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DICKIE AGUADO, Business Consultancy Service Profile


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Dickie Aguado is the Executive Director of Magna Kultura Foundation, an arts and cultural organization NGO implementing educational, cultural, and socio-civic programs nationwide.

Dickie Aguado is a Social & Cultural Entrepreneur who implements corporate social marketing programs, engaging communities at the grassroots of Society. His work encompasses sectors: from implementation of Consumer Marketing Programs, to Organization of Arts and Cultural Events.

Concurrent to his stint as Executive Director at Magna Kultura, Dickie Aguado is a Strategic Marketing and Creatives Consultant to private & government corporations in the Philippines, developing marketing communications strategy, corporate social responsibility programs, social marketing campaigns, social mobilization and community engagement efforts at the grassroots of society. Dickie Aguado establishes grassroots organizations and local advocates in city-districts for implementing campaigns and programs, using trade promotions management techniques in delivering integrated marketing solutions.

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Magna Kultura conducts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns for private corporations as entrepreneurial approach to raise funds for the foundation and sustain relationship with the community-sectors.

Thus, Magna Kultura specializes in developing grassroots community engagement campaigns that connects companies with various sector organizations, like village-community associations, community-based civic organizations, retail trade SMEs, and transport organizations.

To date, Magna Kultura Foundation has local advocates and volunteers in key cities nationwide; at the same time, the foundation has an ACTIVE DATA-BASE of 80,000++ SARI-SARI STORES in Greater Manila, as support for small-medium enterprises (SMEs).

The synergy between private corporations and community-based organizations, helps the economy at the grassroots and fosters social enterprises in communities; at same time delivering day-after business results for corporate partners.

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DICKIE AGUADO, Business Consultancy Service Profile

