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Important and correct choices in ICT strategy HiØ


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This is how we meet the challenges with a
ICT-based teacher education at Østfold University College in Halden.

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Important and correct choices in ICT strategy HiØ

  1. 1. Presentation:
  2. 2. What1 have we done Right?2 3 4 5 Tone for tone
  3. 3. Manager Department of ICT Student ICT- support Program coordinator Faculty of Education
  4. 4. Precondition for diploma
  5. 5. 13 years of lap tops for all students • HiØ recommends a “student pc” each year • We negotiate with companies and press the prices • Students buy their computers directly from the company • HiØ has operational responsibility for supporting student PCs • Easier to operate standardized PCs
  6. 6. ” Educational PC” • Large software package with lots of pre-installed "educational" software • Installing programs in advance, instead of following the student's needs • We use free software or web 2.0. (And we buy some school licenses) • Students are not paying much for software
  7. 7. ”Microsoft Campus agreement” • We always use the latest version of Microsoft Office • Free upgrade to the next version • College sends out invoices annually as long as the student is active • Approx. 150 NOK per year (25$)
  8. 8. ICT Helpdesk for students Open 9-15 Very good, individual service Can help with both software and hardware issues Supports 2,500 students in Halden Always at least two on duty Staffing: The staff, assistants, apprentices and “oracles”
  9. 9. Student Oracles • Not paid, and this maintains the “community spirit” • Responsibility to help fellow students in the classroom • Help teachers in ICT teaching • Working on the Helpdesk at least one hour a week • Helping out at major events
  10. 10. Oracle benefits • Study trip to Bett Conference in London (6 days). HiØ pays hotel and flight • Christmas and Summer Partys with dinners • A very good social environment • Free printing, access to an office and more • Certificate from HiØ
  11. 11. Compulsory ICT coursework in teacher education • In order to receive a diploma from GLU HiØ the student must have passed 10 mandatory assignments in ICT. • This also gives students accsess to take the exam in: "ICT for Teachers - Introduction to ICT" 15 stp. • 80% of the students in the GLU takes ICT exam as a private candidate in their second year • The course is based on the idea of “flipped classroom”
  12. 12. 10 Compulsory ICT assignments 1 Screencast 2 Word Processing 3 Presentation Program 4 Spreadsheets: Coordinated with the mathematics course 5 Create and publish web pages on Internet 6 Digital tablet /Smartboard 7 Create a digital story 8 Create and edit video 9 Image editing 10 Creating an animated video
  13. 13. Exam in ICT for teachers(15 stp.) • Examination of the "ICT for Teachers - Introduction to ICT" 15 credits as a private at no charge. • Practical 6-hour exam on students' own PCs. • Students have access to the Internet during the exam. • Exams are handed in in LMS
  14. 14. Flipped Classroom
  15. 15. Flipped Classroom • The student get their lectures on video made by the teacher • They watch the videoes when they choose to • They attend problem solving seminars on campus with pedagogical support for the individual student and group discussions
  16. 16. Computer Fair Østfold • The goal of Computer Fair Østfold is to spread good ICT practice from teachers to teachers • The Computer Fair is a meetingpoint for schools from Østfold that promotes good examples of ICT in schools. • Free lectures • Arranged for 10 years • 1000-1500 Visitors
  17. 17. Network for ICT in regional schools
  18. 18. Network for ICT in Østfold • Cooperation forum between Østfold University College and municipalities in Østfold • The collaboration began in 2001 with an emphasis on ICT management and cooperation, but has since evolved into more an arena for the educational use of ICT in the schools • This is a forum for exchange of experiences • Arranging Data Fair Østfold in cooperation with the Østfold University College • Meetings are 4 times a year
  19. 19. ICT Education with Screencast
  20. 20. ICT training with Screencast • Traditionally, I have made texs based tutorials in ICT education at Østfold University College, but in recent years I have largely used Screencasrt (tutorials). Students give positive feedback • In the future we may see that screencasts to some extent will replace the direct teaching in our ICT courses….. • ….Less use of resources, customized training and flexible teaching
  21. 21. IKT for lærere 11GLU1 11GLU2 10GLU1 10GLU2 Gjennomsnitt prosent 100 30 70 93 93 77 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Prosent Have you made use of screencast in your work with ICT? (2011)
  22. 22. Example: Sw&feature=share&list=UUagvFOT0oXZTXTv_h vgWzew
  23. 23. Video lectures rplan/index.htm
  24. 24. Video lectures • A simple and very little resource-intensive way to film lectures • Students can watch lectures they were not present at, or use them to prepare for exams • Many students have an auditory learning strategy • I've been filming all my lectures since 2009 • It is easy !
  25. 25. Why waste lectures after use when many students need them?
  26. 26. Video conference tools • Available to all students and staff (unlimited) • Video meetings between student groups and between students and teachers • Live lessons on the internet with the possibility of two-way communication • Ability to record • Guidance over the internet
  27. 27. Facebook as a communication channel • Very good experiences • Communication is fast • We reach more student with information than previously • Students are satisfied
  28. 28. eLearning Studio
  29. 29. Recording Https://
  30. 30. With Camtasia Relay, we can tape all lectures in every classroom in Norway. But there are two preconditions:
  31. 31. Precondition 1:? Teacher must stand near a microphone, or use mosquito that connects to the lecturer's computer.
  32. 32. Precondition 2: Teacher must have all notes digitally (PowerPoint etc). Any notes along the way must be recorded on a digital tablet or pen display
  33. 33. The end result comes by mail. example: A presentation recorded at 3/13/2012 1:17:07 PM is ready for sharing and viewing. Title: Forelesningsopptak HiØ Description: Hvordan og hvorfor drive med forelesningsopptak. Duration: 0:14:39 Type Size Link Flash (Original Size) 25.5 MB View... iPad 15.0 MB View... iPod and iPhone 10.6 MB View...
  34. 34. Three opportunities to improve the teaching
  35. 35. Relay 1 Video Vitamins - before the lecture: -Preparations -Information -Equipment -Preparation tasks -The syllabus should be read before the lecture? (Office) 3 Summary - After the lecture or topic: -Expected knowledge -Tasks -Repetition -The way forward? (Office) 2 Lecture Recordings: Repetition -Prevented from attending? (Classroom)
  36. 36. IKT for lærere 11GLU1 11GLU2 10GLU1 10GLU2 Gjennomsnitt prosent 100 30 70 93 93 77 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Prosent Have you made use of screencast in your work with ICT? (2011)