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Know the benefits of real time court reporting


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Magna Legal Services provides nationwide legal transcription & professional court reporting services in Philadelphia, New York & Florida. Get complete litigation support services from our certified & experienced court reporters.

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Know the benefits of real time court reporting

  1. 1. Know the benefits of real time court reporting In this digital era, high-end equipments are used for the real time court reporting. Using stenotype machine printouts or voice recordings for transcription and distribution is the past. The old method of working is replaced by the modern real time transcripts on the monitors and TV screen to ease the complexities of the legal process. Read the article further to know how real time court reporting work? A stenotype machine is used by the court reporters to record the communications and hearings in the court rooms. These electronic machines are more advanced than those available earlier and eliminate all the human errors committed in manual work. Once the court reporter uses the shorthand keys, the inputs given are translated into texts and displayed on the computer screens. Check out the benefits of real time court reporting: Dozens of benefits are accompanied with the real time court reporting. One of them is that there is no queue for transcripts. Factually, when the trial is in process, the attorneys prepare the other annotations for the case. As the data is collected and stored in the electronic device, recording during the proceedings are reduced significantly. Apart from this, the lawyers are able to quickly trace the keywords and join back the previous conversations. Just at a simple touch of the key, the lawyer can highlight the desired paragraph or sentence for reviewing later. In addition to this, the lawyer can get the testimony at his fingertips within no time. For instance, when the deposition is carried on, the lawyer can contact the other attorneys to discuss any challenging point or request further clarification. This can eliminate extra time, cost and efforts to hold secondary depositions. If the sound quality in the room is not proper, if there is lot of mumbling, or if legal participants speak in tough accent, the transcription helps a lot in explaining what exactly the communication was. If you are looking for efficient court reporters in Miami, contact professional jury court reporters at Magnals and hire their services to simplify your legal process. Magna Legal Services is the leading court reporting firm backed with experienced reporters. To learn more about their services, please feel free to visit and schedule initial consultation with its team.