.*Artist Lessons are sold separately through the GarageBand application and only available in select countries. Learn to play piano and guitar at your own pace with Basic Lessons. Click to enlarge. Re-create the sound of legendary guitar rigs with new amps and stompbox effects. Click to enlarge.Plug and play.Turn your Mac into a musical instrument.With GarageBand, the proof is in the playing. Plug a USB music keyboard into your Mac and you get instantaccess to over 100 realistic software instruments--pianos, strings, drums, guitars, horns--everything from bassto woodwinds. Just create a new track, choose your instrument, and play.Dont have a keyboard? Try the one onscreen, which is resizable and can display up to ten octaves at once. Orturn on Musical Typing and use the keys on your computer keyboard to play.As you record software instruments, GarageBand can display your notes on a piano roll or as notation,complete with notes, rests, and other musical events. Edit individual notes right on the staff, then print thenotation.
  10. 10. Play guitar like a legend.You dont need a studio full of big, expensive amps to play like your heroes. Just plug an electric guitar intoyour Mac and play through amps modeled after the most revered in the world. Add virtual stompbox effectsthat reproduce classic foot pedals, in whatever order you want. Then get a 3D view of your rig--complete withamp, speaker cabinet, and stompboxes.Jam with a full-screen band.The roadies have set up. The band is ready to jam on a full-screen stage. Now pick your instrument and stepinto the spotlight. Playing or singing along with Magic GarageBand Jam is the perfect way to practice and havefun. Assign instruments and styles to your guitarist, bassist, drummer, and keyboard player. Or shuffleinstruments randomly to instantly hear a new sound from your backing band. When youre happy withrehearsals, record right into Magic GarageBand.Record and mix like a pro.Sing, play, and loop.GarageBand turns your Mac into a full-featured recording studio. Build a beat with the included loops, then plugin a guitar, bass, or microphone. You can even play (or sing) into the mic on your Mac. GarageBand capturesthe audio and turns it into digital files you can manipulate using a host of recording and mixing tools. It alsoincludes the expertise of a built-in recording engineer, so you always sound your best.Record your best take.Record a part as many times as you like. GarageBand keeps track of every take and saves it to a multi-takeregion. Play your song back while switching between different takes to choose the one that sounds best. Keepthe takes you love, delete the ones you dont. And when youre ready for backup, invite your friends over forsome multitrack recording. Record more than 100 tracks and up to eight real instruments simultaneously:GarageBand supports any Mac OS X-compatible audio I/O device.Make some arrangements.As you record, GarageBand helps you add structure to your song. Most songs are arranged in distinct sections:introduction, verse, and chorus. With the sections clearly defined, you can rearrange your song at any time.Want to repeat a verse? Copy and paste. Move the chorus? Click and drag. All the tracks that belong to asection go along with it.Master your mix.Once youve laid down a few tracks, its time to mix. Just like a professional recording engineer, GarageBandhelps you create a sound all your own. Bring out the best in your performance by enhancing timing and tuning.Add some basic effects such as compression, reverb, or EQ. Make your song sound truly unique by adding funeffects such as Track Echo, Chorus, and Automatic Filter. Then tweak your mix by adjusting the volume of eachtrack or panning between speakers. Design, publish, and update your own websites just the way you want them. Click to enlarge.
  11. 11. iWeb 09. Web design for the rest of us.Designing a website may seem difficult, but with iWeb, its easily within your reach. Create your site usingthemes. Customize it with photos, movies, text, and widgets. Then publish to MobileMe or any other hostingservice. iWeb even notifies Facebook when your site changes and adds a link to your profile so your friendsstay up to date.Design the website youve always wanted.A Mac and iWeb 09.* Thats all you need to design and publish your own personal website. Start by picking anApple-designed theme. Each theme comes with coordinated fonts, backgrounds, and colors to give your site aconsistent look throughout.Next choose a page template. iWeb features ready-made templates for welcome, about me, photo album,movie, blog, and podcast pages. Create as many pages as you like.Then its time to customize your layout with easy-to-use iWeb tools. Drag in photos or movies or type text intoplaceholders. Resize and rotate photos. Create overlays. Theres no coding required. No complicated designprograms to buy. No obstacles between you and a great-looking website. Create a site quickly using Apple-designed themes and page templates. Click to enlarge. Create a site thats fun to visit by adding a few interactive widgets. Click to enlarge.Add your photos, movies, and more.You keep photos in iPhoto. You edit movies in iMovie. You create songs in GarageBand. iWeb 09 gives yougreat ways to share those photos, movies, and songs on your own website.Just click the Media button to open the iLife Media Browser: a list of all the audio, photos, and video on yourMac. Find what you want to share and drag it right into your web page, photo album, blog, or podcast.If you share lots of photos and movies on your website, iWeb also includes My Albums pages that collect allyour media albums on a single page--so theyre easy to share and to browse.Give your website some widgets.Create a site thats fun to visit by adding a few interactive widgets. iWeb 09 makes it drag-and-drop easy toadd RSS feeds, iSight photos and videos, a countdown timer, YouTube videos, HTML snippets, and otherdynamic features. The iWeb Widget Browser puts every widget within reach. All you do is drop the widget you
