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Discover the diamond in you in (arindham)


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Discover the diamond in you in (arindham)

  2. 2.  Arindham chaudhuri is the dean at the Centre of Economic Research and Advanced Studies at IIPM. Founder of Planman Group. Editor in Chief of the Sunday Indian.ABOUT THE AUTHOR..
  3. 3. CARA T PASSIO N& POSITIV E ENERGY COLO CUT UR HUMAN Performa Personalit y& DIAMOND nce& Persevera People nce skills CLAR ITY Perspect ive, Prin ciples& Patriotis mFOUR C’S OF GRADING THEHUMAN DIAMOND
  4. 4. Positive Energy Passion Represented by two p’s :HUMAN DIAMOND- CARAT
  5. 5.  A high school biology teacher Loved playing football Left everything to go on to become a football & sports coach in a university Passionate about helping athletes to improve their performance while running Pursued his passion & become a coach of national & international stature Regarded as one of the greatest track & fieldBILL BOWERMAN coaches Trained some of the finest athletes who become record holders & olympic champions
  6. 6. Persona lity Represented by two p’s People SkillsHUMAN DIAMOND- COLOUR
  7. 7. Represented Performanc Persevera by two p’s e nceHARD WORK
  8. 8. CHRISTOPHER REEVE( Truly a superman) Christopher is most well known for his role as superman (1978) A role which he played with both charisma & grace In may 1995, Reeve was paralyzed in an accident 1996-Academy awards function he came in a wheel chair The entire hall echo with thunderous applause for his indomitable spirit He lobbied on behalf of people with spinal cord injuries & for human embryonic stem cell research after this accident He founded the Christopher reeve foundation & cofounded the Reeve Irwine Research Centre
  9. 9.  Virgin atlantic was a new airline with lots of promises & threat to competitors British airways was a big , old player in this business Virgin entry made it feel the heat & it took recourse to in every possible dirty trick to kill virgin BA went into the database of VA , hiredRICHARD BRANSON airline passengers people to scout for virgin to persuade them to transfer to BA(Virgin Atlantic) Richard Branson fought back & filed a case against BA & won the case.
  10. 10. Represented by three Principles Perspective Patriotism p’sCLARITY
  11. 11. THANK YOU……………