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TTS Education is an online E-Learning for all the students standard for 6th to 12th for the CBSE and also all State Boards syllabus with low ranges

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LMS for cce learn cbse

  2. 2. LMS FOR CCE  LMS for CCE has specially been designed as per the CBSE curriculum.  Content available for scholastic as well co-scholastic areas for standard 6th-10th  5000 animated content from standard 6th-12th  400 virtual labs - Activities embedded in digital content  10000 question repository per class available for standard 6th-12th
  3. 3. LMS designed based on the 4 pillars of education LMS FOR CCE
  4. 4. LMS FOR CCE For Teachers.
  5. 5. LMS FOR CCE TOOL FOR TEACHERS  Tool to access lesson plan at topic and subtopic level  Access to animated content to play content during the class.  Access to a repository of Virtual Labs  Access to question repository  Questions are categorized on the basis of Difficulty level, Type of question and cognitive level.  The teacher will be able to set blue prints,  Generate question paper and define online Test across topics for FA and SA
  6. 6. LMS FOR CCE TOOL FOR TEACHERS  Teachers can add their questions under the category “My questions”.  Teachers are allowed to Add and edit questions in generating question paper.  Adaptive methodology can be designed  Drop down questions with instant Evaluation is available  Formative Test taken through online mode is saved and can be made available as evidences
  7. 7. LMS FOR CCE TOOL FOR TEACHERS  Resources and Assignments  Teachers can provide resource information  Document, Presentation, Web links, Webinars, Videos, Audios  Teachers can define assignments and register the student assignments score
  8. 8. LMS FOR CCE TOOL FOR TEACHERS  Student Diagnosis  Teachers can analyze the report and will be aware of recurring learning difficulties that are resolved in course of classroom teaching.  Remedial teaching can be planned by analyzing the students report for the whole class or for the group of students.  Student Gradebook  Automatic Grading in the report card based on online test scores and assignment test scores  Manual Grading in the report card which is designed based on CCE parameters
  9. 9. LMS FOR CCE For students
  10. 10. LMS FOR CCE TOOL FOR STUDENTS  Recap of Class sessions  E-Book  Quiz  Topic wise Question Bank  Topic wise Points to Remember  Virtual Lab  Virtual lab session – lab demo – actual virtual lab  Immediate feedback on lab results
  11. 11. LMS FOR CCE TOOL FOR STUDENTS  Question Repository  Access to question bank, exercise, quiz at the topic level  Students can take up online test  Students can have access to model summative question papers  Resources and Assignments  Students can have access to the resources posted by the teachers  Students can take up assignments as posted by the teachers and upload the same.
  12. 12. The Class sessions –the animated electronic version of the recorded lecture-basically replicate the in-class lecture given by the teacher/instructor through a series of multimedia presentations and can assist Teachers during their Lectures LMS FOR CCE CLASS SESSIONS
  13. 13. The E-book is an online repository of all content related to the particular topics within a subject  It contains theoretical information as well as media files and other documents to give a more in-depth knowledge of the subject There are assessment items like Quizzes and practice tests which the student can take at any time which are a part of all subtopics in the subject matter There is also a summary and the important points to remember (Exam Tips) clearly listed for the students E-BOOK
  14. 14. At the end of every subtopic there are exam tips which are the important points for that subtopic and can be helpful for the students. EXAM TIPS
  15. 15. The LMS has a built in highlighter using which the student can highlight important text for reference. ACADEMIC TOOLS – HIGHLIGHTER
  16. 16. The LMS has a built in basic as well as scientific calculator. ACADEMIC TOOLS – CALCULATOR
  17. 17. The LMS has a built in notes manager below each sub topic of the E-Book which allows to students to write multiple notes for every sub-topic in the course & save for future reference ACADEMIC TOOLS – NOTES MANAGER
  18. 18. At the top of every E-book session there is a syllabus meter which lets the student know how much content they have accessed for that particular topic. It also lists the date a quiz was taken by the student and the associated scores. The teacher also have the option to view the progress of the student by running the content accessed report. ACADEMIC TOOLS – SYLLABUS METER