  12. 12. want anywhere on your page.Manage and publish your way.Publish your website the way you want, wherever you want, directly from your Mac. iWeb 09 makes it easy. Ittakes just a few clicks to publish your site to MobileMe or any other hosting service via FTP.iWeb uses your MobileMe account information from System Preferences to publish the site. Rather use FileTransfer Protocol (FTP) to publish to a different hosting service? With the built-in FTP support in iWeb, you cando that, too.Manage multiple websites in iWeb with ease. Use the iWeb site organizer to reorganize, rename, or deleteindividual pages or entire websites. iWeb creates navigation menus for each site. And you can publish one siteat a time--either to MobileMe or to another hosting service via FTP.Keep Facebook friends in the loop.iWeb 09 uploads only your changes when you publish, so youll enjoy quick site updates. iWeb will even notifyyour Facebook friends when you update your site. Simply link any iWeb site to your Facebook account.Following an update, iWeb adds the changes to your profile, alerting your friends and providing them with ahandy link. Turn your home movies and photos into gorgeous Hollywood-style DVDs. Click to enlarge.iDVD. DVDs made easy.Create your own DVD in less time than it takes to watch one. With iDVD, you can premiere your movies andphoto slideshows on a professional-quality DVD with animated menus, buttons, scene selection, and more. Allcustomizable to suit whatever youre sharing.Create a DVD in minutes.When youre eager to share your movies and photo slideshows, you dont want to spend hours and hourscreating a DVD. With iDVD, you dont have to.Work some DVD magic.Take Magic iDVD, for example. Open iDVD and choose Magic iDVD. Then pick a theme and select the moviesand photos you want to feature from the iLife Media Browser. Magic iDVD automatically creates a completeproject--including main menu, buttons, scene selection menus, and slideshow menus--from start to finish. Allyou do is burn your DVD.The themes the thing.iDVD also lets you customize your DVDs by starting with themes. Choose from more than 150 Apple-designedthemes in widescreen and standard format, each providing a family of coordinated screens including mainmenu, chapters menu, and extras menu for content like slideshows. Many themes feature attractive animations,
  13. 13. and every theme offers drop zones that make it easy to personalize your menus by dragging in photos andmovie clips from the iLife Media Browser.Go from camera to DVD in OneStep.Have footage in your video camera that you cant wait to see or share? Create your own "digital dailies" withOneStep DVD. Plug in your camcorder and iDVD opens, offering you the option of creating a OneStep DVD.Click the OneStep button, and iDVD takes all the footage on your camcorder and burns it to DVD. As you burnyour disc, iDVD informs you of its progress, providing stage-by-stage indicators with detailed progressbars--even live video thumbnails. Choose from more than 150 Apple-designed themes in widescreen and standard format, each providing a family of coordinated screens including main menu, chapters menu, and extras menu for content like slideshows. Click to enlarge.Customize your DVD.If youre more the hands-on type, iDVD gives you lots of options for further customizing your DVD.Make a scene.Choose an iMovie project as your next iDVD project and you can add a scene selection menu. iDVDautomatically imports iMovie chapter markers and uses them to create your scene selections. For each chaptermarker on the timeline, iMovie adds a thumbnail of the scene and an editable chapter title (such as "Blowingout the Candles" or "You May Kiss the Bride").Edit the chapter title in iMovie and youll have less work to do later, as iDVD picks up the chapter titles for itsscene selection buttons.Show off slideshows.You can also use iDVD to show off your photos. Choose an iDVD theme and add photos one at a time or selectalbums, custom iPhoto books, slideshows--maybe even a video clip or two--from the iLife Media Browser. Thenuse the iDVD slideshow editor to rearrange photos, delete slides, or add more images from iPhoto. Theslideshow editor includes tools for setting the slide duration, assigning transitions, and adding a soundtrackusing songs from your iTunes library.Add finishing touches.Once you have all your content in place, iDVD lets you customize your menu screens. Customize drop zoneswith photos or video clips, choose from a library of buttons, and use built-in alignment guides to make yourDVD perfect.Burn to share. Once you finish your DVD masterpiece, only one step remains: burning it. With iDVD, you canburn to single- or double-layer DVDs. And the people you share your DVDs with can watch them anywhere theywant: on a standard TV, a widescreen TV, a Mac, or a PC.With support for a wide variety of DVD media formats--including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R DL,and DVD+R DL--iDVD works with an Apple SuperDrive or any compatible third-party DVD burner to offer youplenty of burning options. The advanced pro encoding technology in iDVD ensures that your DVD is the highestpossible quality. Just like a Hollywood DVD, only better (because its yours). Read more
  14. 14. You May Also LikeiWork 09 [OLD VERSION]iLife 11 [OLD VERSION]The Macintosh iLife 09iMovie 09 & iDVD: The Missing ManualMac OS X version 10.6.3 Snow Leopard