  1. 1. strategic marketing & integrating communicationsIn working together, we’re not just going to give advice verbally and submit documents,charts, or graphs for you to study and analyse by yourself. WE WILL WORK TOGETHER withyour staff and employees, with your partners and resellers, and BRING CONCEPT TO ACTION.That is how our consultancy relationship will work. We will see to it that that the plan works. Our process will begin with an information gathering and competitive intelligence study. It will serve as yardstick for the action we need to do in the market.  We focus on your business objectives, operations, distributors and resellers, your competitors, and the different target consumers that we want to capture.  We will look at the market and sales performances of each of your product-brands, as well as the current market perceptions for each product --- and alongside with competitive brands.  We will explore your market, and then look into the opportunities, and try to find the solution to possible problems . At every stage of the strategic consultancy process, we will work closely; drawing on the knowledge and drive results into effective solutions and opportunities. Together, we will put our plans into action.We will develop a Basic Blue Print to follow in the course of our work together, to guide us inevery step of the way and to serve as management’s chart for monitoring our effortsDuring the process, our activity efforts will be supported with: WRITTEN PLANS: Documentation of agreed plans for marketing management, trade management, for advertising communications and merchandising, as well as for internal company communications. PROJECT STATUS REPORTS: Provided on a bi-weekly basis, to track forward movement of plans and development of activities. It will serve as a useful management tool, to make each and every member of management and staff aware of the action plans. CONFERENCE REPORTS: Minutes of meetings and discussions (whether person-to-person or via telephone) will be written, to record important items discussed by both parties; it will also keep members of management abreast about things discussed or planned even if they are not present.These are all part & parcel of how we will bring all plans to action. Everything will be wellcommunicated, because at the end of the day, results are what we need in taking thecompany to the desired level of operations.
  2. 2. development of strategies and action plansOur objective is to improve (your company)’s performance: by providing high-impact, results-driven strategic brand and product marketing, consulting,coaching, and training during the implementation of counselling process.THE PLANNING PHASE: “BREATHING LIFE INTO THE BRAND”The first part of our interface will be to Map Your Position.In identifying & clarifying the company’s positioning: We will develop the “Positioning Architecture” , We will create a “Positioning Portfolio” .After this planning phase, the “map” will serve as guide forall players in the company: from employees and staff,down to the distributors and resellers.Once we’ve mapped out our position, we will have anoutline of the course of action that will be implementedfrom top to bottom of the organization; from internal toexternal communication of the plan --- until it reaches thetarget consumers; until we realize our goals of seeing animproved corporate and brand image, with measurablebottom-line sales results. STRATEGIC CONSULTATION PROCESS During the process, the following courses of action will be conducted:  Executive Business Direction Consultation  Identify and Clarify your Company’s Positioning  Strategic Thinking Workshop  Development of High Impact Briefs  The Installation and Implementation Phase  Optimizing Sales and Distributors Performance  Implementation of Consumer Communication
  3. 3. ready. . . aim . . . fire!After the planning phase, it’s not a “cut and dried 1-2-3-4-Done-Deal” .We will implement the plans with a comprehensive business marketing plan. And wewill work in partnership with your staff to implement all of the required activities toeffectively and profitably bring our plan to the expected conclusion. AFTER THE PLANNING PHASE, WE WILL COORDINATE YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS INTO A SINGLE, COHESIVE SET OF TARGETED STRATEGIES AND TACTICS.THE EFFORTS WE WILL DEVELOP ARE THE FOLLOWING:1. Trade Promotions Management Plan, to guide sales and distributors in presenting and merchandising our product and image in trading areas;2. Integrated Communications Plan, identifying the right advertising, merchandising and all other communication messages directed to consumers;3. Consumer Promotions Plans, conducting targeted product promotion efforts that not only creates brand image awareness, but leads to day-after sales in specific trading territories.Our strategic plans will be brought to life through the above-stated platforms that willmaterialize in key areas that influences consumers. The platforms will be the catalyst foraction to impact business and engagement.OUR PARTNERSHIP WILL BE LIKE HAVING A VIRTUAL INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONSMARKETING DEPARTMENT: ALL THE BENEFITS WITHOUT THE ADDITIONAL STAFF.As a consultant, we will operate a “marketing department” partnership — becoming anextension of your company, by providing on-going strategic advise with complete arrayof integrated brand marketing and communications services.THE FOLLOWING SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE: Strategic Planning and Consultations  Trade Promotions Marketing Marketing Campaign Development Implementation Marketing Communications Planning  Direct Marketing Operations Brand Positioning  Event and Promo Management Creative Strategy Development  Corporate Communications & Public Advertising Materials Preparation Relations Planning and Implementation  Corporate Literature Production
  4. 4. marketing communications support services On top of the strategic marketing services, we provide advertising services: creative materials development, graphic design , production print and electronic media, including implementation of public relations programs, sales promotions, direct marketing and event management projects. Our campaigns have not only garnered awards, but more importantly built customer traffic, increased sales, and delivered exceptional results. We work on our client’s business with focus on the common goals of growth and achievement. WE DESIGN AND DEVELOP ADVERTISING MATERIALS Branding: Corporate image & positioning, logo development, taglines Print Media: newspaper and magazine ad layouts, newsletter design Collateral Materials: Brochures, leaflets, catalogues, posters, banners Outdoor Advertising: Billboards, signages, displays, stickers Broadcast: TV commercials, radio production, video productionThe production billing is on a per-project basis. Development of specific itemsare provided with cost estimates based on the specification and/or logisticsinvolved.The development and production of the above-stated services are exclusive ofthe monthly consultancy fees. The creative conceptualization fees are waivedfor Regular Client’s who are on a monthly retainer’s arrangement. WE IMPLEMENT PUBLIC RELATIONS & SALES PROMOTION PROJECTS PR Programs: Public relations, Press conferences, publicity, trade PR Sales Support: Direct marketing, consumer promotion, trade promos Events Management: Sports, music, cultural and educationalThe budget cost is on a per-project basis based on the logistics involved.
