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Sap vistext sap bw on hana and vistext online training in


Published on offers practical online training on Sap Sap Vistext/Sap BW on Hana and Vistextonline training by real time experts for details contact us: or call:+919052666559
hands on training on SAP online TRAINING.SAP technologies like HANA, ABAP, FI-CO, CRM, SAP-BO, EPM GRC MDG MDM Oil and Gas EP EHS PM, SAP MM SD BO BI crm HR SRM,POSDM, PI XI,TRM,FSCM,FI-FM,WCEM.

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Sap vistext sap bw on hana and vistext online training in

  1. 1. Contact us: Call: +91-9052666559 Mail: Visit:
  2. 2. Content Overview Vistex Technical overview & architecture of Vistex Solution Business process overview Overview Vistex IP Pricing and Resources Pricing Management with condition record master data Natural rebates, mixed conditions (product bundling, % price discount) Condition record statistics Resource Management with customer master data, vendor master data and material master data Mass changes of data maintenance
  3. 3. Solution Amidst this frustration, some companies investing in an integrated Trade Promotion Management (TPM) capability are finding that a common processing engine allows for up-front deal control, as well as comprehensive down-stream reporting. The Incentives and Paybacks (IP) solution provided by Vistex, the recognized leader for SAP customers, is helping companies overcome these challenges. The IP module provided by Vistex enables up-stream deal control in the form of workflow approval, expected deal performance, and budget checking. The Vistex IP module is capable of handling transaction-based programs as well as complex growth-type programs that need to calculate formulas based on data over a period of time.
  4. 4. Business Challenge Manufacturing and distribution companies managing trade promotion or earned income programs struggle with the complexity of the various programs and the ability to understand the profitability of spent dollars. As these programs are often managed with disparate or non-integrated systems, key stakeholders find themselves unable to make informed decisions on new deals or even measure existing deal performance. Without a complete and single-source view of customers, deals, programs, and profitability, companies are still executing too many programs and initiatives simultaneously, thereby diluting overall effectiveness of a promotion or offering. In a worse-case-scenario, deals are agreed upon without transparency, leading to unpredictable results, including unprofitable deals and a mis-use of funds.
  5. 5. Vistex Data Source Overview Vistex Data Sources are available for following applications: Claim Request Revenue/Cost Adjustments Billbacks Chargebacks Purchasing Rebates Customer Rebates Sales Incentives
  6. 6. Vistext Vistext is a third-party tool probvided by Vistext Inc.It is an add-on to the ECC server. In other words,it sits on top of ECC. It is best suited to handle complex calculation like processing rebates,sales commissions,Bill organization that operates in one of the following sectors: Wholesale Distribution Consumer and Commercial Products Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industrial Machinery and Components High Tech and Electronics Process Manufacturing Retail
  7. 7. Composite IP Consideration When Evaluating Actual values and Target values together the Composite solution by Vistex is truly the best solution unless you wish to develop your own. The primary driver behind composite processing is a matrix which reflects the target and actual key figures being tracked for the plan. The actual key figures may be updated from the IP documents or can be entered directly in the matrix. Target key figures may be in the form of product revenue, gross margin, business growth or any user-defined criteria. Auxiliary data such as discretionary amounts, manual adjustments, guaranteed payments, maximum draws, etc. can also be tracked in matrices.
  8. 8. All applications are supported by the Composite Model Chargebacks Sales Incentives Billbacks Sales Rebates Purchasing Rebates
  9. 9. These business capabilities translate into tangible bottom-line dollar benefit. Companies can expect to see: Reduction of overpayments of 1 – 3 % Increase in margin lift of 1 – 3 % Reduction in budget overruns of 3 – 5 % Increase in transaction processing efficiencies of 5 – 10 %
  10. 10. Highlights: Item catalogues Customer master data Offers Orders Agreements Scanner integration RFID-connection Customer analysis Reporting Offline-capability Discount tracking Margin calculation by price cascades