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Shopping cart types. Pros and Cons

Shopping Cart comparision: pros and cons of the most popular shopping cart. See advantages and disadvantages and choose the most suitable shopping cart for you.
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Shopping cart types. Pros and Cons

  1. 1. Shopping Cart Types Main features,advantages and disadvantages Prepared by Cart2Cart Team November, 2012
  2. 2. Plan1. Shopping Cart Types ● Open Source Shopping Carts ● Hosted Shopping Carts ● CMS + eCommerce Plug-in2. Shopping Cart Pros and Cons3. Cart2Cart Migration Service
  3. 3. Shopping Cart Types
  4. 4. Shopping Cart TypesShopping cart is software used in e-commerce toassist people making purchases online.Shopping Cart Types:1. Open Source ○ Free ○ Paid2. Hosted3. CMS + eCommerce Plugin
  5. 5. Open Source Shopping Carts1. Full access to source code+ Customizable and flexible- Difficult to manage without programming skills2. Free+ Low or even zero costs+ Big variety of extensions, modules, templates- Support is often available for extra money- Known for issues with upgrades, bugs and data security3. Paid+ Support charges are already included+ High data security- Paid solutions may cost up to several thousands of US dollars- Lack of extensions
  6. 6. Hosted Shopping CartsTurnkey solution+ No hosting and installation issues+ Easy to use+ Flexible design opportunities+ Simple upgrade process, high stability+ High data security+ Professional Support- Paid- Less customizable- Small number of extensions (most of them are paid)
  7. 7. CMS + eCommerce PluginContent Management System (CMS) is the application thatallows to manage, add and modify the website content.+ Open Source+ eCommerce plugin inherits all theadvantages of CMS (integration withtemplates, SEO, admin panel,integration with other extensions)- Lack of top end features (multi-store, separate admin zone forvendors, affiliate programs, SocialMedia Marketing tools, etc.)
  8. 8. Shopping Cart Pros and Cons - Founded in 2008 by Varien (USA) - Powers over 125 000 stores - Open source (free and paid editions) - Recently released own hosted solution Magento GOAdvantages Disadvantages● Flexible and customizable ● Difficult to use (even for● Fully loaded with features programmers) (product management, inventory, marketing,SEO,etc) ● Resource consuming (slow)● Multiple storefronts, ● Buggy, full of errors languages, currencies, taxes● Numerous payment and ● Official support and some shipment options features are available only● Big community, huge number with paid editions of extensions
  9. 9. Shopping Cart Pros and Cons ● Initial release 2007 (France) ● Downloaded more than 2 000 000 times ● Powers 125 000 Internet shops ● Open source (totally free)Advantages Disadvantages● Has all the same features as ● Not stable after major Magento but much easier to upgrades, buggy use● Less resource consuming ● Some important extensions and faster than Magento available only for additional● Large number of extensions, costs (social media, modules and addons mCommerce)● Support available
  10. 10. Shopping Cart Pros and Cons ● Launched in 2001 (Russia) ● 25 000 online stores are using X-Cart ● Open source solution, offers both hosted and self-hosted solutions (unlimited trial period)Advantages Disadvantages● Customizable (PHP and ● Advanced features available WYSIWYG) with highly priced plans● Fits any type of business (MailChimp, Google● Security, shipment, payment Analytics, SMM)● CMS capabilities ● Lack of top end features● Almost no bugs, new editions (multi-store, multi-vendor, are stable etc.) ● Requires some technical expertize to set up
  11. 11. Shopping Cart Pros and Cons ● Started in 2004 (Russia) ● 30 000 users ● 30 days free trial ● Open source (only paid)Advantages Disadvantages● Fast due to use of AJAX technology● Mobile commerce ● Lack of extensions● Multi-Vendor Store● Multiple storefronts ● No SMM options● Block management● Support main payment and shipment ● Closed Community gateways Edition● Reasonably priced, support and data security
  12. 12. Shopping Cart Pros and Cons ● First released in 1999 (Germany) ● Joomla native ● Open source (free)Advantages Disadvantages● All the benefits of Joomla ● Lack of advanced (advanced CMS, user-friendly, eCommerce features SEO, etc.)● Customizable ● No support● Great localization options● Feature-rich ● May not meet all the● Big number of extensions demands of middle-large● Payment/Shipment scale business● Coupons and discounts
  13. 13. Shopping Cart Pros and Cons ● Founded in 1999 (USA) ● Powers 40 000 stores ● Hosted paid solution (14 days free trial)Advantages Disadvantages● Easy to use, intuitive ● Has less customization● Feature rich (cross-sells, options than OS discounts, SEO, etc.)● eBay and Facebook integration ● No user-friendly template● Free templates (120) editor (only HTML and CSS)● Security and support● Reasonable pricing ● Small number of extensions● No extra fees
  14. 14. Shopping Cart Pros and Cons ● Date of inception 2005 ● More than 30 000 stores ● Hosted paid solution 30 days free trialAdvantages Disadvantages● 100+ free templates ● 1-2% extra fee for each● Themes can be customized via transaction user-friendly editor and CSS/HTML files ● Lack of free extensions● Feature rich● CMS capabilities ● Less customizable than OS● Mobile commerce● Security and support
  15. 15. Shopping Cart Pros and Cons ● Started in 2009 (USA) ● Serves 25 000 shops in 65 countries ● Hosted paid solution (15 days free trial)Advantages Disadvantages● Intuitive and user-friendly ● Pricing● One of the most feature-rich hosted carts (SEO, marketing, ● Some advanced features are product management, SMM, absent mobile commerce, design, save abandoned carts, etc.) ● Less customizable● Security, support, extensions● Stable, no bugs● Built-in business analytics + integration with Google Analytics
  16. 16. Cart2Cart Migration Service ● Automated shopping cart migration service ● Launched in 2009 (Ukraine) ● More than 11 000 of successful migrations ● Disadvantages● User-friendly (no software to ● Do not migrate website download, no programming skills) design● Allows products, orders and clients data transfer from and to 40+ ● Do not migrate customer shopping carts testemonials, news and other● Sell even during the migration site content● Numerous additional options● Reasonable pricing● Free Demo Migration● Total data security and free support
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