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Oracle soa suite 11g human task component overview ed 1 olc


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Introduction to XML and Webservices
Fundamentals of XML technologies like XML,XSD
Introduction to webservices related technologies like SOAP,WSDL .
Introduction to Soa and SCA
What is SOA and how it got evolved
Using Service composition architecture (SCA) to achieve SOA
Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g introduction
FMW Product features
Installation and introduction to Case Study
FMW Installation
Purchase Order Demo explanation
Introductin to Mediator
What is a Mediator component
How Mediator is used to achieve service virtualization
Hands On exercise to illustrate use of mediator
Different types of adapters viz. File,JMS,DB Adapters etc supported by FMW
Hands on exercise for DB Adapter

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Oracle soa suite 11g human task component overview ed 1 olc

  2. 2. ORACLE FUSION SOA ONLINE TRAINING IN INDIA Oracle SOA Suite 11g – Administration Online Training Concepts : Oracle SOA Suite11g: Administration Goals • Class Introductions • Audience • Prerequisites • Course Objectives • Course Map • Course Schedule • Course Environment
  3. 3. ORACLE FUSION SOA ONLINE TRAINING IN AUSTRALIA Introductions to SOA & Oracle SOA Suite 11g • Objectives • Implementing an SOA Strategy • Where Do We Start? • Getting Started • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) • Summarizing SOA • Why Is an SOA Approach Required? • Integrating Distributed Components
  4. 4. ORACLE FUSION SOA ONLINE TRAINING IN BANGLORE • Summarizing Composite Applications • Service Component Architecture (SCA) • Elements of a Service Component Architecture (SCA) • Assembly Model as a Blueprint • Introducing Service Component Architecture (SCA) in Oracle SOA Suite11g • Oracle SOA Suite11g Components • Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle SOA Suite • Oracle SOA Suite11g Architecture • Oracle SOA Suite11g Components • Adapter Services • Routing and Filtering with Mediator Components
  5. 5. ORACLE FUSION SOA ONLINE TRAINING IN CHENNAI Installing Oracle SOA Suite 11g • Objectives • Installing SOA and BPM • Before Installation • SOA Deployment Topology • Supported Software Platforms • System Requirements • Preparing the Installation • Checking and Configuring the Database • Checking WebLogic Server
  6. 6. ORACLE FUSION SOA ONLINE TRAINING IN DELHI • Installing Oracle SOA Suite 11g…. (PS1) • Specifying Installation Location • Installing Oracle SOA Suite 11g…. (PS2) • Post installation Directory Structure • Installation Log Files • Creating a Domain • Selecting Domain Source • Configuring JDBC Component Schema • Customizing Advanced Configuration • Configuring the Managed Servers
  7. 7. ORACLE FUSION SOA ONLINE TRAINING IN HYDERABAD Administering the SOA Infrastructure • Objectives • SOA Composite Application Runtime • Introducing SOA Infrastructure • SOA Infrastructure Architecture • SOA Infrastructure Life Cycle • Understanding Service Engines • Understanding the Service Infrastructure • Understanding Binding Components • Reviewing the SOA Infrastructure Home Page
  8. 8. ORACLE FUSION SOA ONLINE TRAINING IN KOLKATA • Composite Instance State • Configuring the UDDI Registry Properties • Configuring Server URLs • Starting and Stopping the SOA Infrastructure • Configuring Log Files • Creating and Editing Log File Configurations • Monitoring the SOA Infrastructure • Monitoring SOA Infrastructure Recent Instances and Faults • Monitoring Processing Requests
  9. 9. ORACLE FUSION SOA ONLINE TRAINING IN MUMBAI Administering Oracle JCA Adapters and Binding Components • Objectives • Understanding Binding Components • Supported Binding Components • Accessing Service and Reference Binding Component Page • Configuring Service Binding Component Properties • Configuring Reference Binding Component Properties • Monitoring Binding Component Instances and Faults • Overview of Adapter Services
  10. 10. ORACLE FUSION SOA ONLINE TRAINING IN PUNE • Redeploying the Runtime DbAdapter • Employing a JMS Adapter • JMS Adapter Runtime Connection • Configuring a JMS Destination • Configuring a JMS Connection Factory • Creating the JMS Adapter Connection Pool • Associate the JMS Connection Pool to a Connection Factory • JCA Adapter Properties • File Adapter
  11. 11. ORACLE FUSION SOA ONLINE TRAINING IN UK Administering BPEL Process Service Components and Engines • Objectives • Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) • BPEL Processes • BPEL Process Components and Service Engine • Parts of a BPEL Process • BPEL Partner • BPEL Variables
  13. 13. SHOULD YOU REQUIRE ANY FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US• • -oracle fusion soa online training contact us: • or +919052666559 • By Real Time Experts from Hyderabad, • Bangalore • ,India,USA,Canada,UK, Australia,South • Africa.