  5. 5. For Advertising and Promotions projects, cost estimate sheets are provided after thedevelopment of the creative layouts or the logistic details of a promo or an event.Our rates for the development of Consumer Communication Materials and CollateralMerchandising Items are optional project task assignments reasonably priced versusmulti-national ad agencies. Regular clients are not charged with agency service fees (i.e.15% ASF).Budget for Direct Marketing and Promo Campaigns customized to fit requirements,depending on the scope of the project. All rates are transparent. No additionalmanagement fees are charged for regular clients. TYPES OF COMMUNICATION MATERIALS TYPES OF PROMO CAMPAIGNS  Print Ads, Leaflets and Product tags  Marketing and Consumer Promos  Posters, Streamers and Billboards  Community-based Marketing promos  Corporate Brochures and Newsletters  Trade Promo and Retail Relations  Radio scripts and production supervision  Events Management  TV Storyboards and production supervisionThe cost for development of advertising materials are separately billed to clients basedon design and production specifications. the implementation of PR and productionbilling is on a per-project basis. Development of specific items are provided with costestimates based on the specification and/or logistics involved.The development and production of the above-stated services are exclusive of themonthly consultancy fees. The creative conceptualization fees are waived for RegularClient’s who are on a monthly retainer’s arrangement.Separate budget rates are provided for advertising and promotions projects. We havea separate rate card for development of consumer communication materials andcollateral merchandising items, which are reasonably priced versus big ad agenciesand design companies. Budget for direct marketing and promo campaigns are alsoprovided with separate cost estimates, which is dependent on the scope of theproject.
  6. 6. As outline in the next pages the business consultancy service are divided intotwo rate cards:  For Regular Client, and  For Non-Client.“Non-Clients” are companies availing services on a part-time, per project basis:i.e., availing regular sessions for consultation, preparation of marketing plans,creative requirements, and implementation of promotions. Services are billedper project.Regular Clients, on the other hand, arecontracted with fixed services arrangements,making the consultancy service an extensionof the company with on-going support forplanning and implementation of integratedbrand marketing and communicationsservices. The service provided serves as a“marketing department” partnership, makingus part of the staff. Many companies have found it more cost efficient to avail of the service on a retainers basis for a semester to a one year period. Even the creative conceptualization fees are waived for Regular Client’s who are on a monthly retainer’s arrangement
  7. 7. (For Clients)Full service business consultancy in managing marketing & sales promotions.The service provided serves as a “marketing department” partnership — becoming anextension of the company, by providing ongoing work arrangement with completearray of integrated brand marketing and territory/trade promotions.Monthly retainer fee includes the following services:1.1. Development of new campaigns and strategy formulation; Preparation of Brand Architecture & Positioning; Formulation of Trade Marketing Promotions plans. It includes the analysis, planning and discussion of actionable task requirements.1.2. Development and implementation of Trade Promotions Marketing (TPM) Plans; Planning and implementation of Marketing Communications Plans; Development of Direct Marketing & Consumer Promotions Efforts; Development of Creative Briefs; Media & PR Promotions.1.3. This includes planning with colleagues & employees within the company; as well as with trade partners & distributors; with external public, such as organizations, communities, media, and other important people vital to our efforts.1.4. All plans and campaigns prepared are supported with documents for internal and external communique; including dynamic presentation materials Powerpoint slides and/or hand-outs. Meetings are also supported with the documentation of minutes, i.e. Conference Reports for management. Project Status Reports will likewise prepared for tracking of work in progress.1.5. Conceptualization advertising materials. Development of creative briefs and copywriting. (Excluding art layout develpment & print production. This can be developed by our artist and print suppliers at reasonable rates)
  8. 8. The following section are itemized consultancy service rates and procedures. The following services areprovided for Regular Clients packaged with the afore-stated monthly retainer fee. For temporary clientson a short-term consultancy services, the rates are as follows: (For Non-Clients) Short-term consultation meetings or sessions held in a day. Fee per These are consulatations over existing plans or materials. session Types of sessions include: brainstorming sessions, review of existing plans, document or materials. NOTE: The stated Consultation fee does not include preparation of written plans, but only the minutes of meetings. Cost for the developing written plans are outlined on Item 3.1. (For Non-Clients) Development of fully operational strategic plans with objectives, goals and strategies that will serve as a performance roadmap, with defined milestones and targets for goals. The detailed plan will be developed and validated jointly with your organization. 3.1 (For Non-Clients) PLANS AND STRATEGY WRITE-UPS prepared after a formal planning session or client briefing; Documents that will be used by client for formal presentations. We prepare business documents, including Strategic Business Plans, Marketing Communication & PR Plans, Training Documents. 3.1.1. 10 pages Microsoft Word (Arial - Php 25,000.00 Headline 12pts. / Body 10 pts) 3.1.2 Conversion of the same MSWord Php 35,000.00 document into a Powerpoint presentation style format, inclusive of Company/Brand logos, with special visual graphics; with average of 30 to 35 slides. 3.2 (For Non-Clients) Our strategic planning workshop covers SWOT analysis 2 Da ys Php 25,000.00 Semi na r, exercises, trends & competitive analysis, brand excl udi ng architecture & positioning, trade promotions marketing. venue cos t The result will form part of the documented strategic plan for the organization.
