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Module 1:Introduction to Oracle CRM Service Fundamentals

● Understand iStore’s shopping cart and ordering functionality and other key features

● Understand features of Oracle’s sales applications

● Create leads and convert them into opportunities

● Create opportunities and convert them into quotes

● Describe Campaign Flows, schedules and target groups

● Under geographic territories and named territories, set up in Territory Manager

● Explain the Basic Sales Flow

● Set up common components, such as Notes, Tasks and Calendars

● Describe the Lead to Order Process

● Create Customers and Contacts using Oracle trading Community Architecture model

● Create Employees and Users, Import Resources, and assign roles and responsibilities to users

● Understand implementation steps required to set up sales products

● Describe integration points between Oracle Sales and Oracle Marketing applications

● Understand Global Address formatting

● Understand Oracle Sales related personalization features available in OA Framework

● Create proposals for leads, opportunities or quotes

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Oracle apps crm training and tutorials available online

  1. 1. Oracle Apps crm Training and Tutorials Available Online Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support CONTACT US: MAGNIFIC TRAINING INDIA +91-9052666559 USA : +1-678-693-3475
  2. 2. Oracle Corporation
  3. 3. Global CRM (GCM) Single Instance • 1.8M Accounts • 20M Contacts • 20M Prospects • 72M Marketing Responses • 24M Sales Activities • 18M Marketplace Accounts
  4. 4. Oracle’s Global CRM Implementation Optimizing Our Go-To-Market Objective • Global, consistent, streamlined, and scalable campaign to opportunity to quote processes Sales Approach Customer Data Partners Marketing • • • • • • Go Native – 90% vanilla Go Fast – 1 year to rollout Consolidation/Centralization Start Clean, Stay Clean Standards based Integration Drive value with BI
  5. 5. Global CRM Single Instance Ecosystem Implementation planned
  6. 6. <Insert Picture Here> Marketing Business Cycle
  7. 7. Marketing Business Cycle Siebel MRM Planning and Budgeting Define Marketing Initiatives Create Funds & Allocate Budget Request & Approve Budget Create Plans & Programs Campaigns/Os/Ts eMarketing Apps Plan Marketing Execution Landing Pad Event Registration Software Download CRM Analytics (OBIA) Closed Loop Reporting Measure Marketing ROI Track Budget to Actual Fact-based Planning Analyze Global CRM Execute Siebel Marketing List and Segmentation Target Audience Build/Load Segments Launch Campaigns Email Marketing Manage Siebel Call Center OCH & Siebel Marketing Opportunity Management Response Management Opportunity Conversion Opportunity Progression Response Capture Qualification Assignment Lead Creation
  8. 8. <Insert Picture Here> Email Marketing
  9. 9. Siebel Email Marketing CHALLENGES • Legacy email systems were custom, point solutions • No integration with Siebel Analytics & Segmentation modules • Minimal integration with Siebel Marketing • Legacy email systems were running on antiquated hardware and software platforms making system administration resource intense • Email list processes not well integrated • Limited ability to execute multi-tier event driven campaigns CAPABILITIES KEY VALUE & BENEFITS • Scalable, high volume • Centralized “bulk” outbound delivery engine on standard secure platform • Response tracking fully integrated • Real time visibility into Email Marketing Campaign KPI’s • Automated bounce handling • Personalized and Conditional content • Integrated with other Siebel modules • Lower support costs • Tighter integration with Mail Transfer Agent email send processes & systems • Ability to fully support double byte characters – From Name & Email Creative • Ability to execute recurring and/or triggered email communications • Increased the effectiveness of our email list management process and email preference/consent management • Out of the box support for tracking email opens and click-throughs • Efficient review & disposition of replies
  10. 10. <Insert Picture Here> Email Marketing
  11. 11. Siebel Email Marketing Global CRM Data Warehouse Email Marketing Server ESD Email Send Daemon Sun Solaris Outbound MTA Mail Transfer Agent BHD Bounce Handler Daemon Integrated Business Intelligence Inbound MTA Outbound Email Bounces CTD Click Through Daemon Unsubscribes, Opens and Related URLs Internet
  12. 12. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us • • -oracle apps crm online training contact us: • or +919052666559 • By Real Time Experts from Hyderabad, • Bangalore • ,India,USA,Canada,UK, Australia,South • Africa.