  19. 19. Virtual Labs allows students to perform actual laboratory experiments virtually Broken down into Lab Layout, Lab Demo and the actual experiment to be conducted The student also has available questions to test knowledge and also receives immediate feedback on the correctness of the experiment Refer to virtual lab video VIRTUAL LABS – STUDENT
  20. 20. Additional learning materials which can be posted by the teachers by subject. Can be in the form of documents, presentations, web links etc Subsequently downloaded by students through the Resource Icon LEARNCBSE.COM – RESOURCES
  21. 21. Through the resource icon, the students can download any additional documents in any format posted by the teacher. The students can also click on a URL posted by the teacher to open an online resource. The icon would only be enabled if the teacher has posted any resources for that course. RESOURCES – STUDENT
  22. 22. Through the assignments icon, the students can download the assignment document posted by the teacher and then upload the completed document for the teacher to evaluate. The scores for the assignment graded by the teacher are also visible for the student. The icon would only be enabled if the teacher has posted any assignments. STUDENT – ASSIGNMENTS
  23. 23. • Teachers can post assignment and set show after and submission dates and time •The student can download the assignment, answer it and submit it back from student portal for correction •The teacher can then evaluate the answers and post corresponding scores STUDENT – ASSIGNMENTS
  24. 24. LMS FOR CCE – ASSESSMENTS  LearnCBSE.com’s student assessment is in 3 Categories  Formative Assessment :- This is purely based on self- study and group based study, they have to work hard based on their own assessment and teachers assessments. In teachers assessment they have to attend various assessment tools and question banks.  Summative Assessment:- Based on term exams students will assessed based upon their classroom learning  Diagnostic Assessment :- This is for the students who is facing learning difficulties. It’s a specially designed assessment for them.
  25. 25. •In addition to about 10,000 existing questions in the question bank, the teachers can also add any number of questions to the question bank which can be used to generate different question papers •The questions can be added to individual topics or the subtopics within a course •The teacher can choose the question types to be added. The types are likert, true/false, text(subjective), Matching, fill in the blanks, multiple choice, sequencing or dropdown •The teacher can also assign difficulty level, marks, duration, Previous year designation, cognitive level, assessment type whether diagnostic, formative or summative, associated activity if any, aptitude as well as the syllabus guidelines the question is a part of QUESTION BANK – TEACHER
  26. 26. The teacher can create multiples blue prints for a course which will be used in the creation of the question paper The teacher will select the topic of subtopic from a particular course and assign question parameters like marks per question and the number of questions from that topic of subtopic The teacher can also assign an assessment type- formative, diagnostic, formative or summative for a blue print This blue print can be used by the teacher to generate a question paper QUESTION PAPER GENERATION – BLUE PRINT
  27. 27. The teacher can then create as many question papers using the defined blue prints They can select the difficulty level percentages( adaptive assessment), question type percentages as well as the cognitive levels, Answer types, aptitude and syllabus guidelines to create the question paper The question paper is then generated automatically using the generate button QUESTION PAPER GENERATION
  28. 28. The question paper is automatically created based on the blue print as well as the several parameters used in the question paper setup QUESTION PAPER GENERATION
  29. 29. The online test created here can be attended by the teacher through the assessment icon The teacher can create an online exam for the students for their courses by mapping a randomly generated question paper to the blue print. The show after date and time, a submission date and time, maximum marks and the duration of the exam can also be entered. CREATE ONLINE EXAM
  30. 30. Through the assessment icon, the students can take any online exams posted by the teacher. The score of the taken exam will be posted as well. The icon would only be enabled if the teacher has posted any online examination. ONLINE ASSESSMENT - STUDENT
  31. 31. The glossary lets the students search for all the key words in the topic and then select the corresponding E-book session(s) where that word was used. GLOSSARY - STUDENT
