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Explore the functionality of Store Manager for PrestaShop - a unique tool for managing your online store effectively. With this easy-to-use application you get a great opportunity to administer categories, products, manufacturers, customers, orders, etc.
This all-in-one solution saves you 2 or more hours each day by automating and simplifying your everyday operations.

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Store Manager for PrestaShop - Product Sheet

  1. 1. Store Manager for PrestaShop is a desktop application, de- signed to speed up and automate the management of Pres- taShop based stores. Not only does it take care of the mass operations with prod- ucts, categories, orders and customers extending the func- tionality of the store web back-end, but also lines up with an intuitive interface and advanced addons for easy store man- agement. Save your time, money, and resources by allowing Store Manager for PrestaShop do all the job for you. Store Man- ager for PrestaShop will make your store stand out from the crowd! First-Rate Features for “Piece ‘a Cake” Store Management! Outstanding Product • Mark your product images by impressing watermarks Management • Utilize the Extended Attribute Editor to• Easily operate your store products administer product attributes from with- in• Quickly find your products with the ad- vanced product search field including 45 • Get on to change your pricing strate- search fields gies, product statuses, or modify prod- uct quantity through the Mass Product• Navigate and modify product images and Changer descriptions, options and values
  2. 2. Smart Import/Export Sound Product Wizard Manufacturer & Supplier Management• Advanced options provided for the im- port and export of the products, catego- • Wieldly manage your product manufac- ries, manufacturers, suppliers, customers turers and suppliers and orders • Export product manufacturer and sup-• Import your store files from http, ftp or plier info into Excel/HTML files local PC• Automatically create category tree during Thorough Reports category import or export • Get access to operating nearly 10 built-in• Manage price calculations while import- reports for your sales, inventory and cus- ing products tomer data • Plan and control business strategies with the detailed report info Safe Payment and Shipping Process Management • Operate the info on the countries, zones, Major Category tax zones, tax classes and tax rates alto- Management gether• Operate multiple categories with an easy- • Configure tax rates based on require- to-understand interface ments for separate countries and regions• Add up to your store management with • Manage multiple currencies and vouch- a smooth administration of the product ers category tree • Filter and operate carriers and their route• Automatically build up category images Reliable Employee Man- Downright Customer & agement Order Management • Add up and manage your employee pro-• Administer your customer info and track files with no extra operations their orders • Provide your employees with permissions• Operate payment returns with the Credit to operate your store via Store Manager Slip option and manage product delivery with the Delivery Slip option• Filter, view and export orders and order details
  3. 3. Success Kicking Addons • IceCat Product Catalogue Integration, made for synchronizing your product de- • Mass Product Changer, designed to scriptions and images with IceCat Prod- perform mass operations over multiple uct Catalogue products from within Store Manager to • USPS Shipping Integration that allows get on modifying your pricing strategies, printing postal shipping labels with post- product statuses or product quantity age, return address, verified delivery ad- • Automated Product Import for fast and dress and service bar-codes directly with- easy product import from external re- in Store Manager sources • Peachtree Integration Addon for your • QuickBooks Integration as a convenient convenient product, customer and order tool for exporting your products, custom- synchronization with Preachtree by Sage ers and orders within QuickBooks • eBay Integration Addon which allows you to export your PrestaShop products from your store to eBay in a quick man- ner Turn Store Manager for PrestaShop to Your Advantage A Cut Above the Rest! you think, but does all the thinking for you. All you need to do is operate the user-friendly in- Store Manager for PrestaShop is a fully func- terface and enjoy your business elevation. Gettional, complex solution for smart and effec- faster updates and easily run multiple storestive store management. There’s everything you within one tool.need for building up your online business suc-cess with less effort and resources. If modules World-class Support andsolve specific tasks separately, Store Manager solves them altogether and within the same Software Updatessetting. It is designed to speed up and simplify For the first-rate software provided by all the operations within your store - product, MagneticOne, we ensure the highest qualitycategory, customer and order management, of support. Store owners can not only enjoyand much more! the advanced functionality of Store Manager for PrestaShop, but also get paid access to the Easy-to-use and Intuitive latest releases and updates, download the Interface most recent software versions, improvements If comparing Store Manager to standard web and new admin panels, it’s not designed to make
  4. 4. Store Manager for PrestaShop is Your Path to Advanced Benefits Spend an Hour, Save a Day More Information Store Manager for PrestaShop was designedto work for you and not at the expense of your Visit our websitebusiness. It is your personal assistant that does the routine tasks, saving you tons of time for To speak with a Product Specialistgreater deeds. For that matter, it provides with Call 1-858-201-6401ready-made export/import features, report USA Officetools, advanced addons, etc. No need to spenda day getting deep into how your store works, 2801 Camino Del Rio S, Suite 302, Sanspend an hour understanding how Store Man- Diego, CA 92117ager does the job for you. Ukraine Office 5B Brodivska St., Ternopil 46000, Ukraine Take Your Online Business to the Bank Buy one Store Manager instead of multiplemodules. Use one Store Manager license tomanage your multiple stores. Store Managerdoesn’t require any special skills, so you don’thave to pay someone to keep your store data-base organized. You can implement all the nec-essary updates yourself with Store Manager forPrestaShop and get on to important tasks.