Mahakaree Missions


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Shree Maha Shakti Maharani “MATA MAHAKAREE”

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Mahakaree Missions

  1. 1. Shree MahaShakti Maharani Mahadevi “MATA MAHAKAREE”<br />DIVINE MOTHER OF PROSPERITY, WEALTH, WELL-BEING (Goodness, Virtue, Merit, Prestige) and The Great WARRIOR (Protector, Conqueror, Destroys Demons or Satan). The Divine Mother of the Universe, "Goddess of Mercy” and "Compassionate Goddess" (Karuṇā) at the temporarily Devasthanamat MAE-Rim Chiang-Mai in Thailand.<br />Mr. Deity<br />
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  3. 3. Shree Maha Shakti Maharani Mahadevi “MATA MAHAKAREE”<br />The Incarnation or Embodiment of “THE SUPREME BEING”; The Creator and The Destroyer is about the integration of all major forms or manifestations / avatar, of the “Divine Mother of the Universe”, become a unify symbol of all Divine Mother forces to THE SUPREME GODDESS in the name of SHREE MAHA SHAKTI “MATA MAHAKAREE”, the great emission of almighty power is transferred into human body as “THE SUPREME BEING” on earth at Mae- Rim, Chiang -Mai in Thailand. (Since 2002)<br />Mr. Deity<br />
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  5. 5. Shree Maha Shakti Maharani Mahadevi “MATA MAHAKAREE”<br />Any Devotee, Worshiper, Follower can make a worship to her. Everyone can ask for her blessing by using 16 incense sticks with beautiful mind, and then make your wishes in the righteous ways (based on morality/ethical) without any conditions. Don't disparage her highness and don't do any bad habits those are prohibited. Everyone should behave yourself with gentle in the good manners, as a well-educated person in this holy place. (Mata MAHAKAREE’s Place)<br />Mr. Deity<br />
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  7. 7. Shree Maha Shakti Maharani Mahadevi “MATA MAHAKAREE”<br />Divine Mother in the name of “MAHAKAREE” will wipe away our badness sickness, wrong-doing, sin, sorrow and get back in peace, happiness, healthiness, wealthiness, goodness, morality, and harmony to us at the same time. MAHAKAREE will help all of us; who have unshakeable belief in her miracle, to solve any troubles, problems, crisis, and suffering. At all events, it depend on your faith, faithfulness, and way of life in the righteous way too.<br />Mr. Deity<br />
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  9. 9. Shree MahaShakti Maharani Mahadevi “MATA MAHAKAREE”<br />The Main Objectives of her descent on the Earth.<br />To help all destitute people, who have no chance, who are in trouble, suffering, difficulty to survive their life. (Hopeless, Homeless, Hunger, Patient who cannot reach to medical attention and services due to “HAVE NO CHANCE”) <br />To help all people, who have “divinity power”/“divine power” inside, but cannot connect to communicate with this power, due to lost in translation between “SOUND OF GOD”and people, who is a medium/material of GOD. <br />Mr. Deity<br />
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  11. 11. Shree MahaShakti Maharani Mahadevi “MATA MAHAKAREE”<br />The Main Objectives of her descent on the Earth.<br />To provide sufficient and proper (suitable for her highness and dignity) capacity space that has capability to serve and support at least 200 people at the same time (First Phase), to be a participating area of sacred place suitable for worship, and any holy ceremonies.<br />To establish / set up the foundation of “MATA MAHAKAREE” for helping poverty people those who really need our support most urgently. <br />To build permanent structure, “SACRED PLACE” as a Architectural Landmark, which is the durable object more than 1,000 years by construct 70 meters Copper/Bronze Statue of SHIVA and MAHAKAREE. The biggest holy object for humanity at Mae Rim, Chiang Mai in Thailand.<br />Mr. Deity<br />
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  13. 13. Shree MahaShakti Maharani Mahadevi “MATA MAHAKAREE”<br />So Our Assignments to Comply With Her Missions is : <br />MAKE IT HAPPEN<br />NEED YOUR HELP<br />NEED YOUR SUPPORT FROM ANYONE WHO LOVE<br />MOTHER OF THE UNIVERSE “MATA MAHAKAREE”<br />Mr. Deity<br />
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  15. 15. Shree MahaShakti Maharani Mahadevi “MATA MAHAKAREE”<br />“OM JAI MATA KI”<br />“MATA MAHAKAREE”<br />GOD BLESS YOU AS YOUR DESIRED<br />Mr. Deity<br />