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Store Manager for Magento - Short Overview


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Explore the functionality of Store Manager for Magento – a unique tool for managing your online store effectively. With this easy-to-use application you get a great opportunity to administer categories, products, manufacturers, suppliers, customers, orders, etc.

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Store Manager for Magento - Short Overview

  1. 1. Meet Store Manager for Magento - a desktop application made to speed up the administration of Magento store and extend the functionality of the store web back-end. Its fascinating how Store Manager accelerates various as- pects of store management! What was routine then now is going to be a piece of cake! Updating thousands of products, inventory and orders at once; enhanced catego- ries, orders and customers management, advanced import/ export tool, advanced filters and search options is what makes store management totally different experience! Just imagine how much time you can save automating single-type operations and makingnecessary updates in 15 minutes instead of 2 hours! And what if you have multiple stores? First-Rate Features for “Piece ‘a Cake” Store Management! Advanced Category • Use simple drag&drop to reorder catego- ry tree Management • Use smart Wizard to Import/Export Cat- • Create, edit, delete, copy&paste catego- egories in the blink of an eye! ries in one click • Manage categories and products in one • Sort categories by order right within Store windowstrategies, product statuses, or Manager modify product quantity through the Mass Product Changer
  2. 2. Outstanding Product Downright Management Customer&Order Management• Use quick buttons or context menu to create, edit, delete, copy&paste, clone products • Administer single customers and groups• Change attribute set, product type for the • Manage all customer data in one place: existing products in one click orders, wishlists, reviews, etc.• Assign multiple categories to product(s) • Preview orders and order details• Use advanced product search for the fast- • Conveniently filter customers and orders est products’ editing by week, month, etc.• Create custom filter based on search results to manage products in the most Smart Import/Export convenient way Feature • Import and Export products with rela- tions • Import/export categories, attribute sets, custom options and orders into a .csv/Ex- cel file • Use Wizard tips for accurate data transfer • Save export/import settings to automate next similar tasks Powerful Multi Editor tool• Update multiple product details (prices, Thorough Reports discounts, descriptions) of thousands of products at lightning speed • Up to 10 built-in reports on sales, inven- tory and customer data• Modify inventory: quantity, status, stock availability etc. in few clicks! • Easy reports management• Update orders details on the fly using multi editor feature Advanced Features • Perform partial (targeted) backup and re- Multi Store Logic store operations Supported • Edit pure database with Raw table editor• Manage multiple stores and store views (for advanced users )• Connect to and administer different da- tabases
  3. 3. Success Kicking Addons • Use Shipping Integration addon to han- dle your shipping much better and faster. • Automated Product Import addon - au- Print postal shipping labels with postage, tomates product import from external return address, verified delivery address sources, synchronizes your database up- and service barcodes directly from Store dates with your wholesale partner’s. Manager. • export orders from Magento to Mail Or- der Manager software with Mail Order Manager Import/Export addon. • Integrate your store with QuickBooks software to export your products, cus- tomers and orders (Quickbooks Inte- gration Addon). • Synchronize your product descriptions and images with ICEcat product catalogue with ICEcat Product Catalogue Integra- tion addon. Turn Store Manager for Magento to Your Advantage A Cut Above the Rest! require any programming skills and can be run by any Internet user. Store Manager offers all necessary opportu-nities for fast store administration within one World-class Support andtool. Unlike modules that solve usually severalspecific tasks Store Manager simplifies and Software Updatesaccelerates all aspects of store database man- Top-notch software should come alongagement - products, categories, customers, or- with high-quality support. MagneticOne pro-ders, discounts management. vides you with both to make sure that your business becomes even more effective and Simple and Intuitive successful. Interface Store Manager for Magento Update Ser- In comparison with a standard web store vice allows you to purchase access (updateadmin panel Store Manager offers much more service for 6,12,24 months) to latest releasesconvenient and user friendly interface. For a and updates, download most recent versionsstore owner this means faster updates of his including improvements and new or multiple stores. Store Manager doesn’t
  4. 4. Store Manager for Magento is Your Path to Advanced Benefits Spend an Hour, Save a Day More Information Our customers acknowledge that Store Visit our websiteManager can save hours daily on store updates. www.mag-manager.comIf your Magento store database counts 1 000 To speak with a Product Specialistproducts it usually takes 1-2 hours daily toupdate it (edit new/expired products, update Call 1-858-201-6401prices, stock etc). Using Store Manager you will contact@mag-manager.comget this done in 10-15 minutes. From a monthly USA Officeperspective Store Manager saves 30 to 40 hours 2801 Camino Del Rio S, Suite 302, San- this is a whole week! Diego, CA 92117 The Power on Your Side Ukraine Office 5B Brodivska St., Ternopil 46000, Ukraine Buy one Store Manager instead of multiplemodules. You can use one Store Manager li-cense to manage your multiple stores. Store Manager doesn’t require any specialskills to run so you don’t have to pay a develop-er to keep your store database organized - youcan do all necessary update yourself or hire amanager and direct your attention to other im-portant business tasks. Free Yourself from Routine Tasks Automating typical operations and spendingless time to manage your store you increase theoverall effectiveness of your business. Fast up-dates mean that your store database will alwayscontain up to date information - actual prices,quantities, images and descriptions.