  9. 9. (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 7) (For Non-Clients)Development of documents, manuscript, or promotional handouts with specifications based on existingresource materials. Wefor the preparation of documentss and formal presentations are, as follows:The outline of charges will format your documents in accordance with specified style guidelines.4.1. FOR EXISTING PLANS & WRITE-UPS needing preparation into Formal Business Proposals or Report Presentation, such as Marketing and Business Documents. We write, substantially edit, copy-edit, or proof-read any type of business document; proofread any type of document, including marketing copy, promotional write-up, newsletters and brochures, press releases, et al. 4.1.1. 3-paged Microsoft Word (Arial - Php 8,000.00 4.1.2 Conversion of the same MSWord 10,000.00 document into a Powerpoint presentation style format, inclusive of Company/Brand logos, excluding visual graphics 4.1.3 For Powerpoint presentations with 15,000.00 dynamic visual graphics Documents are prepared within 2-3 days from client turn-over of write-ups. Note: Additional charge of Php 500.00 per page for MS Word documents exceeding 3-pages.In both cases (client or non-client), separate rates are provided for Advertising and Promotions projects,development of materials may involve other talents and/or expenses.Our rates for the development of Consumer Communication Materials and Collateral Merchandising Items arereasonably priced, and customized to fit requirements.Budget for Direct Marketing and Promo Campaigns are likewise provided with separate cost estimates, which isdependent on the scope and logistic details of the project.
  10. 10. Dickie Aguado is the founder of Magna Kultura Foundation, an education-for-developmentNGO that promotes arts & culture Philippine. Magna Kultura Foundation, Inc. is a non -stock,non-profit organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on the2nd of June, 2003, with Company Registration No. CN 200312428.Dickie Aguado is a Social & Cultural Entrepreneur who implements community engagementprograms at the grassroots of Society. His work encompasses sectors: from organization ofarts and cultural programs at the grassroots of society; community development & capacitybuilding; NGO studies, education and training --- linking micro-macro issues in developmentand social change.Dickie Aguado develops corporate social responsibility programs, social marketing campaigns,social mobilization and community engagement efforts; establishing arts & culturalorganizations at the grassroots of society, training sector- and community-based organizationsfor social transformation.Concurrent to his stint as Executive Director at Magna Kultura Foundation, Dickie Aguado is amarketing consultant to private and government corporations. He specializes in StrategicConsulting, including development of Business Plans, Integrated Public Relations Programs,Marketing Communications Campaigns, Integrated Brand Communications Plans, TradePromotions Management, Events Conceptualization & Management, EntertainmentMarketing Plans, and Publicity Management.Dickie Aguado is a highly-motivated creative, multi-tasking individual with extensivebackground in Integrated Public Relations, Marketing & Brand Management, TradePromotions Marketing and Sales promotions, Events and Entertainment Marketing.FIELDS OF EXPERTISEDevelopment & implementation of: Marketing Management &Communications Plans, Integrated BrandCommunications, Integrated Public Relations, Marketing Sales Promotions Management, Events Conceptualization& Management, Entertainment Marketing, and Publicity Management. MAGNA KULTURA FOUNDATION: GRASSROOTS MARKETING PROMOTIONS: SOCIAL & CULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: ARTICLES BLOGSITE:
  11. 11. CURRICULUM VITAERICARDO MIGUEL AGUADOSan Juan City, Metro-Manila, Philippines  Email: grassrootscommunication@gmail.comTel. No. (632) 514-5868  Mobile +63.917.8990025 / +63.922.8990026EXPERTISEThe work of Ricardo Miguel Aguado encompasses sectors: from organization of arts and cultural programs,community mobilization and institution building, NGO studies, education and training, linking micro-macroissues in development and social change. Since 1990’s, he has longstanding experience in social marketingand mass communications and training in leadership, organizational development, strategic planning andmanagement. High level qualifications in developing applied methods and tools for participatorydevelopment approaches and organizational development and learning. Consulting experience in a wide range of industries, which include private corporations, the NGO sector, national and local government, and in tourism. Establishment of grassroots organizations and training of sector- and community-based advocates, for establishment of social enterprise and implementation social transformation. Development of corporate social Marketing campaigns, integrated public relations programs, corporate communications planning, specially at the grassroots of society. Development of social marketing, social mobilization and community engagement programs, and the development of income-generating livelihood programs. Development and facilitation of planning sessions/workshops/participation processes, lecturing and training in various business fields. Conceptualization and management of public events: arts, cultural, and socio-civic programs.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE RECORDExecutive Director, Magna Kultura Foundation - June 2003 to Present● Planning and development of syndicated educational & cultural programs for Schools & communities.● Development of modules training for volunteers and capacity-building of partner-communities● Development of livelihood programs and assistance for social purpose organizations and cooperatives● Planning and implementation of community engagement and social mobilization efforts.Managing Director, Direct Hit Communication - July 1999 to Present● Planning and preparation of corporate social responsibility programs for private corporations● Management of trade promotions activities linked with community livelihood programsVice President for Account Management, DDB Philippines - April 1990 to March 1999● Management of traditional and non-traditional advertising campaigns for Nestle Phils brands, such as Milo, Nescafe and Bear Brand; Department of Tourism, McDonald’s and San Miguel Corporation.● Supervision of the Events Management Group responsible for the nationwide implementation of the Milo Summer Sports Clinics, the Milo Sports Events, and the nationwide Bear Brand Kite Flying Festivals NOTE: The stint at DDB Philippines happened before the worldwide re-alignment of the Nestle accounts to Publicis.