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The i phone in education


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Published in: Education
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The i phone in education

  1. 1. The iPhone in Education Margaret McKay eAdvisor: Inclusion JISC RSC Scotland South & West
  2. 2. James Clay, Mobile:The State of Play University of Bolton 15 June 2010
  3. 3. Associate Prof David Kennedy. Mobile eLearning for language enhancement (Nov 2010) VV
  4. 4. There are common themes as people seek to define mobile learning It could take place anywhere and at any time, and so could encompass both formal and informal learning, where the knowledge is situated in a context. Savill-Smith, C., Attewell, J. & Stead, G (2006 ) Mobile Learning in Practice(LSN)
  5. 5. For many learners it is important to have devices that don’t say “I have a disability!” as soon as you walk into a room with one. Rummel-Hudson, R. Making weird cool 5 April 2010,
  6. 6. Reading Tools Alternative Interfaces Recording Tools Planning Tools Visualisation Tools Writing Tools Communication Tools
  7. 7. Reading Tools
  8. 8. iPhone: A Blind Users Perspective
  9. 9. Reading Tools
  10. 10. Reading Tools -eBook Readers iBooks Stanza
  11. 11. Reading Tools Connecting the iPhone with the Alva Braille Display
  12. 12. Writing Tools
  13. 13. Writing/Recording Tools
  14. 14. Writing/Recording Tools Supporting people with print difficulties
  15. 15. Writing/Recording Tools Supporting People with writing or dexterity issues SoundNote ShapeWriter
  16. 16. Writing/Recording Tools Supporting People with dexterity issues - Dasher Keep an eye on the text box
  17. 17. • Devices for disabled people • Devices for everyone • Mainstream not specialist
  18. 18. Communication/Visualisation Tools Supporting users with communication & dexterity • Proloquo2Go AAC Software • Support for people with communication difficulties. • Contains built in communication library with around 7,000 items which can be expanded/personalised.
  19. 19. Communication/Visualisation Tools British Sign Language Apps • Sign 4 me a signed English translator • An Introduction to BSL Level 1
  20. 20. Communication/Visualisation Tools Supporting People with Hearing Difficulties FaceTime on iPhone 4
  21. 21. Case Study Doncaster College for the Deaf
  22. 22. Case Study Using my iPhone at College: A visually impaired student’s story
  23. 23. Case Study - John • I work part-time for City Building Glasgow, run my own consultancy and training business and last but certainly not least support a charity which assists people with sight loss. • Oh yes I am married with two children which keeps me occupied too! • I use the Apple iPhone 3GS which is central to a lot of what I try to achieve and strive to do. The iPhone includes a screen reader, and other innovative accessibility features that make it easier to use for those with impaired vision.
  24. 24. Case studies • Using iPhones to support skills for life in driver training at West Nottinghamshire College • Using the iPhone with Autism using shake a face app • Using iPhones in music production courses
  25. 25. Case Studies • Using the iPhone as a Timer - selecting alarm sounds from the iPhone in order to time brushing their teeth for one minute • Using the iPhone to support numeracy skills with deaf students • Using Ice Breaker App during a performing Arts Session
  26. 26. Case Studies • Using the iPod as a prompt to carry out work placement tasks independently • My iPhone has revolutionalised my reading: A dyslexic perspective • Blind bloggers feedback on iPhone and VoiceOver
  27. 27. The iPhone in Education Thank You Questions?
  28. 28. Further links iPhone and Refreshable Braille Display JISC TechDis Blog Dragon Dictate
  29. 29. Further Links iPads are game changers - why ? Because all the accessibility features are built- in. 109-3.aspx Mobile learning: the great accessibility enabler leaning-enabling-accessibility/
  30. 30. • Wonderful range of articles about why and why not Apple products are making a difference