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Online knowledge product of sap wm (warehouse management) WM ONLINE TRAINING. contact us:
or call us: +919052666559 sap technologies like sap wm,sap ewm,sap qm,sap scm ,sap basis,
sap hcm ,sap bi/bw, sap is banking,sap srm,
sap gts online training by industrail hands on training on sap WM online TRAINING.


Introduction to Warehouse Management
Warehouse management overview in SAP R/3
Organization Data
Warehouse Structure
Warehouse Master Data
WM Material master view
Organization Data
Define Warehouse structure
Warehouse number
Storage type
Storage section
Storage Bin
Picking Area
Storage unit
Quant etc..
Master Data
Material Master

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Online knowledge product of sap wm (warehouse management)

  1. 1. Online Knowledge Product Of Sap WM (Warehouse Management) Mail: Visit: CONTACT US: Call:+91-9052666559 , +1-6786933994, +1-6786933475
  2. 2. sap wm online training manual  A warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods.
  3. 3. SAP WM ONLINE TRAINING INDIA  Warehouses are used by: – Manufacturers, – Importers, – Exporters, – Wholesalers, – Transport businesses, – Customs, etc.
  4. 4. sap wm(warehouse management) online training  They are usually large plain buildings in industrial areas.  They come equipped with loading docks to load and unload trucks.  They also often have cranes and forklifts for moving goods.  They usually work under ISO standards.
  5. 5. SAP WM ONLINE TUTORIAL  Some warehouses are completely automated, with no workers working inside.  The pallets and products are moved and coordinated by programmable logic controllers and computers running logistics automation software.
  6. 6. SAP WM online training by real time experts - Classes  The main reasons are: – To keep the product from spoiling, – Land is expensive, as automated storage systems can use vertical space efficiently.
  7. 7. Online Knowledge Product SAP WM  A warehouse management system, or WMS, is a key part of the supply chain; its goals are: – to control the movement and storage of materials. – To process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, putaway and picking. – To optimize stock putaway.
  8. 8. sap wm online training in hyderabad  Traditional warehousing has been declining since the last decades of the 20th century with the gradual introduction of Just In Time (JIT).
  9. 9. sap wm online training in bangalore  Just In Time (JIT) is a technique designed to improve the return on investment of a business by reducing in-process inventory.
  10. 10. sap security wm online training  It promotes the delivery of product directly from the factory to the retail merchant, or from parts manufacturers directly to a large scale factory such as an automobile assembly plant, without the use of warehouses.
  11. 11. sap wm service desk  However, with the gradual implementation of offshore outsourcing the distance between the manufacturer and the retailer grew considerably, necessitating at least one warehouse per country or per region in any typical supply chain for a given range of products.
  12. 12. SAP WM ONLINE TRAINING IN USA We offer you: 1. Interactive Learning at Learners convenience 2. Industry Savvy Trainers 3. Learn Right from Your Place 4. Customized Curriculum 5. 24/7 system access 6. Highly Affordable Courses 7. Support after Training a. Resume Preparation b. Certification Guidance c. Interview assistance We have a forth coming online batch on SAP EWM online training . We also provide online training on SAP (All Modules).
  13. 13. sap wm online training and certification and placement
  14. 14. sap wm operations and configuration