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Every thing you need to set up your home mycology lab you can find in this section. Equipment as a microscope for spore research, Erlenmeyer flask, test tubes and Parafilm.

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Lab equipments | Magic Truffles Shop

  1. 1. Magic Truffles Shop Lab Equipments
  2. 2. 19 PRODUCT(S)                    Face Mask Byomic Microscope Slides Softa-Man Hand Disinfectant Microscope Byomic BYO-30B Erlenmeyer Flask Distilled Water | 60ml Parafilm Tweezers | Disposable Disposable scalpel size #11 Petri Dishes | 20 pieces | Sterile Sterile Latex Gloves | Pair Alcohol Prep Gloves packed in pairs | Box 50 pieces Alcohol Preps | Box 100 pieces Tweezers (Forceps) for Laboratory work Cover Glasses Eco-clin Surface Disinfectant Spray Liquid Culture Growth Mediu Face Mask | Box 50 pcs
  3. 3. Face Mask Cover your mouth and keep the grow kit free from bacteria and other harmful micro organisms.
  4. 4. Byomic Microscope Slides These Byomic Object glasses are thin pieces of glass of 25 x 75 mm and are used to hold specimen under a microscope.
  5. 5. Softa-Man Hand Disinfectant Use this gel before you start to work on your kits, cakes, making food or any other activity that involves organics.
  6. 6. Microscope Byomic BYO-30B The Byomic BYO-30 is pre-eminently a study microscope. The microscope has a sturdy metal casing and comes in a convenient wooden case.
  7. 7. Erlenmeyer Flask These Erlenmeyer's are made of high-grade glass and can easily withstand high temperatures.
  8. 8. Distilled Water | 60ml This purified water is distilled for the use in laboratories and therefore is 100% H2O. Ideal to make a sporesyringeor your own spore vials.
  9. 9. Parafilm Parafilm is used to close all kind of holders. Close petri dishes, Erlenmeyer Flasks and cake jars from contaminants with parafilm.
  10. 10. Tweezers | Disposable These disposable tweezers come in a sterile package.
  11. 11. Disposable scalpel size #11 A disposable surgical scalpel #11 In a sterile package. The blade and the handle are already attached.
  12. 12. Petri Dishes | 20 pieces | Sterile These lab-ready aseptic petri dishes are ideal for making a mycelium cultureor sporeprints.
  13. 13. Sterile Latex Gloves | Pair Keep bacteria out! Clean hands are very important when cultivating magic truffles. Sold per pair.
  14. 14. Alcohol Prep Alco preps are used to sterilize surfaces. Very useful for cleaning injection ports and the small surfaces.
  15. 15. Gloves packed in pairs | Box 50 pieces Alco preps are used to sterilize surfaces. Very useful for cleaning injection ports and the small surfaces.
  16. 16. Tweezers (Forceps) for Laboratory work A medical stainless steel forceps. Can be sterilized in an autoclave or pressure cooker.
  17. 17. Cover Glasses The Byomic Cover glasses are 18 x 18 mm and come per 100. The cover glasses can be used to cover your microscopic specimen.
  18. 18. Eco-clin Surface Disinfectant Spray Eco-clin is a strong disinfectant spray to clean surfaces. Based on alcohol. D Des is ideal to clean your workspace before and after you work.
  19. 19. Liquid Culture Growth Mediu One of the more difficult things to achieve is to make the spores germinate. This liquid culture growth medium simplifies that process by a factor 100.
  20. 20. Face Mask | Box 50 pcs Increase the size of future harvests Breathing air into the grow kit can bring infectants from the surrounding air into the growbag.