  32. 32. Fully Integrated grade book for scholastic and co-scholastic areas. It can be exported to any format prescribed by CBSE GRADE BOOK – SCHOLASTIC AND CO- SCHOLASTIC AREAS
  33. 33.  Grade book also allows the teachers to enter the Pen Picture for the student which is the overall performance by the student.  The frequency of these comments can be set by the school themselves PEN PICTURE
  34. 34. •These records are observations that the teacher or any other observer can record the student doing a particular activity •Teachers can keep reports of such activities ANECDOTAL RECORDS
  35. 35. The system will print report cards for both scholastic and co scholastic areas for all grades from I to X in the exact format provided. Anecdotal reports are also printed. MONITOR SIS - REPORTING
  36. 36. LMS FOR CCE LMS REPORTING  Student List: A list of all the students in the teacher’s classes  Login Track: Check the login status of all the students to check if they have been logging into the LMS  Content Accessed: To check the progress of the students through the amount of content and media files accessed as well as the students’ scores on quizzes and practice tests  Assignment Status: To check to see the students who have not submitted their assignments and the scores of the students in the submitted assignments
  37. 37. LMS FOR CCE REVISITING FEATURES  Glossary  Resources  Assignments  Assessment  Communication and Collaboration  Reporting  Question Bank  Question Paper Generation
  38. 38. LMS FOR CCE ADMINISTRATOR CREDENTIALS  The system is configured in a hierarchal basis where each parent entity( CBSE) can have n number of child( school) entities  The users in the parent entity( CBSE) have the option to login into the respective school and view academic progress as well as print reports of that school  This is done from the change entity option which basically changes the system for that school
  39. 39. LEARNCBSE.COM – SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR CREDENTIALS  For individual schools, the system allows for role based access where the administrator of a school can create different roles and then assign permissions for that particular role to view, edit and update data  It allows for users of a particular role to get more or less access than their role has been assigned
  40. 40. LEARNCBSE.COM – STUDENT AND STAFF ADMINISTRATION  Students and staff can be easily added by the school personnel with the proper credentials and all the demographic fields to be captured can also be defined by a school administrator with proper access
  41. 41. ACADEMIC SUPPORT  Students and other users can post their queries through phone or through email. The email address and phone numbers for both technical and academic support are published on the home page  Expert teachers will respond to the queries  Support timing is 1800 hrs to 2200 hrs during working days  Students can also seek clarification using Text / Audio / Video chats  Q & A session on holidays where questions coming up frequently are discussed and posted  24/7 auto SMS Support
  42. 42.  Teachers and students can access LMS and content from any location through the internet  The servers housing the LMS, content etc are hosted and managed in a Tier 1 data center  Content is updated constantly as per CBSE directives directly into a centralized server  Teachers can also create their own questions and edit content directly using the Content Authoring and Management System( CAMS)  Students and Parents can also login directly through the internet ONLINE VERSION
  43. 43. •Pre-requisite: The school shall have the required software of Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2 express edition installed on the intranet server • We will provide template for school to enter student and staff information for the creation of login accounts for the students and staff to view the contents from the system in school • For initial loading all content will be installed in the school by the implementation team OFFLINE VERSION
  44. 44.  The teachers and students can then access the content (e- Book , class session and virtual labs) through the schools Intranet Adding/ Deleting Students: Admin can do this at the intranet server  Update Content Offline: Updated Content shall be sent to school on a year on basis ( content shall cover e-book, class session, virtual lab, question repository) which can be plugged into the server to update the software. OFFLINE VERSION – CONT..
  45. 45.  Access Question Bank offline: question bank can be accessed in the form of practice test, quiz in e-book, quiz in virtual lab.  NOTE: Accessibility of questions to the question bank, blueprint, test assessment and question paper generation can only be available only within the school premises. CONT..
  46. 46. THANK YOU TTS Education