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Sap hana admin online training classes in pune,newziland


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Hi new batches are starts on SAP HANA ADMIN ONLINE TRAINING.Further details contact us:+91-9052666559,9052666558 ,USA : +1-678-693-3475. full course details please visit our website or any further details please mail us all queries to Duration for course is 30 days or 45 hours and special care will be taken. It is a one to one training with hands on experience. Resume preparation and Interview assistance will be provided. Magnific training is also provide sap technologies like SAP IS OIL AND GAS,SAP ISU,SAP IS BANKING,SAP BANK ANALYZER,SAP IS RETAIL,SAP GTS,SAP GRC,SAP EHS,SAP BPC,SAP SCM,SAP APO,SAP TRM,SAP SRM,SAP BPC,SAP HANA ADMIN,SAP HANA DEV,SAP TESTING,SAP PS,SAP BI/BW,SAP BODS,SAP MM,SAP MDM,SAP SD,SAP QM,SAP CRM,SALES FORCE CRM,ORACLE(all modules),HADOOP(admin & dev).

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Sap hana admin online training classes in pune,newziland

  1. 1. Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support CONTACT US: MAGNIFIC TRAINING INDIA +91-9052666559 USA : +1-678-693-3475
  2. 2. OUR MAGNIFIC IT COMPANEY  Magnific technology is a leading training institute in the online world  We provide work based training, according to your specific educational and technical needs  We have one excellent centre fully operational training  We provide 24/7 access server to help our trainees practice exercises  Magnific name : SAP HANA ADMIN 24*7 technical support
  3. 3.  Faculty : real time experience  Magnific trainings : it is a brand and providing quality online and offline trainings to students in world wide  We are providing best online training for SAP HANA ADMIN  We offer investment options to our students, if necessary
  4. 4. SAP HANA ADMIN COURSE OVERVIEW SAP HANA Administration course by ITLearnMore is designed to help you learn every aspect of HANA software and its use in providing lower priced end product.SAP HANA is the hot cake in IT industry. In SAP HANA all your data resides in the memory, and therefore this revolutionizes the IT Industry by its Performance and In- Memory Computing. This SAP HANA online training course not only gives an overview but provides you with a thorough in-depth knowledge about how the SAP HANA works.
  5. 5. These are the main topics:-  SAP HANA Architecture  SAP HANA Studio  SAP HANA Modeling  SAP HANA Security  SAP HANA Data Replication  SAP HANA Data Provisioning  Different types of Connectivities in SAP HANA  SAP HANA SQL  HA and DR in SAP HANA
  6. 6. SAP HANA ADMIN COURSE CONTENT Lesson 1.Overview SAP HANA ADMIN 1.1 Components Lesson 2. Product Availability Matrix(Supported H/w Vendors Platform)
  7. 7. Lesson 3. Architecture • 3.1 SAP HANA Appliance Architecture View • 3.2 SAP HANA Database Engine View • 3.3 SAP HANA Data-Loading View • 3.4 SAP HANA Data-Modeling View • 3.5 SAP HANA Reporting View • 3.6 SAP HANA Administrator View
  8. 8. Why Attend Virtual Nuggets Training ? 100 % Quality Assurance, Class is taught By Certified Working Professional The class is taught by an experienced SAP Testing practitioner who will teach you the essentials you need to know to kick-start your Testing career with sound working efficiency on SAP Testing. Our training make you more productive with your SAP Testing assignments.
  9. 9. Lesson 4. SAP HANA System Landscapes Lesson 5. SAP HANA System Sizing Guidelines Lesson 6. Data Provisioning 6.1 Via Data Services 6.2 Via Replication (Landscape Transformation) Lesson 7. SAP HANA Studio view 7.1 Administrator Console 7.2 Information Modeller 7.3 Life Cycle Management
  10. 10. Lesson 8. SAP HANA Modeling  8.1 Attribute View  8.2 Analytic View  8.3 Calculation View  8.4 Export & Impor  8.5 Migrate  8.6 Mass Copy  8.7 System Schemas  8.8 Package creation  8.9 SQL Editor  8.10 Procedures  8.11 Auto Documentation  8.12 Generating Time data
  11. 11. For SAP HANA ADMIN Online Training or corporate training or classroom training, please visit For an intensive training at the best price in market contact us at, CONTACT US: MAGNIFIC TRAINING INDIA +91-9052666559 USA : +1-678-693-3475