sap abap webdynpro online training


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SAP ABAP Webdynpro Online Training
SAP ABAPWebdynpro Online Training course content
Introduction RFC’S
Introduction to Web& Netwaever Technology. · Service call using RFC’s
Webdynpro for Abap · Dialog boxes
Webdynpro for Java · Popup’s
Webdynpro Architecture · Dynamic Programming
Webdynpro programming model Dynamic UI element creation
MVC pattern Dynamic Node/attributes Creation
Webdynpro Components Dynamic visibility of UI elements
Events · User defined texts in ABAP Dictionary
Actions · OTR Text
Context · Texts in Abap Class
Controller · Reporting Messages
Main benfits of Webdynpro · Message Area
Development Benfits of Webdynpro · Error Handling
Designing View & UI Elements Compenent usage
View Layout · Reuse WD Components
Layout managers · Component interface
UI element Categories · Interface Views
UI elements · Interface Methods&Events
Button · Cross Component Context Mapping
Input fields
Text views ALV’S in WebDynpro
Checkbox &RadioButton ALV
Table Ediatble ALV

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sap abap webdynpro online training

  1. 1. ABAP - Web Dynpro Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support Contact us: USA: +1-6786933994 India- +91-9052666559
  2. 2. Introduction  This presentation will be a starter package for all who are and want to be a part of new age SAP UI development and moreover are here to make a change..
  3. 3. Before I share the Agenda..  Who is a developer ?  What can we call a good UI ?  What do you thing ABAP - Web Dynpro is ?  What is the take away you expect after this course?
  4. 4. Agenda 1. Web Dynpro – The Motivation 2. Web Dynpro ABAP –The Programming Model 2.1. Views and UI Elements 2.2. Controllers and Context 2.3. Navigation and Plugs 2.4.Component Usage 3. Web Dynpro Features 3.1. ALV 3.2. Object Value Selector 4. Lets Wrap up. Anyone? 5. Any Questions ? 6. Ok! Can I ask now?
  5. 5. Objectives of Web Dynpro  Model-based UI development  Enforce clear separation between UI logic and business logic  Little coding, lots of design  Declarative UI development  Future Proof UI Declaration  Browser, Web Dynpro Client, Mobile Device,…  Client technology independent UI definition  Central implementation of user interface standards  Accessibility support  Adobe Forms integration  Centrally provided UI elements  Internationalization support  Supports major platforms  Java (as of SAP NetWeaver '04), ABAP (as of SAP NetWeaver 7.0)
  6. 6. Motivation Web Dynpro  Web Dynpro  UI definition independent of client technology  As much abstract declaration as possible  Different rendering engines for different (future) UI technologies without adapting application coding
  7. 7. 7 Application Scenarios With Web Dynpro J2EE Web Dynpro Runtime Web Dynpro AppWeb Dynpro App SAP NetWeaver Portal SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio ABAP Web Dynpro Runtime Web Dynpro AppWeb Dynpro App ABAP Workbench J2EE Server Backend Application ABAP Server RMI RFC, WS Business Data Business Data Business API (BAPI, Web Services) EJB (e.a.) Web Dynpro iView Web Dynpro iView NetWeaver Business Client
  8. 8. Come to the point -The Development  Development completely integrated into ABAP Workbench  Graphical View Layout design  Declarative UI development  ABAP editor with forward navigation  ABAP dictionary data types directly available  Simple remote debugging  Functionality and services of the ABAP environment directly usable  ABAP lifecycle management  Transport  Translation  Enhancements
  9. 9. 5/27/2014 Manoj Dhir 9 Meta-Model Declarations and Custom Coding  Meta-model Declarations  Guarantees common app. design  Good for graphical tool support  Screen Layout and Nesting  Navigation and Error Handling  Data Flow  Componentization  ...  Custom Coding  Guarantees universality  Good for data-driven, dynamic apps  Implementation of business rules  Dynamic screen modifications  Access to services (files etc.)  Portal eventing  ... Web Dynpro Tools Generated Code Generator Meta-data Compiler RunableApp Custom Code
  10. 10. Model View Controller (MVC) User Interaction Layer Business Interaction Layer Binding Layer Visualizes the application data without caring how it was generated. Generates the application data without caring how it will be displayed. Binds the user and business interaction layers together. All intermediate processing is performed here. Model View Controller
  11. 11. 5/27/2014 Manoj Dhir Defining View Layout UI element libraries Properties of selected UI element UI element tree of view View layout
  12. 12. UI Element Categories e.g. Button, InputField, Label e.g. DateNavigator, Table, Tree e.g. TransparentContainer, Tray Each UI element object is represented as an abstract class that is independent of any client presentation layer.
  13. 13. Lets Wrap up. Anyone?  Web Dynpro is SAP’s UI strategy  Declarative, MVC based UI programming model  UI definition independent of rendering technology  Web Dynpro for ABAP available with SAP NetWeaver 7.0  Programming model similar to Web Dynpro for Java  Completely Integrated into the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP
  14. 14. Any Questions ?
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