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Eat that frog GNIT CM


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Eat that frog GNIT CM

  1. 1. Eat That Frog ! Mahadev Rana GNIT CM I D no 121093
  2. 2. Eat That Frog !shows... How to zero in on the critical task and organize each day.  Effective time management  Decision  Discipline  Determination
  3. 3. Goals  The need to be selective  No shortcuts  Develop the habits of success  Develop a positive Addiction
  4. 4. Set the table *Decide exactly what you want . *Set a deadline on your goal. *Make a list of every thing . *The power of written goals
  5. 5. Plan Every day in Advance  Increase your return on energy  Different lists for different purposes  Planning a project
  6. 6. Apply the 80/20 Rule to everything  The 80/20 rule....  Number of tasks versus importance of tasks  Motivate yourself
  7. 7. conclusion  Habits of personal management as a permanent part of our personality , our future success will be unlimited .  * JUST DO IT *
  8. 8. 111 THANKYOU