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Bpr ppt


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Bpr ppt

  1. 1. * Group members: Swati Dongre(10) Reshma Mahajan(22) Nayna Mate(23) Divya Anchan(03) Md Enait(24)
  2. 2. ** Reengineering is the fundamentalrethinking and redesign of businessprocesses to achieve dramaticimprovements in critical, contemporarymeasures of performance, such ascost, quality, service and speed. (Hammer & Champy, 1993)
  3. 3. *Business process re-engineering is required in two cases:The organization has discovered some breakthroughmethodology .The organization has failed to keep up to date with the changingtechnologies.
  4. 4. ** Performance* Radical Improvement* Integrated Change* People-Centred* Process Based* Focus on End-Customers
  5. 5. * Select The Process & Appoint Process Team Understand The Current ProcessDevelop & Communicate Vision Of Improved Process Identify Action Plan Execute Plan
  6. 6. ** Complacency* Political Resistance* New Developments* Fear of Unknown and Failure
  7. 7. Common Problems with employees related to BPR* Desire to Change Not Strong Enough* Start Point the Existing Process Not a Blank Slate* Commitment to Existing Processes Too Strong * REMEMBER - “If it ain’t broke …”* Quick Fix Approach
  8. 8. **Process under review too big or too small*Reliance on existing process too strong*The Costs of the Change Seem Too Large*BPR Isolated Activity not Aligned to the Business Objectives*Allocation of Resources*Poor Timing and Planning*Keeping the Team and Organization on Target
  10. 10. * 4th largest Bank in India* Listed in BSE, NSE and NYSE as HDFCBANK* Founded in August 1994* MD Aditya Puri* No. of Employees-55,752 (2011)* Revenue of $5.585 billion *
  11. 11. * In 2000 merged with Times Bank Ltd* In 2008 tookover Centurion Bank of Punjab* No. of Branches-2201 spread in 1174 towns and cities across India.* Large network of ATM - spread of 7110 ATMs *
  12. 12. * Wholesale Banking Services * Bank provides a wide range of commercial and transactional banking services, including working capital finance, trade services, transactional services, cash management, etc.* Retail Banking Services * With 50% of its deposits in to CASA has potential to be No.1 Private bank of India.* Treasury *
  13. 13. * Operating systems used * Finware * Host * Lotus Notes * Recent * CRM Customer Relationship Management * Flexcube (not yet introduced) *
  14. 14. * Finware- * Has all customer account details * Eg. a/c Balance , AQB maintained in 3 quarters, products held by the customers, customer type-classic, preferred, or imperia* Host- * Gives the detailed customer transactions in the a/c. * Main operating system- cheque book request, last debit card issued, stop payment, FD interest payout, etc. *
  15. 15. * Classic Customers * Customers maintaining SA bal of Rs.1 lac and abv or FD of atleast Rs. 5 lacs* Preferred Customers * Customers maintaining SA bal of Rs. 5 lacs or FD of abv Rs. 15 Lacs* Imperia Customers * Maintaining Rs. 15 lacs in SA or FD of abv Rs. 50 Lacs* NR Customers * NRI’s maintaining bal of Rs. 1 lac and abv are directly classified as RM customers. Or an be classified as NR rm Customers. *
  16. 16. * Customer Relationship Management * designed to manage its customers. * Easy monitoring on PBs, RMs, Imperia RMs, ABM and its sales executive * User-friendly tool * Assists in generating various reports- sales for the month, annual sales to CTG, Customers contacted in group. *
  17. 17. * Service Interactions* Profilers* Offers and leads* Appointments* Customer contacted in group* Productivity *
  18. 18. * Helps in understanding customer profile and hence fulfill their requirements.* Avoids repetition of work* Easy handling of huge portfolio of customers* Easy transfer of portfolio managers* Easy monitoring of portfolio by the supervisors; hence better supervision and guidance* Helps in handling customer requests in TAT.* Helped in reduction of TAT as well. *
  19. 19. * Customer applied for a Loan Steps involved are- * lead from the market seen in offers and leads * lead assigned to the specific executive * docs collected from the customer by the executive * file logged in * follow up * disbursement of loan *
  20. 20. * Mr. X is a Preferred customer in the portfolio of a Relationship manager RM1 * Book FD of Rs.3 lacs in his wife name.* Offers and leads fill the details of the fd amount tenure mode of operations and save.* The original form than goes to main operations unit- DVU; where the form is scanned verified and FD is set up.* TAT of FD is 3 days earlier TAT without CRM was 5 days *
  21. 21. Hemendra Dave* Branch Manager, Chamunda circle* HDFC Bank Sonia Dutta* Relationship Manager,Deputy Manager* Chamunda circle* HDFC Bank Dr. Anjali Kalse Madam *