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Itil Training & Certification

  1. 1. ITIL Training & Certification Programs v1.0 ITIL Training & Certification Programs 1
  2. 2. About us United Group (UniG)• UniG, an IT Solutions Provider, offering specialised engagement in the area of Business Process Automation and Service Management.• Founded in 2010 – Dubai - UAE• Market Region: UAE & Middle-East• Services Offering:  IT Service Management Training  ICT Management Consulting  Enterprise Software Solutions ITIL Training & Certification Programs 2
  3. 3. “IT is the Business, Business is the IT” How long would Your Organisation survive without IT Services? Facts, • No business can survive these days without it’s IT systems, even fairly small concerns have become reliant on technology to enable them to survive in the competitive markets of today. However, • The IT Service Organisation’s success is no longer determined by its ability to just build and acquire technical assets. As a result,Apply ITIL • Because Business is highly depending on IT, IT Service Organization has to perform at its highest peak efficiency to support the Business to enable it to survive. 3 ITIL Training & Certification Programs
  4. 4. IT Service Management Consulting Services• ITIL/ISO20000 Service Management Assessment & Benchmark• ITIL process development & implementation• ISO20000 Advisory & Support• Information Security Management policies & process development based on ISO27001• IT Risk Management• Business Continuity Management & Contingency planning ITIL Training & Certification Programs 4
  5. 5. IT Service Management TrainingITIL® Training: All our courses are accreditedITIL ® V3 Foundations ITIL ® V3 Intermediate• ITIL ® V3 Foundation • ITIL® Service Strategy• ITIL ® V3 Foundation Bridge • ITIL® Service Design• ITIL ® V3 Foundation Plus – Interactive • ITIL® Service Transition • ITIL® Service OperationE-Learning • ITIL® Continual Service Improvement• ITIL ® V3 Foundation • ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis• ITIL ® V3 Foundation Bridge • ITIL® Planning Protection and Optimization • ITIL® Release Control and Validation • ITIL® Service Offerings and AgreementsITIL Masters & Expert Apollo 13 ITSM Simulation Case Experience™• ITIL® V2 Service Manager• ITIL® V3 Manager Bridge• ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle ITIL Training & Certification Programs 5
  6. 6. ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library) • ITIL stands for the IT Infrastructure Library, published by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) now know as The Cabinet Office) in Great Britain. ITIL is a series of published books that each cover a core essential area of IT Management. The publication provides a common ground for the different components within a business to discuss service management. • ITIL ® is registered trademark of The Cabinet Office in the United Kingdom and other countries • ITIL Publications ‘A Brief History’: ITIL V1 - first published in 1989 by UK’s government CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency) OGC, Now it is known as The Cabinet Office. • ITIL V2 – published in 2000 • Improved for international audience • New types of service delivery • ITIL V3 – published in 2007 (new updates edition 2011) • Lifecycle model • Greater focus on strategy and business outcomes ITIL Training & Certification Programs 6
  7. 7. ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library) ITIL has the following components: • The ITIL Core – Best practice guidance applicable to all types of organizations who provide services to a business The ITIL core publications are: 1. Service Strategy 2. Service Design 3. Service Transition 4. Service Operation ITIL 5. Continual Service Improvement Service Strategy Service Transition Continual Service Improvement • The ITIL Complementary Guidance – A complementary set of publications with guidance specific to industry sectors, organization types, operating models and technology architectures. • Examples: ISO20000, ISO27001, COBIT, PRINCE® 2, etc ITIL Training & Certification Programs 7
  8. 8. ITIL Qualifications - Scheme Structure 22 credits minimum to achieve the ITIL Expert 5 credits for MALC 3 credits each 4 credits each individual capability course individual lifecycle course 2 credits for Foundation ITIL Intermediate courses (Capability Modules): (PPO) Planning, Protection and Optimization (SOA) Service Offerings and AgreementsBased on The Cabinet Office ITIL® material. Reproduced under (RCV) Release, Control and Validationlicence from The Cabinet Office (OSA) Operational Support and Analysis ITIL Training & Certification Programs 8
  9. 9. ITIL ® Foundation - Course Objectives Provide clear understanding of the ITIL Framework including the processes within service lifecycle Learn ITIL best practice framework (all processes and their activities) Recognised the need to exploit changes in technology and deliver business results through technology rather than with technology Understand the benefits of Continual Service Improvement to the organisation Identify the opportunities to develop the ITIL Service Management processes within your organisation Achieve the ITIL® Foundation Certificate (for candidates who wish to take the examination) ITIL ® is registered trademark of The Cabinet Office in the United Kingdom and other countries ITIL Training & Certification Programs 9
  10. 10. ITIL® Foundation Exam• IT Service Management Foundation Certificate (based on ITIL®)• Paper based / Web based• 60 minutes, closed book exam• 40 multiple choice questions• A score of 65% or more is considered a passing grade • The recommended number of study days is three which can include the official Foundation Exam. • Attempting as many sample examination questions as possible is strongly recommended.ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office in the United Kingdom and other countries.The Swirl logo ™ is a Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office. ITIL Training & Certification Programs 10
  11. 11. ReferencesITIL/ISO20000 – ITSM Process ImplementationMinistry of Environment & Water is so far the first and only UAE federal ministry achievingthe ISO20000 certificate under assistance of UniG & audited by (Intertek).ITIL Training ProgramsISO27001 – Information Security Management - ImplementationSoftware Solutions: ITIL Training & Certification Programs 11