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Clifford the big red dog learning activities


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Clifford the big red dog learning activities

  1. 1. Clifford the Big Red Dog Learning Activities Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 4.3 out of 5 Product Feature q Three adjustable levels q Activities adapt according to your childs progress q Features popular characters and voices from the hit TV show q Comprehensive Parents Guide q Read moreProduct DescriptionClifford and Pals Make Learning Big Fun!Product InformationA popular magazine is looking for a specialcommunity of dogs to feature intheir next issue and Clifford T-Bone and Cleo want to make a bigimpression!Children develop important skills with Clifford and friends as they travelaround Birdwell Islandhelping their neighbors and playing fun learningactivities.Once kids complete a scrapbook for the magazinecontaining snapshots of theirskill-building adventures they enjoy musical celebration at the pier!Skills LearnedWord Recognition Sentence Structure Rhyming Counting Addition & Subtraction Critical Thinking PatternRecognition Logic & Reasoning Classifying & Sorting Cause & Effect Memory & Matching Sound Patterns &Rhythm Creativity Fine Motor SkillsProduct HighlightsClassifying & SortingClifford made a big mess when heaccidentally knocked over piles of junk! Helpfix up the alley by sorting the items into the correct bins.Matching& Spatial ReasoningCleos playground is not complete without a jungle gym. Test your matchingskills as youbuild fun shapes like a doghouse rocket ship pyramid and more!Word Recognition Sentence Structure &CreativityEmily Elizabeth needs your help making posters. After creating sentence andpicture - make yourposter come to life by coloring it adding fun objects andprinting it!Addition & SubtractionBouncing on atrampoline is a fun way to pick fruit! Use your math skills tocollect the correct ingredients for Ms. Carringtonspies.Sound Patterns & RhythmMake your own music with objects you find at the pier. After you complete asonghold tight while Clifford dances to the beat!Counting & Critical ThinkingBuild math skills while you complete thesail on Cleos new toy boat. Fill ineach column with the correct squares and your favorite dogs will climb onboard!Pattern RecognitionClifford Cleo and T-Bone cant wait to try out Read moreProduct DescriptionA popular magazine is looking for a special community of dogs to feature in their next issue, and Clifford,T-Bone, and Cleo want to make a big impression. Children develop important skills with Clifford and friends asthey travel around Birdwell Island helping their neighbors and playing fun learning activities. Kids complete ascrapbook containing snapshots of their skill-building adventures--making posters, building a playground,completing a rhyming poem, and more. The software teaches important skills like pattern recognition,classifying and sorting, and addition and subtraction. There are 10 entertaining activities in all, providing hours
  2. 2. of fun. Three adjustable levels and an automatic help feature allow for independent play. A comprehensiveparents guide is also included. Read moreYou May Also LikeClifford The Big Red Dog Thinking Adventures [OLD VERSION]Teachers Pet Pre KindergartenReader Rabbit Learn to Read With Phonics (Preschool & Kindergarten)JumpStart Animal AdventuresReader Rabbit Personalized Math 4-6 Deluxe