Oracle apps crm placements and certification course


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Oracle CRM Technology Overview

The Oracle CRM Technology provides Java-based infrastructure software that is used to develop e-business solutions such as Sales, Marketing, Service, eCommerce, Contracts, and Interaction Center applications. It offers a common platform for developing applications with HTML, XML, and Java. It also provides user-friendly screens for centralized3 setup and administration. This Web-based interface is called the System Administrator Console.
JTT components include the following Core Services:
Core Services comprise a number of basic infrastructure capabilities, which are shared across CRM applications. These offer lightweight Java service execution for session management, cursor reuse, transaction management,error handling, global search, auditing, and more.
Application Framework
The Application Framework separates UI look and feel from application logic and content. It is a set of standards, templates, and Java interface classes that are used to compose a CRM application. The framework can be divided into three layers: View, Controller and Model. Each layer has several components. The View layer is responsible for presenting data and receiving user actions. The Controller layer sends messages between the Model and View layers. The Model layer contains all business data and logic and communicates directly with data storage.
Declarative Technologies

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Oracle apps crm placements and certification course

  1. 1. Oracle apps crm placements and certification course Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support CONTACT US: MAGNIFIC TRAINING INDIA +91-9052666559 USA : +1-678-693-3475
  2. 2. Oracle apps crm online training in australia Module 1:Introduction to Oracle CRM Service Fundamentals Understand iStore’s shopping cart and ordering functionality and other key features Understand features of Oracle’s sales applications Create leads and convert them into opportunities Create opportunities and convert them into quotes Describe Campaign Flows, schedules and target groups
  3. 3. Oracle apps crm online training in banglore Module 2:Overview of Lead to Order Process Describe E-Business suite Associate job roles with the basic sales flow Describe customer types Describe the lead to order process
  4. 4. Oracle apps crm online training in chennai Module 3:Overview of Sales Products Describe Oracle sales products like Sales, Telesales, Quoting, Proposals, Territory Manager, iStore, Incentive Compensation, and Sales Offline Describe setups to make Oracle Telesales and Oracle Sales interoperable Explain the differences between Oracle Telesales and Oracle Sales
  5. 5. Oracle apps crm online training in delhi Module 4:Dependencies List mandatory dependencies for a sales implementation List some optional dependencies List Accounting sales-related setups Define the Advanced Product Catalog Describe integration between Oracle Sales applications and Oracle Marketing
  6. 6. Oracle apps crm online training in dubai Module 5:Oracle Common Application Components: Notes, Tasks and Calendar Describe Oracle Notes Set up Oracle HTML Notes Describe Oracle Task Manager Set up Oracle HTML Task Manager Describe Oracle Calendar Set up Oracle HTML Calendar
  7. 7. Oracle apps crm online training in hyderabad Module 6:Resource Manager Identify the setups for Resource Manager Describe implementation consideration for Resource Manager Describe how to implement Resource Manager in Forms Explain how implement Resource Manager in HTML
  8. 8. Oracle apps crm online training in india Module 7:Customers Explain the Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA) model Define the features that enable you to enter and maintain customer and contact information Set up party classification Understand global address formatting and validation Merge parties or customer accounts
  9. 9. Oracle apps crm online training in kolkata Module 8:CRM Application Foundation: Territory Manager Describe Territory Manager Create geographic territories Create named account territories Set up Territory Assignment Program
  10. 10. Oracle apps crm online training in london Module 9:Sales Campaigns Define campaign terminology Describe the sales campaign flow Create a sales campaign schedule Create a target group
  11. 11. Oracle apps crm online training in mumbai Module 10:Lead Management Define Lead Management Explain lead related setups Create a lead Discuss how leads are qualified, ranked, and assigned Convert a lead to an opportunity Identify how to accept, decline, or reassign a lead
  12. 12. Oracle apps crm online training in pune Module 11:Opportunity Management in Oracle Sales  Define opportunity management and its functions  Explain opportunity related setups  Create an opportunity from a sales lead  Create an opportunity without a sales lead
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