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Sap wm online training


Published on WM ONLINE TRAINING. contact us:
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WM Course:

Warehouse Support

Why Warehouse Management?
Integration with other Modules
Inventory Management
Sales and Distribution
Quality Management
Production Planning
Features of WHM
Warehouse Structure
Goods Movements
Printing Tasks
Interface to External Systems
Lean WM
Storage Unit Management
Decentralized Warehouse Management System
Depiction of the Physical Warehouse in WMS
The Warehouse Number
The Storage Type
The Storage Section
The Storage Bin
The Quant
Definition of Warehouse and its Elements
Definition of Warehouse
Assignment of Warehouse to Plant/Storage Location
Definition of Storage Types
Definition of Storage Sections
Definition of Storage Bins

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Sap wm online training

  1. 1. SAP WM ONLINE TRAINING Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support CONTACT US: MAGNIFIC TRAINING INDIA +91-9052666559 USA : +1-678-693-3475
  2. 2. Hazardous Materials Management SAP WM Course Contents Warehouse Structure Basic Functions Planning and Monitoring Basic Stock Management Web : Email Phone :9052666559
  3. 3. Posting Changes SAP WM Course Contents Warehouse Movements Goods Receipt Goods Issue Stock Transfer and Replenishment Web : Email : Phone :9052666559
  4. 4. Value Added Services SAP WM Course Contents Putaway and Picking Strategies Storage Unit Management Inventory Interfaces, Cross-Docking Web : Email : Phone:9052666559
  5. 5. SAP WM Course Contents Warehouse Structure ◦ Warehouse Number ◦ Storage Type ◦ Storage Section ◦ Picking Area ◦ Storage Bin ◦ Quant ◦ Door ◦ Staging Area Web : Email Phone :Phone:9052666559
  6. 6. SAP WM Course Contents Basic Functions ◦ Number Ranges ◦ Foreground/Background Processing ◦ Bar Code Use ◦ Authorization Checks ◦ Archiving and Reorganization ◦ Warehouse Controlling ◦ Function Modules and Customer Exits in WMS ◦ WM in the SAP Retail System Web : Email Phone :9052666559
  7. 7. SAP WM Course Contents Planning and Monitoring ◦ Rough Workload Estimate ◦ Wave Picks ◦ Warehouse Activity Monitor Web : Email Phone :9052666559
  8. 8. SAP WM Course Contents Basic Stock Management ◦ Material Master Data ◦ The Quant and Stock Management in WM ◦ Types of Stock ◦ Stock Category ◦ Units of Measure ◦ Batch Management ◦ Shelf Life Expiration Date ◦ Storing Materials in the Warehouse Web : Email : Phone :9052666559
  9. 9. SAP WM Course Contents Hazardous Materials Management ◦ Hazardous Material Records ◦ Hazardous Material Evaluation Reports Web : Email Phone :9052666559
  10. 10. SAP WM Course Contents Warehouse Movements ◦ Movement Types in WM ◦ Transfer Requirement ◦ Transfer Order ◦ Handling Differences ◦ Storage of Pre-Picked Handling Units Web : Email Phone :9052666559
  11. 11. SAP WM Course Contents Goods Receipt ◦ Goods Receipt Handling with Reference to Inbound Delivery ◦ Goods Receipt Handling Without Reference to Inbound Delivery ◦ Goods Receipt Without Previous Goods ◦ Receipt Posting in IM ◦ Adding Goods to Existing Stock ◦ Goods Receipt for Inspection ◦ Processing Pre-allocated Stock ◦ Putaway Using Storage Unit Type Web : Email : Phone :9052666559
  12. 12. SAP WM Course Contents Goods Issue ◦ Stock Removal ◦ Goods Issue Processing with Reference to Outbound Delivery ◦ Goods Issue Processing Without Reference to Outbound Delivery ◦ Manual Creation of Transfer Orders for Picking ◦ Multiple Processing ◦ Transfer Order for Multiple Outbound ◦ Delivery ◦ Two-step Picking ◦ Stock Determination Web : Email : Phone :9052666559
  13. 13. SAP WM Course Contents Stock Transfer and Replenishment ◦Plant/Storage Location to Plant/Storage Location ◦Internal Stock Transfers ◦Replenishment for Fixed Storage Bins ◦Creating a Replenishment TO During TO Confirmation Web : Email Phone :9052666559
  14. 14. SAP WM Course Contents Posting Changes ◦ Posting Change Types in the WMS ◦ Processing Posting Changes ◦ Posting Changes Between Storage Locations ◦ Posting Change from Plant to Plant ◦ Release From Quality Inspection Stock Web : Email Phone :9052666559
  15. 15. SAP WM Course Contents Putaway and Picking Strategies ◦ Putaway Strategies ◦ Additional Factors that Affect Search Strategies ◦ Stock Removal Strategies ◦ Stock Return Methods Web : Email Phone :9052666559
  16. 16. SAP WM Course Contents Storage Unit Management ◦ Warehouse Management at the Storage Unit Level ◦ SU-Managed Storage Types ◦ Putaway using Storage Unit Management ◦ Stock Removal With Storage Unit Management ◦ SU-managed Bulk Storage ◦ Storage Unit Documents ◦ Storage Unit Pre-planning ◦ Blocking Storage Units Web : Email : Phone :9052666559
  17. 17. SAP WM Course Contents Inventory ◦ Basic Settings for the Inventory ◦ Annual Inventory ◦ Continuous Inventory ◦ Continuous Inventory During Putaway ◦ Cycle Counting Inventory ◦ Cycle Counting at Quant Level (Quant Inventory) ◦ Zero Stock Check ◦ Inventory of Batches or Special Stocks Web : Email Phone :9052666559
  18. 18. SAP WM Course Contents Interfaces ◦ Interface to Quality Management (WM-QM Interface) ◦ WM Interface to Inventory Management ◦ WM-PP Interface ◦ Interface Between the WMS and External Systems Web : Email Phone :9052666559
  19. 19. SAP WM Course Contents Cross-Docking ◦ Cross-Docking Decision ◦ Cross-Docking Execution ◦ Cross-Docking Monitor ◦ Cross-Docking Alert Monitor ◦ Other Functions Web : http://www.magnifictraining .com Email Phone :9052666559
  20. 20. SAP WM Course Contents Value Added Services ◦ Value-Added Service (VAS) ◦ VAS Order Creation ◦ VAS Monitor ◦ VAS Alert Monitor ◦ VAS Execution ◦ Value-Added Services Integration With TRM Other Functions Web : Email Phone :9052666559
  21. 21. Question & Answers
  22. 22. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us htt:// Sap wm online training contact us: or +919052666559 By Real Time Experts from Hyderabad, Bangalore ,India,USA,Canada,UK, Australia,South Africa.