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Lecture personality ojt


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Published in: Education
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Lecture personality ojt

  1. 1. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE• Posture, body build and size, complexion and facial expression.
  2. 2. INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY• How the person talks, range of ideas he expresses and the things he talks about and his mental alertness.
  3. 3. EMOTIONAL MAKE-UP• Likes and dislikes (aggressive or passive), how he/she responds when things become difficult (usually calm or selfreliant), easily angered or whether he/she can take a joke and also the kind of sense of humor that he/she possesses
  4. 4. SOCIAL QUALITIES• How well a person conducts himself with other people• how well he observes the rules of etiquette that govern society
  5. 5. VALUE SYSTEM • Person’s attitudes toward life, his moral principles and his beliefs
  6. 6. Describe yourself using the 5 Areas of Personality Individual AssessmentMyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). . . . . . to appreciate. . . . . . to accept. . . . . . to understand our differences regarding our preferences that possess strengths and
  7. 7. • UNDERSTANDING YOUR DIFFERENCES: MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR (MBTI)• 1. Are you energized by being with other people, or are you revived only by solitude?• (How are you energized?)• 2. Do you like to “live in the now,” being very conscious of what’s going on around you, or do you• tend to have your head in the clouds, always thinking of tomorrow? (How do you process• information?)• 3. Do you make decisions based on logic and data, or on person- centered values? (How do you• make decisions?)• 4. Do you prefer to have your day structured and orderly, or do you like to keep things flexible,• allowing for lots of spontaneity. (How do you organize your life?)
  8. 8. • Extrovert• You prefer to focus on the outer world of people & things• Introvert• You prefer to focus on the inner world of ideas & impressions• Sociability, interaction, external, breadth, extensive, multiplicity of relationships, expenditure of energies, Interest in external events• Territoriality, concentration, internal, depth, intensive, limited relationships, conservation of energies, interest in internal reactions
  9. 9. • Sensing Intuition• You tend to focus on the present and on concrete information gained from your senses.• You tend to focus on the future, with a view toward patterns and possibilities.• Experience, past, unrealistic, perspiration, actual, down-to-earth, utility, fact, practicality, sensible• Hunches, future, speculative, inspiration, possible, head-in-clouds, fantasy, ingenuity, imagination
  10. 10. • Thinking Feeling• You tend to base your decisions on logic and on objective analysis of cause and effect• You tend to base your decisions primarily on values & on subjective evaluation of person centered concerns• Objective, principles, policy, laws, criteria, firmness, impersonal, justice, categories, standards, critique, analysis, allocation• Subjective, values, social values, extenuating, circumstances, intimacy, persuasion, personal, humane, harmony, good or bad, appreciate, sympathy, devotion
  11. 11. • Judging Perceptive• You like a planned and organized approach to life and to have things settled.• You like a flexible and spontaneous approach to life and prefer to keep your options open.• Settled, decided, fixed, plan ahead, closure, run one’s life, decision-making, planned, completed, decisive, wrap it up, urgency, deadline, get show on the road• Pending, gather more data, flexible, adapt as you go, open options, treasure hunting, open ended, emergent, tentative, something will turn up, there’s plenty of time, what deadline?, let’ s wait and see
  12. 12. • The real world is with people, with activities and with• tangible things.• Extroverts need to live life before they understand it.• They are characterized by interaction with people, breadth• of relationships, verbal processes and the external world.• They are accessible to others.• 2 Ways of Approaching LifeThe Extrovert –EIMPACTPHILIPPINES• Shallowness of relationships• They don’t know how to listen• They can judge others through their extroversion: “bakit ka hindi katulad ko?”• They believe that majority is right• They answer for others
  13. 13. Extroverts [E] Weaknesses• The real world is the world of ideas, insights and understanding what is going on.• Introverts want to understand life before or as they live it.• They are characterized by a preference for solitude and privacy; they are drained by long social interactions.