Magic xpa total mobility experience


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A Magic apresenta sua plataforma de desenvolvimento de aplicações agora com foco em dispositivos móveis.

Multi-plataforma e desenvolvimento de ponta a ponta, reduzindo complexidades e viabilizando pro

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  • All in 1
  • Implement BPs .
  • There was a battle on the desktop between windows and linux. Windows won.On mobile unix won.Oracle is suing google for breaching IP in Java
  • Revamped C, but not c++
  • BB OS , andNew os called playbook OS, both will be replaced by BBX.
  • Deployment modelsWeb apps. – HTML UI with JS. Server is developed in a different language.Browser is limited in its access to the device.Hybrid – local access to the device. UI is a mix of native , JS and html.Native – native UI. Access to the device is full.Xpa allows all of them.Add a few screen shots from iOS , android of the same screen.They will all look native , using the SAME code.All from 1 tool , server using the same tool.
  • Magic xpa total mobility experience

    1. 1. Magic xpa Total Mobility ExperienceAny Application, Any device, Any time Magic Brasil - 27/06/2012
    2. 2. Magic xpaA Comprehensive ApplicationPlatform for developing Mobile,Web, SOA and desktopapplications Windows, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WiClient ndows MobileServer Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX, IBM i Oracle, MS-Database SQL, DB2, DB2/400, ISAM/400, Pervasi ve, ODBC, SQLiteFramework .NET, Java, J2EE, COM, SOAP, REST
    3. 3. Magic xpiBusiness and processintegration suite for dataintegration between diverseapplications SAP R/3, SBO, SAP A1, Sharepoint,Applications Dynamics CRM,,, JDE, Lotus Notes .NET, Java, Magic xpa, SOAP, REST, JMS, WebSphere MQ, MSMQ, FTP,Endpoints HTTP, TCP, Flat file, Office, XML, SNMP, HL7
    4. 4. Certifications and Alliances • Oracle Validated Integration IBM Server Proven Partner AppExchange Certified Microsoft Partner SharePoint Dynamics CRM SAP Gold Partner Certified SAP ERP Certified SAP B1 13
    5. 5. Technology Value Simple – Code-free, Metadata approach Future-proof – Technology isolation Comprehensive – Rich technology stack Agile - Productive, Adaptive Scalable – Desktop to enterprise
    6. 6. Worldwide Smartphone OS Market Share Android iOS Symbian RIM Bada Microsoft Other 100% Other 90% RIM 4.8% 8.8% 80% Symbian 11.7% Android 70% 50.8% 60% iOS 23.9% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%Source: Gartner
    7. 7. Android A Linux-based operating system for mobile devices Developed by the Open Handset Alliance (2007) led by Google (acquired Android in 2005) Developers write primarily in a customized version of Java, using the Android SDK
    8. 8. iOSDerived from MacOSX, based on Darwin, aUnix-like operating systembased on FreeBSD andMachBorn in Jan 2007 as “iPhoneOS”Xcode is the environment forthe iOS SDK. iPhoneapplications, like iOS andMac OS X, are written inObjective-C
    9. 9. BlackBerryBlackBerry OS (phone) Devices areand BlackBerry Tablet integrated into anOS (PlayBook) are organizations e-mailproprietary multitasking system through BESenvironments developedby RIM Full qwerty keyboard BlackBerry JDE for building Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java® ME) applications, MIDP compliant Java
    10. 10. Mobile Client Development
    11. 11. Web/HTML5 Apps HTML UI and Application JavaScript server business logic
    12. 12. Hybrid Apps Native and JavaScript business logic Application server HTML UI elements
    13. 13. Native Apps Server-side business logic Native UI and Application business logic server
    14. 14. Multi-platform(iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows mobile) Native/Hybrid apps Integration with device capabilities (camera, GPS, accelerometer, local storage)
    15. 15. Mobile (also) DevelopmentApplication development toolingIntegration and enterprise connectivitySingle development paradigmNative/hybrid runtimeMobile, Desktop, Web and Server development
    16. 16. In 2 minutes – with 0 lines of codeConnected to the database Created a mobile form with form designerCreated SQL statements forquery, insert, update, delete Connected to the serverCreated secure web services for Received application updatesquery, insert, update, delete Consumed the web services forFully transactional, with rollback query, insert, update, deletesupport Handled dataview cachingImplemented multi-tier, scalable Portable to multiple platformsarchitecture Handled touch gesturesImplemented applicationmanagement Handled device rotation eventsDistributed the application Handled multiple screen DPI
    17. 17. Let’s see it in action…